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Thursday, June 15, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 14th june 2006

[and a fine how-do-you-do to the summer time. my first official day off of work and what's left of alberto comes roaring through greensboro. well, at least we needed the rain. add to that a heaping dose of hot, hot rock. tonight's show was fun and i even had mad dog drop in for a bit. unfortunately the batteries went out at some point during the 2nd hour so i don't have a complete podcast this week. what's recorded is up for your listening pleasure, so i'll make sure i bring the extra AAAs next week. i've uploaded the songs that don't appear on the podcast so you can still check them out.

next week i'll be interviewing d.m. franklin kane here on the show. frank has a new album out and his band the crown ambassadors will be playing the album in its entirety next thursday night at greene street downtown. tune in for that interview since it should be good. until then, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 14th June 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Mr. Lif - "Mo' Mega" [the title track off of his new LP. featuring akrobatik (of his other project the perceptionists) and el-p, this is a raucous song. i like the two songs i've played off of this a lot and look forward to hearing the whole thing. there's very little in big hip-hop that sounds this interesting or this good.]
the Pixies - "Broken Face" [i love singing the opening to this song. it gets rather grating after awhile. from their steve albini produced masterpiece, surfer rosa.]
Uncle Tupelo - "Chickamauga" [from 1993's anodyne, their major label debut and swan-song album. this was the first tupelo album i ever owned and it's quite a listen. as far as i'm concerned, though the best-of put a few nice extra things on disc, if you're going to own UT's music, you should just suck it up and buy all four of their albums. there's not a bad one in the bunch.]
the Velvet Underground - "White Light/White Heat" [the title track from their second album and the final one with john cale. i've been toying with playing this album as the wholesale album on extra mayhem, if only cos it would give me an excuse to play "sister ray."]
Sonic Youth - "Sleepin' Around" [now that i've had a chance to listen to all of rather ripped, i must say, it's really good. this makes three consecutive really strong records from these guys. for a band 25+ years into their existence, they are something else. i was worried with jim o'rourke's departure that some of the spark of the last two would go with him, but no worries. also, for the first time in awhile, a majority of kim gordon songs is a good thing. she's excellent on this album.]
Arctic Monkeys - "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" [from their debut LP, whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not. good stuff.]
Fugazi - "Instrument" [one of my favorite fugazi songs from my favorite fugazi album, in on the kill taker. fugazi is a band i go back and forth in how much i listen. but i have a feeling i'm heading back into a listening mood. it's been awhile.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Where the Devil Don't Stay" [the lead track from 2004's the dirty south. whenever mike cooley fires this one up live, oh, man. they're so, so good.]
the Replacements - "Message to the Boys" [i never thought i'd say this on the air, but: new from the replacements. one of the two new tracks recorded by a (slightly) augmented version of the 'mats (westerberg and t. stinson with chris mars on back-up vocals, josh freese on drums) for the new don't you know who i think i was? this is the first best-of for the 'mats that is a complete retrospective, this time including material from the twin/tone records releases. the new songs are quite nice, too.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Get Up" [from their 4th album, the hot rock.]
the Streets - "The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living" [the title track from the new album.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Fly From Heaven" [from 1994's dulcinea. this was a single off this album and the video for it was an interpretation of franz kafka's short story "the hunger artist." because of a scene at the end, MTV refused to air it. i'd never seen it until yesterday. thank god for youtube.com. the fact that this video was banned while other more blatantly insulting, demeaning, misogynistic tripe gets shown every day is just ridiculous by the way. click here to watch the video.]
the Twilight Singers - "Candy Cane Crawl" [from the fantastic powder burns. this song is difficult to play because of the editing, but very, very worth it. a gorgeous song.]
the Stone Roses - "Love Spreads" [from second coming. people slag on this album a lot, and probably deservedly so, but this song alone is worth the price of admission. this song stacks up to anything on the debut self-titled.]
Let's Active - "Ring True" [by request. from the classic cypress album. good, good stuff.]
Geometry - "Cutout" [i'm very excited because i got a more-or-less written agreement from geometry to come up and be interviewed when her album is finished this summer. in the meantime, this song is excellent and you can hear more at her myspace page.]
Katharine Whalen - "Meet Me By the Fire" [the production on this song is a bit slick and, honestly, dated sounding (in a bad way - not dated in a good way like whalen's past work). i liked the song i played last week from dirty little secret a lot more. we'll see how the rest of the album holds up.]
the Church - "Easy" [from uninvited, like the clouds. all their music seems so effortless. i'm in awe at times of this band.]
Morphine - "Super Sex" [from the album yes. i tell you, if there's anything that makes me happy, it's walking into someone's room at work and hearing morphine playing. thanks, helen. click here to download.]
Teenage Fanclub - "About You" [from grand prix. i'm going to see a friend of mine returned from scotland this weekend, so why not play one of scotland's finest bands? click here to download.]
Jolie Holland - "Mexican Blue" [from her gorgeous album springtime can kill you. i haven't played a lot of this record on the show because it's much more sultry and slow than the pace i usually like for the show. but it is a tremendous record and may just earn holland her second trip to my year-end top 25 album list. click here to download.]
Tom Waits - "Ghosts of Saturday Night (After Hours at Napoleone's Pizza House)" [the closing track from his mesmerizing the heart of saturday night. there's something so touching and delightful about the way waits delivers the line "adam and eve on a log / you can sink 'em, damn straight / hashbrowns, hashbrowns / i can't be late." click here to download.]
Tyrone Davis - "I Keep Coming Back" [a soul song of the finest caliber. originally from davis' 1970 album turn back the hands of time. the afghan whigs covered this on their gentlemen album and the original is just stunning. click here to download.]
D.M. Franklin Kane - "Greenway Park" [the title track from his new record. as i mentioned, he'll be in-studio next week for an interview in prep for the crown ambassador's live staging of the entire greenway park album on thursday, june 22nd at greene street. so make sure you tune in. click here to download.]
Pulp - "A Little Soul" from 1997's this is hardcore. a preview for the wholesale album of the week this sunday on j's extra mayhem. the artist is pulp..but what will the album be? regardless, it'll be a fantastic show, so make sure you tune in. click here to download.]

That's going to do it for tonight. Sadly, the 'Canes lost in overtime, but they'll get 'em in Edmonton. Remember to catch the interview with Franklin Kane next week and the Wholesale album on Sunday night at 10pm on Extra Mayhem. Until then, take care.



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