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Thursday, July 20, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 19th july 2006

[ah, back from vacation. rested, a bit tanned, not a bit burnt, and i come back to an avalanche of new music. it's so hard to take time off from radio, cos one slip and there's music everywhere. ah, well. that's how it goes. i love it all the same.

tonight was the broadcast of my interview with the handsome family in preparation for their show at local 506 in chapel hill next monday night, july 24th. they were gracious enough to sit down with me via phone for an interview from their home in new mexico earlier in july. i hope you enjoyed the interview and if you missed it, of course, the podcast of tonight's show is available. i'll be working on a transcript as well, hopefully to be up by the end of the week.

i'll be broadcasting my interview with jolie holland next week and there's a big interview in the works that i won't let onto just yet. but early august could reveal a really tremendous surprise. in the meantime, if you're on myspace, send me a message and add me already. jeez. now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 19th July 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Oneida - "History's Great Navigators" [the new oneida album, happy new year, is comparatively softer than their previous records, but the intricacy and intense musicianship in their music hasn't changed one bit. this song is a bit of a rambler, but the ending is worth the wait. i like this. click here to download.]
the Maroons - "If" [from their debut album ambush. this is of course, chief x-cel of blackalicious and lateef the truth speaker in their role as the maroons. this is a great LP and really fun. this song especially.]
Fugazi - "Reclaimation" [by request. from steady diet of nothing. the song that taught me..well..the word 'reclaimation.' now it's one of my favorite abstract ideas.]
Q. Lazzarus - "Goodbye Horses" [okay. long story short: while on vacation, i read all of thomas harris' hannibal lecter novels and, thanks to the recent trailers for clerks II, my partner in crime pointed out that the song jay is dancing to in the trailer is him re-enacting the scene where buffalo bill does his 'tuck' dance in the mirror in silence of the lambs. so while on a hunt for this song, i found out that a) it's only appeared one place: the soundtrack for jonathan demme's married to the mob and b) it's the only song q. lazzarus ever recorded. then he disappeared into the ether. intense. click here to download.]
the Roots - "Don't Feel Right" [from their forthcoming album game theory. that is what i love about myspace: the fact that i can download new singles ahead of time to share with y'all. so head on over to their myspace page and check this song out along with a few others.]
Sixteen Horsepower - "Dead Run" [if there's any song that proves my comment about these guys being the true successor of the gun club, this song is it. from the fantastic low estate album.]
Jolie Holland - "Springtime Can Kill You" [the title track from her new album. got to have a really nice interview with her on tuesday that i'll be broadcasting next week. she's a very nice person and this album is quite spectacular. click here to download.]
Josh Rouse - "Flight Attendant" [from the excellent 1972. i love this song as it is a character study of a maligned gay man's trip through boyhood into the dream job as well...a flight attendant for southwest airlines. i hear they're great to work for..]
Greg Graffin - "Cold as the Clay" [the title track from his new solo venture. this features backing vocals by jolie holland (they're label-mates, afterall). i'm really enjoying this album a lot. click here to download.]
the Pogues - "Thousands are Sailing" [i had dinner at the wonderful tir na nog irish pub and restaurant on tuesday night in raleigh before the jolie holland show. a really great place with good food and a killer beer and whiskey collection. made me long for my favorite irish band - from if i should fall from grace with god.]
Ramblin' Jack Elliot - "Driving Nails in My Coffin" [from the new i stand alone. i don't know what's up with anti records flooding the market with great releases, but this makes 3 anti artists i played on this show. if you don't know ramblin' jack..well..go to wikipedia or all music and look him up. i believe this is corin tucker (sleater-kinney) singing backup vocals on this, but i can't find liner notes to back me up. i know she's on the album, but can anyone verify that's her on this song? click here to download.]
Oakley Hall - "Lazy Susan" (live) [recorded for the excellent daytrotter music site, this is originally from oakley hall's newest album, and their 2nd this year, gypsum strings. cruise on over to daytrotter and look in the archives to last week to check out this song and three others. they're well worth the listen. if you haven't heard oakley hall, get your ears on them now.]
Scott H. Biram - "Long Fingernail" [michael, if you're reading, you will know this guy as the guy we were supposed to see open for hank III, but had to be in court in texas, so instead we got to hear "1, 2, 3....J.Y.D!" and while i'm glad i heard that song, i'm sorry i haven't had a chance to catch this guy. his new album graveyard shift is a remarkable piece of dirty, bluesy roots rock. with only one man on most tracks. click here to download.]

[this is where i began playing the interview with the handsome family. when i get the transcript up, i will add it here in this post. take a listen to the podcast, about one hour in is where the interview begins. i played a few songs by the handsome family during the interview and i'll list those now along with some information on each.]

Update: I will be uploading each segment of the interview as I finish transcripting it. It'll take a couple of days as it is a laborious process, but please bear with me. When prompted, PC users can use WordPad to open the files. They are uploaded in RTF format, which is pretty universal across platforms including Macs. Here we go.

Handsome Family Interview Transcripts:

Part One

the Handsome Family - "All the Time In Airports" [the first track i played off of their latest record, last days of wonder. i really enjoy the imagery and sound of the chorus of this song especially.]
the Handsome Family - "After We Shot the Grizzly" [we talked about this song in particular during the second part of the interview and the style of music that seems at odds with the intense and somewhat frightening lyrics underneath. this was my favorite part of the interview. also off their newest album.]
the Handsome Family - "Weightless Again" [from their wonderful through the trees album. i went back a little bit since i'd discussed a london show they did in 2001 i was at, and they played this song at that show.]
the Handsome Family - "Flapping Your Broken Wings" [another new one from the new last days of wonder.]
the Handsome Family - "Famous Blue Raincoat" [from the forthcoming i'm your man soundtrack. the handsome family, along with others, recorded tribute concerts to leonard cohen and this was one of the results. this is probably my favorite cohen song, so it was great to hear it.]
Jay Farrar - "Lucifer Sam" (live) [normally, i'm a bit less obvious with the wholesale album teaser for j's extra mayhem, but this week's album is special. so here's jay farrar from the stone, steel and bright lights live album doing a version of pink floyd's classic from their debut album. july 7th was the passing of one of psychadelic music's greatest minds, syd barrett. in honor of his passing, i'll be playing pink floyd's piper at the gates of dawn as the wholesale album this week. barrett wrote all but one of the songs on their debut album and it's a masterpiece of the genre. so tune in sunday night at 10pm for that and much more.]

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you Sunday night. Don't forget about the Jolie Holland interview next week, take a listen to the Handsome Family interview and tell me what you think. I look forward to your comments. Until then, take care.



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