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Thursday, June 29, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 28th june 2006

[greetings to you all. a tremendous show tonight with a tinge of sadness hanging over the whole process. as i noted yesterday via my myspace page, a band that has graced my show for 7 years (and twice appeared on my year-end top 25 albums lists) has called it a day. sleater-kinney has gone on "indefinite hiatus," but we can pretty much read the coffee grounds. a surprising and astonishing announcement following the amazing response to their last album the woods. so i decided to take the second hour to take a look back at their entire career by featuring songs off of every one of their seven full-length LPs. i hope you enjoyed the listen to them.

next week will be my last show before i take a bit of a vacation. i will not be in-studio on july 12th, but will be back on july 19th. i will be missing both july 9th and 16th's episodes of j's extra mayhem, but will be back on july 23rd. this coming sunday will be my last episode of extra mayhem before the break.

i didn't get any feedback regarding my question about uploading songs in addition to the podcast, so i went with my gut feeling and am doing just that. hope you enjoy.

if sleater-kinney come back in any time frame less than 5 years, i'm going to feel cheated, but for now, a toast to their departure. onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 28th June 2006 Show - Part One
J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 28th June 2006 Show - Part Two

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Oneida - "Up With People" [the more i listen to this song, the more i really love it. oneida is really on their own in music and they contiue to prove it. from their forthcoming album happy new year. you can get a download of this song in the most recent extra mayhem post.]
Stephen Malkmus - "Post-Paint Boy" [from face the truth. i was on the whole rather disappointed in this album. of course, you can also cast me in the diminishing lot of people who really enjoyed pig lib. either way, this song is a stand out.]
Helmet - "Smart" [by request. to quote my fellow dj mad dog in regards to why i don't listen to helmet much anymore: "i just don't have that bad a day anymore." i loved helmet when i was in high school, but the long wait between records, my shifting and changing tastes and, well, the fact that size matters sounds really dull now in the wake of nu-metal's aural insulting of our ears has really turned me off to them. sorry, paige.]
Sunny Day Real Estate - "Circles" [from their debut album diary. i saw sunny day on tour for the rising tide and this song was absolutely ear-splitting. in a good way. sunny day was a pre-cursor for 'emo' the way helmet was a pre-cursor for 'nu-metal,' but both in really good ways. bands that rode the edge of being way too something or other, but never going over.]
Spank Rock - "What It Look LIke" [from their debut album yoyoyoyoyoyo. so this week, i let go with a bit of the naughtier material from this band. granted, i probably won't play "backyard betty," but that's only because the edited version cuts out so much, it's hardly worth it. so enjoy this in the meantime. click here to download.]
the Twilight Singers - "Forty Dollars" [from powder burns. i can't say enough good things about this record. slinky, dark, subersive, triumphant, hopeful. it's all there. it always is when greg dulli's behind the wheel.]
Helium - "Baby Vampire Made Me" [from their debut EP pirate prude. i am slowly becoming a very big fan of helium. way too late, of course, but still.]
Common - "The Corner" [i saw the episode of dave chappelle's show where common and kanye west perform "the food." that live version was later put onto this album, be, since apparently the studio version just didn't compare. there's a reason this album was my #7 of last year. but i'll tell you. one thing you don't see on the air is how i dance in the studio when songs like "the corner" come on. that's probably a good thing.]
the Mountain Goats - "Wake Up Now" [a great new song that is available for free via the pitchfork music festival sampler over at emusic.com. emusic is my on-line download retailer of choice and you can sign up for 50 free downloads to test drive their service. make it a cool 74 free ones by downloading the entire pitchfork festival comp for free (including this song) and then pick 50 more. if you're like me, you'll probably stick around and sign up, cos emusic is an incredible service for finding great indie music online at a very reasonable price.]
A.C. Newman - "Miracle Drug" [from the slow wonder. newman is an unstoppable pop machine.]
the Handsome Family - "After We Shot the Grizzly" [from their new album the last days of wonder. they will be at local 506 in carborro, NC on monday, july 24th along with curt kirkwood (yes, of the meatpuppets). brett and rennie sparks are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet, so going to see them is a great experience.]
the Church - "Metropolis" [this is a version of this song from el momento descuidado or the careless moment. this is a cd of classic church songs reworked in an acoustic environment and it's gorgeous. the church will be at the house of blues in myrtle beach, SC on saturday, august 5th. and i will be there. oh, yes, i will. click here to download.]
[this segment focused on sleater-kinney and their decision to call it quits after nearly 12 years and 7 albums to their credit. i played at least one song off of each of their albums and hope you enjoy the look back. to hear them all, download the podcast, but i've included a download from each of the records. thanks, ladies. your music made me a good bit happier for the last 9 years.]

