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Monday, August 14, 2006

extra mayhem - 13th august 2006

[and then there were but two. only two more episodes of extra mayhem left after tonight. i'm starting to get kinda teary eyed. i really love doing this show, but once work starts back up, it'll just be too much hassle. hopefully i can rekindle it next summer, or as i said on-air, perhaps do it every other month or so as a feature on indie/rock mayhem, but maybe i'll let the wonder remain contained just in the summertime. i still have oodles of records i didn't get to play that i would love to give an entire spin to at some point.

just a head's up: i'll be broadcasting my interview with jolie holland this wednesday night on indie/rock mayhem. i recorded this interview when she visited back in july and unfortunately i've just now gotten a chance to play it. i hope you enjoy. until then, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Track a Tiger - "Glad to be Scattered" [one of my favorite singles of this year. i say single, even though i don't think it was properly released as one. that concept, of a 'single,' has gone the way of the dodo since the record industry's decision to (in america, at least) stop the wide-scale manufacturing of cd singles. so now, really, a single could just be something played on the radio. and really, i'm setting the tone here, so yeah. one of my favorite singles of the year. from woke up early the day i died.]
Wire - "Map Ref. 41 Degrees N, 93 Degrees W" [from the last album before their first break up, 154. i always feel so silly cos i can never remember the degree numbers when i read this song title on air, so i always just call it "map reference." close enough.]
the Deathray Davies - "Don't Point at the Stoners"/"She Can Play Me Like a Drum Machine" [by request. from day of the ray. a pair of songs that share musical and lyrical elements and therefore go well together, even though they aren't right next to one another on the album. so i have to sit there and tap the scan button. oh well.]
Josh Rouse - "Laughter" [from his sophomore album home. "directions" is also on this album which was the first song i heard by rouse that i heard really talked up. it was on the vanilla sky soundtrack, i believe, and got a good bit of press. deservedly so. this entire album is solid, early josh rouse.]
the Doubtful Guest - "Way of Not" [now, how 'bout that? the first band to get played on my show via myspace. these english blokes (from bath, specifically) contacted me some time ago. that is one of the bonuses/drawbacks of setting up a myspace page for a radio show. every band and their mother tries to be your friend and get you to play their stuff. well this band actually sent me a demo cd from across the pond and it's a solid work. track a tiger also got a hold of me, but that was via this website and my email. both bands are becoming big winners in my eyes. click here to visit their myspace and hear this song plus 3 others.]
the Church - "The Faith Healer" [from their box of birds covers album. originally by the sensational alex harvey band, this was apparently a big single. does anyone know this song? i haven't been able to track down the alex harvey version yet, and i'm at a loss for having ever heard this song before.]
Mary Johnson - "Shake Me" [from her excellent album says the water. mary is a fellow guilford college alumn and i actually still owe her $10 for this cd. mary, i'll happily send it to you if you'd like. i've gotten more than $10 worth of play out of it on my radio show over the years.]
Pulp - "Sunrise" [from we love life. released in 2001, it's reported that this album is probably pulp's swansong as they've gone on extended hiatus. here's hoping that's not true, but if so, a great album to go out on.]
the National - "Daughters of the Soho Riots" [from alligator. there's a newly released, very reasonably priced, version of alligator that includes a second disc with some b-sides/remixes and the three videos that were produced for the album. since i downloaded my first version of it (legally, mind you), i gladly picked up this new copy as i adore this album. click here to download.]
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - "Kooler than Jesus" [my favorite choice of the evening if only because it really fits the goal of extra mayhem. the title track from their 1989 EP, this is one of those bands that either makes sense to you, or doesn't. one of the many great industrial/dance bands signed to the awesome wax trax! label back in the 80s/90s. that lable is gone now, but thankfully rykodisc owns their entire back catalogue and has seen fit to re-issue a lot of the earlier, important material of many of these bands.]
Luna - "Hedgehog" [from penthouse which is really the last time i should play a luna track until i get another of their albums.]

[tonight's wholesale album takes is brought to us by tom waits. i've often thought of tom's career in terms of three periods: first, the early, jazzy, beautiful losers and regular joes of his first records (up through about 1980). next, his mid-period where the topics of his songs shift to weirder landscapes and personas and emphasis comes off of the piano as an instrument. finally, his early-90s-to-now period, where the sonic landscapes get even harsher and more percussive, actually landing us at the seriously strange real gone from 2004.

we're taking a look at the record that marked his mid-80s turnaround. waits had issued an album a year between 1973 and 1978, taking a year off before issuing heart attack and vine in 1980, which marked some vague beginnings of the shift that would culminate in his 1983 release, and tonight's album, swordfishtrombones. it's ironic that actually between 1980 and '83, waits put out the one from the heart soundtrack, one of his most classic sounding works in some time. but the following year, came this album and for nearly the next decade, his studio LPs would be near-masterpieces, all of them: 1985's rain dogs, 1987's franks wild years and 1992's bone machine. this period was also important as it would mark the beginning of his work with co-composer kathleen brennan, whom he met and married while working on the one from the heart album. she has played an important role in all of his studio albums since.

you'll notice also i've uploaded more songs than usual for this album. first off, there are a lot of songs. and a lot of songs worth hearing. i tried to pick one to represent each of the moods of the album and i hope i've succeded. so, without further ado, our wholesale album of the week...]

Track Listing

1. Underground
2. Shore Leave [click to download.]
3. Dave the Butcher (instrumental)
4. Johnsburg, Illinois
5. 16 Shells From a Thirty-Ought-Six [click to download.]
6. Town with No Cheer
7. In the Neighborhood [click to download.]
8. Just Another Sucker on the Vine (instrumental)
9. Frank's Wild Years [click to download.]
10. Swordfishtrombones
11. Down, Down, Down
12. Soldier's Things [click to download.]
13. Gin Soaked Boy
14. Trouble's Braids
15. Rainbirds (instrumental) [click to download.]

Wholesale Teaser - the Gun Club - "A Devil in the Woods" [from their 1982 sophomore album miami. if you've never heard the gun club, boy, you're in for a treat next week. a special birthday celebration for moi (i'll be turning a quarter-century on the 21st) so make sure you tune in. click here to download and get ready.]

That'll do it for this week. Tune in on Wednesday for the Jolie Holland interview and more great new music. Until then, take care.



  • At 4:45 PM, August 25, 2006, Blogger Wez"TheWez"Wez said…

    Just to let you know, I don't know The Church's version but Faith Healer is a great SAHB song which appears on the album Next.. and their live album called (oddly enough) Live. It lasts over 7 minutes and the live version is awesome. If you like look out for the album Tomorrow Belongs To Me and in particular the definitive SAHB track, Give My Compliments To The Chef!


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