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Monday, July 31, 2006

extra mayhem - 30th july 2006

[and more great music. this was indeed a stellar and ideal week for extra mayhem as i feel the show truly exemplified what i've been after as its content with tonight's show. the opening hour could've been a bit more diverse, but honestly i thought the song choices were great and the wholesale album actually had people calling in to ask exactly what it is they were listening to. perfect. listener responsive radio is where it's at. now, before i get any soppier, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Oakley Hall - "Light of My Love" (live) [another of the excellent daytrotter sessions to oakley hall recorded a few weeks ago. if you haven't checked this site out yet, do it already. this song is originally from oakley hall's second guessing album which was released earlier this year. i love this version a lot. go download it for free over at daytrotter.]
The The - "This is the Day" [from soul mining. i saw this song in a dockers commercial once and i wasn't too pleased, but whatever. it's still great music.]
Ryan Adams - "If I Am a Stranger" [from the second disc of the cold roses double-LP. ignore the fact that there was no reason for this to be a 2-cd set. kinda like wilco's being there. a fantastic song.]
Urge Overkill - "The Candidate" [from the supersonic storybook, their last indie-LP before they made the jump to the majors. it's taken a bit of time for me to really warm up to urge overkill, but they really are quite good.]
The Church - "Unified Field" [from their latest, uninvited, like the clouds. i'll be seeing them this coming saturday, august 5th, down at the house of blues in myrtle beach, south carolina. needless to say..i'm excited. oh, boy, am i excited.]
fIREHOSE - "In Memory of Elizabeth Cotton" [from their debut album if'n. firehose is mike watt's first band post-minutemen and this album is quite stellar. and this song, a memorium to the late, great north carolina blues musician, is a mighty fine touch.]
Lucinda Williams - "Those Three Days" [from her latest, world without tears. not only do i find this to be the best song on this album, but it's way up there as far as being one of the best she's ever written. it is a killer of a song. that chorus line: "did you love me forever / just for those three days?" stunning.]
Jane's Addiction - "Three Days" [from ritual de lo habitual. the first time i heard this album, i listened to the first five songs and thought it was okay. then it moved into this song..and my opinion of jane's addiction was changed forever. i don't play this song much due to its length, but wow, what a knockout.]
Midlake - "Roscoe" [from the trials of van occupanther. this first song off of this album is a serious winner and i need to spend a good bit more time exploring this album in the near future.]
Moonshake - "Just a Working Girl" [so, this is why research is important. i accidentally played this song from the too pure records compilation pop (do we not like that?) i had meant to play this early p.j. harvey single that's also on this compilation, but chose the wrong side. vinyl can be pesky at times. how unintentionally appropriate that it turns out that michael rother, one half of neu!, was at one time the drummer for moonshake, although it appears he had left by the time of this recording. still, a hearty coincidence that really truly let's me believe in the power of radio. definite weirdness in the sonic style of public image ltd's second edition.]

[tonight's wholesale album is from the band that made me want to do this extra show in the first place. i adore my regular indie/rock mayhem show, but as much as i believe i'm open to playing most anything, the fact is, i have a certain stylistic approach to that show that won't allow me to play some of the music that i really enjoy listening to on my own time. one of the first bands i thought of when i thought about this show was neu. their songs don't fit the typical radio conceits of sound or length, but their music is so visceral and emotional (despite its repetitive structure) that i really wanted to find a way to share it with listeners.

originally released in 1972, neu's self-titled debut was the fine-tuning of the soon to be well-recognized motorik sound in krautrock. klaus dinger and michael rother had, afterall, started out as members of the way-too-important-to-ignore kraftwerk. their departure from the band was early in its career, so their impact on kraftwerk's sound is measurable only in the way that kraftwerk would ultimately respond to neu's work. kraftwerk would ultimately have the longer career and the greater impact on music world-wide, but neu's sound is still carving pathways in places you might not expect. so i'm very excited to present tonight's wholesale album of the week...]

Track Listing

1. Hallogallo [click to download.]
2. Sonderangerbot
3. Weissensee
4. Im Gl├╝ck
5. Negativland [click to download.]
6. Lieber Honig [click to download.]

Wholesale Teaser - Tom Waits - "Day After Tomorrow" [from his most recent, real gone. tom will be playing at the thomas wolfe auditorium in asheville, north carolina on wednesday night and i won't be seeing him. i'm a huge fan of his work and did my best to get tickets, but ticketmaster and quick people are currently the bain of my existence. so, in honor of tom coming to visit the old north state, next sunday's wholesale album will be one of his numerous masterpieces. i can't wait to see which one, 'cos honestly, i haven't chosen yet.]

That'll do it for tonight. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy and I'll talk to you Wednesday on Indie/Rock Mayhem. Until then, take care.



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