Sleater-Kinney - "A Real Man" [from their 1995 self-titled debut. easily my least favorite of their albums, but even then it's possible to hear that they were something more than just another riot-grrl band. click here to download.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Call the Doctor" [the title track from their 1996 sophomore album. this album got some serious critical attention and for good reason. it would also be their last album with original drummer lora mcfarlane. not a bad thing, given who replaced her.]
Sleater-Kinney - "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" [also from call the doctor. the skewering and celebrating of idols at the same time: i want to be your joey ramone because a) joey meant something and b) there aren't nearly enough women reaching the sainted status that joey has. click here to download.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Turn It On" [from 1997's dig me out. enter drummer janet weiss and thus, all the difference in the world. janet is a muscular drummer who brought some serious anchorage to the band's sound and also brought it serious critical attention. this was spin magazine's #3 album of 1997. it was also the one that sold me on them as a band. click here to download.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Dig Me Out" [the title track from that album. raw, primal, brilliant.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Get Up" [from 1999's the hot rock. the introspective album that had some fans rubbing their chins. it's not as immediately gratifying as the earlier albums, but songs like this one are well worth the entry fee.]
Sleater-Kinney - "The Size of Our Love" [this song kills me. absolutely kills me. i never saw them play it live and the seeming personal nature of the song doesn't make that surprising. but when the guitars swell and the bridge of "days go by so....slowly.." kicks in. frankly, it's like almost nothing else in their repitoire. click here to download.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Male Model" [from 2000's all hands on the bad one. i love, love, love the lyrics to this song. "you don't own the situation, honey, you don't own the stage. 'cos we're here to join the conversation and we're here to raise the stakes." truer words never spoken. click here to download.]
Sleater-Kinney - "You're No Rock and Roll Fun" [also from the 2000 album. this was the single. catchy, snarky and pure fun all the way.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Prisstina" [i actually meant to play "funeral song," but our advance copy of the album has it and "prisstina" inverted, so i accidentally played it. still a good song. from 2002's one beat.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Step Aside" [bring in the horn section. i love this song for numerous reasons. click here to download.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Entertain" [the ball-busting snarl set to music from 2005's masterpiece the woods. calling everyone on their game almost simultaneously, sleater-kinney also made them all look like wimps with this thrashing. click here to download.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Modern Girl" [the last song from the woods and the last of our retrospective. someday i'm going to write an analytical essay about the layers of meaning, both lyrical and audible, in this song, but until then, here we go: 'picture' of a sunny day; self-fooling happiness; 'bliss' that distorts reality = the slow but unavoidable rise in distortion throughout the song's musical progression. it's breathtaking. and sadly, the last. click here to download.]
Beirut - "Postcards from Italy" [from the excellent gulag orkestra. a fine, fine album.]
Public Image Ltd. - "Seattle" (12" mix) [by request. from their album happy? PiL will be the featured artist for the wholesale album of the week this sunday on j's extra mayhem. a band that gets far less attention than john lydon's prior band, of course, but who are no less owed by a serious amount of bands for the pioneering work they did.]
Public Image Ltd. - "Public Image" [and we went back to their debut album first edition. i was originally just going to play this, but then got the request for "seattle," so thought i'd play both. just narrowing down your choices for what the wholesale album will be, eh? click here to download.]

That's it for this week. I'll talk to you Sunday night for Extra Mayhem and then next Wednesday before I head off on vacation. Until then, take care.



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