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Monday, July 03, 2006

extra mayhem - 2nd july 2006

[and what a way to send off extra mayhem as i head off on vacation. this will be the last extra mayhem until sunday july 23rd. i am going to try and have guest hosts with their own albums selected to play, but i may end up just not having anyone. i'll post any information here that comes my way.

great new music this week and a fantastic wholesale album that got a very exuberant caller to ring up and just say "thank you" about 11 times. that definitely made my night. so, let's check out the goods. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Greg Graffin - "Don't Be Afraid to Run" [from his forthcoming album cold as clay which is out this tuesday. this is greg's second solo release away from the omni-present banner of his normal gig in bad religion. on one hand, it's the clich├ęd 'country-influenced' album that people always seem to do when they go solo. but it's obvious from his liner writing that greg is slinging some truth when he talks about growing up surrounded by old-time music in wisconsin. the two tracks i've heard off of this so far have both been excellent, especially with the weakerthans acting as his backing band. click here to download.]
Iron and Wine - "Woman King" [the title track from his mesmerizing EP from last year. this song gets in your soul, man.]
Toshack Highway - "I Thought I Saw My Ship A'Comin'" [a long time ago in a weird, weird day and age, the abercrombie and fitch company used to have a music download section tucked away on their website. and this section had an absurdly hip collection of bands that were available to test drive each week. i tried to comfort myself with the fact that the average customer at those stores does not listen to this music, but then i realized how pretentious that was and..well..continued to think it anyway. this is one of those bands. from their self-titled album.]
Sid Vicious - "My Way" [available on the great rock and roll swindle. caller wanted to hear the pistols' "frigging in the rigging" which is absurdly crass and a bit hard to play without a lot of editing. so, instead, i went with this gem, recorded not too long before sid's death. there's actually a smashing essay in the most recent issue of the believer that deals with the history of this song and the bellweather role it has played in several musicians' lives, including sid's. well worth reading.]
Ramblin' Jack Elliot - "Careless Darling" [from his forthcoming album i stand alone which is also out this tuesday. this song features pairing vocals from lucinda williams and it's great to hear williams alongside this giant of the american folk movement. if you're not familiar with elliot, well, get to it. then, click here to download.]
Crooked Fingers - "Twilight Creeps" [one of those songs you just keep turning back to again and again. from the wonderful dignity and shame.]
the Church - "Under the Milky Way" [this is, again, a version from the el momento descuidado album of re-worked church classics done in acoustic mode. this version is actually slowed down a good bit also. as i've mentioned, the church will be playing the house of blues in myrtle beach, south carolina on saturday, august 5th and as i haven't mentioned, rob dickinson (ex-catharine wheel frontman) will be opening.]
X - "4th of July" [by request. an excellent song from their 1987 album see how we are.]
the Handsome Family - "All the Time in Airports" [from their latest album last days of wonder. i've really been enjoying the songs off of this album quite a bit. i like the subtle flourishes that are beginning to really shine in their music.]
Tea in the Lobby - "Hey, Self Defeater" [a wonderful, small outfit out of virginia that recorded this cover of mark mulcahy's song from his 1997 solo album fathering. mulcahy was the frontman for the band miracle legion as well as the iconic group polaris (i.e. the band in the adventures of pete and pete title sequence). this song is lovely, as is this version. click here to download.]
Big Black - "The Model" [from song about fucking. their cover of kraftwerk's classic. with their impending brief reunion for the touch and go records 25th anniversary show, i'm taking all the excuses i can to play this band.]
Richard Buckner - "Boys, the Night Will Bury You" [from his self-titled album. this song is haunting. just like most of richard's work.]

[tonight's wholesale album is a legendary piece of post-punk that only gets its due in critics' circles. it's one of those records whose terse, un-relenting, un-compromising sounds make those who treasure it hesitate before popping it into a player for a group. there's only so much ridicule one can take sometimes over the music you adore.

not nearly as well known as john lydon's prior work with the sex pistols, public image ltd.'s lineup at this juncture was superb - former clash guitarist keith levene and extrodinary bass player jah wobble made the band an amazing force musically.

released in 1979 as metal box, a set of 3 12" records released in a metal film-canister package, this album proved that the forward-thinking, painfully unique style of public image ltd.'s first album had been no fluke. the first years of this group were amazing in what they laid down. this album especially would end up influencing tons of bands, though not so directly as indirectly. the sound i've seen take the most direct influence from it has been the recent dance-punk revival in the early 00s. otherwise, its workings are slow, sinister and are more ideological than practical. it's taken me years to full appreciate its textures, sounds and vision, but it's been worth every second as far as i'm concerned. tonight's wholesale album of the week is...]

Track Listing

1. Albatross [click to download.]
2. Memories
3. Swan Lake [aka "Death Disco" click to download and click to see the video.]
4. Poptones [click to download.]
5. Careering [click here to see performed live on old grey whistle test.]
6. Socialist
7. Graveyard
8. The Suit
9. Bad Baby
10. No Birds
11. Chant
12. Radio 4 [click to download.]

That's going to do it for Extra Mayhem this week. The next Wholesale album is a few weeks off, so I haven't selected it yet. Needless to say you'll hear the teaser on Indie/Rock Mayhem when I return from vacation. The last Indie/Rock Mayhem before I leave is this Wednesday, July 5th, so make sure you tune in for that. Until then, take care.



  • At 2:24 PM, July 04, 2006, Anonymous MASS MoCA said…

    For fans of Mark Mulcahy, MASS MoCA has a show of The Rosenbach Company, Saturday, July 8 at 8 PM.

    Ben Katchor and composer Mark Mulcahy (co-creators of The Slugbearers of Kayrol Island) return to MASS MoCA with a new pop musical that mixes Katchor's projected animated images with live actors, singers, and musicians. The Rosenbach Company chronicles the life and times of Abe Rosenbach, the world's preeminent rare book dealer, and his brother and business partner Philip. The brothers' collection included such literary treasures as James Joyce's manuscript of Ulysses and the original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland; Katchor and Mulcahy use their story to explore the obsessive nature of collecting and the relationship between cultural and commercial pursuits.

    Tickets are $20 orchestra, $16 mezzanine. MASS MoCA is in North Adams, in northern Berkshire County. To puchase tickets, call the box office at (413) MoCA 111, or visit www.massmoca.org.


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