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Thursday, July 06, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 5th july 2006

[a fantastic show tonight and a wonderful way to lead into my vacation. as i've said, i'll be leaving saturday, so sundays july 9th and 16th's episodes of extra mayhem will either have someone else pulling the levers or won't be on at all. next wednesday july 12th, mad dog of the friday night rock party will be filling in for me. he'll put on a great show as he always does on his own stomping grounds.

i hesitated to mention it until i had it in the can and finished, so now i can reveal this exciting news: i recorded a phone interview with the handsome family this afternoon and it will be broadcast on my first show back, indie/rock mayhem on july 19th. they'll be coming to local 506 in chapel hill on monday, july 24th. so make sure you tune in for that. i have other interviews (hopefully) coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned.

i'll miss playing the rock while i'm away, but my shows are in able hands and you'll be delivered thusly. so, for tonight, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 5th July 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Twilight Singers - "Underneath the Waves" [from the excellent powder burns which continues to soak up airplay like a dry sponge. i'm genuinely really impressed with this album.]
Grandpaboy - "Eyes Like Sparks" [aka paul westerberg, from the mono half of the stereo/mono double album from back in 2002.]
Citified - "Secret Knock" [from the self-titled debut album. great greensboro music that just sticks with you.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Six O'Clock News" [one of my favorite bloggers, mr. sun, mentioned kathleen edwards in a recent post and it reminded me that i hadn't played her in awhile. from her debut failer which was my #1 album of 2003 and for good reason. that one goes out to you, mr. sun.]
Murs and 9th Wonder - "Murray's Law" [from the excellent new album murray's revenge which once again teams up the quite impressive murs with north carolina's own 9th wonder on production. this pairing worked really well on murs' previous outing and it succeds again on this one. this is fine, fine hip-hop.]
the New Pornographers - "Sing Me Spanish Techno" [from their wonderful twin cinema, my #2 album of 2005. i'll be listening to this song for years and years to come.]
Bob Dylan - "Obviously 5 Believers" [from blonde on blonde and therefore, brilliant. no arguments.]
Big Head Todd and the Monsters - "The Leaving Song" [by request. from midnight radio. i am not a big fan of these guys. i bought a record when i was younger and didn't care for it, and though i did that with some bands that i later came to love, big head todd is not one of them. to each their own though. oh, and though this has nothing to do with this at all, rod, the guy who requested this, also wanted to know about the website that lists all of the samples and allusions on the beastie boys' paul's boutique album. well, here it is.]
Jolie Holland - "A Crush in the Ghetto" [off her wonderful new album springtime can kill you. she'll be playing at the pour house in raleigh on tuesday, july 18th. i'm terribly excited as her last album, escondida, was my #7 album of 2004. click here to listen and check her out.]
Jonny Polonsky - "Love Lovely Love" [my original radio partner jeremy (back when this was j & j's indie/punk mayhem) made me listen to hi my name is jonny back during our freshman year of college and i was immediately hooked. power-pop galore. and then he seemed to disappear until his first new full-length LP surfaced in 2004. his debut from 1996, however, is a great listen.]
X - "4th of July" [yeah it was yesterday and yeah i played this sunday night, but a long-time listener of WQFS had requested it and who am i to say 'no' to such a fantastic song? from see how we are.]
The The - "Love Is Stronger Than Death" [from dusk. hey, mark on the parkway, are you out there? haven't heard from you in awhile and thought i'd pop this on to see if you'd bite. a great, great song by the way. well worth hunting up.]
the Handsome Family - "All the Time In Airports" [from their new album last days of wonder. i'm really excited to broadcast the interview i did with them today. i'll be playing that on wednesday july 19th. make sure you tune in or come here for the podcast if you can't. and again, they'll be at local 506 in chapel hill on monday, july 24th.]
Nicolai Dunger - "Something New" [from the excellent soul rush, the album that introduced me to mr. dunger. this album got oodles of comparisons to astral weeks-era van morrison, but dunger is his own man and this album is superb.]
Brian Eno - "You Don't Miss Your Water" [the classic song done in this beautiful version by eno. originally from the married to the mob soundtrack, it found a wider release as a bonus track on the re-issue of eno's collaboration with john cale from around the same time, wrong way up. click here to download.]
Jim White - "Fruit of the Vine" [from the compilation cd accompanying the believer's annual music issue which is currently available. this song was recorded live on flannary o'connor's front porch and is really quite nice. it's a great compilation and well worth picking up.]
Greg Graffin - "Don't Be Afraid to Run" [from his new solo album cold as the clay. as i mentioned sunday, this is greg's attempt to harness some of the old-time and folk music he grew up around. backed by 3/4ths of the weakerthans, it's really a good listen. the album was released this week and you can hear this song if you go to the previous post and find its listing.]
the Damnwells - "I'll Be Around" [from bastards of the beat. the damnwells have a new album coming out in august called air stereo. they'll also be coming to charlotte in the fall. i'll get the specific date for you soon.]
Sonic Youth - "Incinerate" [from the wonderful rather ripped. i'm knocking on wood that sonic youth has entered a second golden age where the great albums will just keep on coming. i cannot believe that a band that's been together for 24 years is still making music this good and forward thinking. god bless you, sonic youth.]
Sixteen Horsepower - "Brimstone Rock" (live) [from the recently re-released hoarse live album. a really tremendous set that ends with the 1-2-3 punch of this, a pounding, fearsome track originally from their album low estate, and then covers of the gun club's "fire spirit" and joy division's "day of the lords." click here to download.]
Spank Rock - "Rick Rubin" [from the new album yoyoyoyoyoyo. this is the lead single and what do you know? there's a video! enjoy.]
Morphine - "Murder for the Money" [from like swimming. morphine is not everyone's cup of tea but there is a reason people love this band. it is sweet soul music to be sure.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Blame, etc." [now, i normally don't play different projects by the same artist within one show (since i already played the twilight singers) but since YouTube has me so obsessed with finding great stuff, i couldn't pass this up. click here to see the afghan whigs performing this song live on mtv's 120 minutes back in 1994. and if you go to search on YouTube and just type in "120 minutes," you're sure to find some great stuff. from their album black love.]
Tom Waits - "Hoist that Rag" [from his latest, real gone. this bit of news sent me through the roof this morning. i had fully resigned myself to never seeing tom waits live, but he is going out on tour and will be at the thomas wolfe auditorium in asheville, north carolina on wednesday, august 2nd. tickets go on sale via ticketmaster at 10 a.m. on friday, july 14th. if things go right i'll be seeing tom and the church within 3 days of eachother. madness.]
Crooked Fingers - "Call to Love" [from dignity and shame. a tremendous album.]
Robert Earl Keen - "Corpus Christi Bay" [a really beautiful and lyrically devistating song. from a bigger piece of sky.]

That's going to do it. Again, I'll be on vacation for the July 9th and 16th editions of Extra Mayhem and the July 12th edition of Indie/Rock Mayhem. My first show back, Indie/Rock Mayhem on July 19th, will feature my interview with the Handsome Family, so make sure you tune in for that. I'll see you in two weeks and until then, take care.



  • At 1:32 PM, July 06, 2006, Anonymous Gilly said…

    the Damnwells - "I'll Be Around" [from bastards of the beat. the damnwells have a new album coming out in august called air stereo. they'll also be coming to charlotte in the fall. i'll get the specific date for you soon.]

    9/13 @ tremont music hall w/ army of me 7pm, $10 adv/ $12 dos ;) make sure to get there early enough for AoM!!

    PS: I think I need to stop coming across your blog on random searches and invading it w/ my random knowlege of what's going on w/ thedamnwells....


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