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Monday, August 28, 2006

extra mayhem - 20th august 2006

[well, due to some personal problems that needed sincere attention, i've fallen three shows behind. this post is sunday, august 20th's edition of j's extra mayhem. it was a birthday celebration as the 21st was my 25th birthday. so i celebrated by digging way back and playing a bunch of music that was important to me in my musically-formative years. and the wholesale album came from the year i was born. lots of great stuff, so let's get to it. finally. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
R.E.M. - "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" [from 1994's monster, the very first cd i ever owned. it was purchased for me by my parents when they bought me my first boombox. i still have that boombox. works quite well thank you. monster as an album hasn't worn well, but i still love this song.]
Edwyn Collins - "A Girl Like You" [from gorgeous george and, more importantly in this case, the empire records soundtrack. my friend kevin and i used to make fun of this song all the time. then i would secretly curse myself for liking it so much. i've come to terms with my denial. obviously.]
the Modern Lovers - "Roadrunner" [from their self-titled debut. there are few finer rock and roll songs ever written. i got into the modern lovers (as with many bands tonight) thanks to the late critic robert palmer's exquisite rock and roll: an unruly history book that was a companion to the PBS series on rock and roll. i read, re-read and re-read the chapter on proto-punk and punk. and buying this album was one of the results of that.]
Son Volt - "Windfall" [a little obvious, but i can't tell you how much trace changed my life. the first alt-country band that i would encounter, i heard "drown" on the radio and went out and bought it. it was like nothing else i owned (and wouldn't be for some time). ask me sometime about when i saw son volt at center-city fest in charlotte and stood next to the man and his wife with the 3 year old girl who could sing all the words to "tear stained eye." wonderful.]
Juliana Hatfield - "What a Life" [now, i don't do this anymore, but in my formative years i used to get 'crushes' on musicians cos, like, that's what you're supposed to do. but i was in love with people like justine frischmann and louise wener and this lady. i still do crush a bit on juliana. also, this girl who sat behind me in 8th grade social studies really liked juliana. and i liked the girl. so i liked juliana. still do. from only everything. check out this performance of "what a life" live on mtv's 120 minutes.]
Blur - "For Tomorrow" [from what used to be my favorite blur album when i was attempting to be pretentious (like anyone else at my school listened to blur anyway), modern life is rubbish. i love this song especially.]
Television - "See No Evil" [another of the robert palmer inspired purchases. i bought marquee moon sound-unheard. i had no clue what i was buying that day. it would take me years to really understand it. and it still gives me chills.]
Hayden - "Bad as They Seem" [from his debut album, everything i long for. saw the video for this song on 120 minutes at my friend clay's house. he didn't like it much. i latched on. and i've been mightily rewarded by hayden's career.]
Matthew Sweet - "Sick of Myself" [from 100% fun. i had recently bought this record and was at SPEC camp one summer (read: nerd camp), and met this kid that looked just like matthew sweet. i always wondered what happened to him. girlfriend is genius but this is still my favorite sweet album.]
Midnight Oil - "Sell My Soul" [i'm originally from concord, north carolina, and for one year in high school, i was a member of FBLA. we came to the state convention here in greensboro at the four seasons and i went to the old record barn (was that the name?) store that was still in the mall at the time. i bought the ramones' loco live and midnight oil's diesel and dust which i went head over heels for. i still feel midnight oil is one of the best, big political bands and much more deserving of accolades than their career garnered here in the states.]
Del Amitri - "Not Where It's At" [from some other sucker's parade. this is the first del amitri song i ever heard. i remember seeing the video for "roll to me," but i wasn't consciously aware it was them. so this is the first one i heard. this song was quoted in my senior college yearbook by me - "i don't have my finger on / the pulse of my generation / i've just got my hand on my heart / i know no better location." brilliant.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Crowing" [from dulcinea. it's one of those records that just means the world to you because of when and where you heard it. i can't explain it anymore. it was also the first song i ever learned to play on guitar. thanks, guys.]
the Replacements - "Left of the Dial" [if this song doesn't give you shivers - it's one of the most moving songs ever. whenever (i don't like to think about this) i am forced to step away from the mic here at QFS (which god wiling won't be for a long time), this will be the last song i ever play on air. i couldn't go out on anything less. from the 1985 album tim.]

[the wholesale album of the week is from my birth year, 1981. and it's one of those records that ignites those who come under its spell. jeffrey lee pierce isn't a name that is exactly enshrined in the annals of rock history, but it ought to be. his songwriting as the head of the gun club is really on its own, and the music was the real southern gothic coming raring to life in all its hideous, fermented glory. i've often stated that i found sixteen horsepower to be the true descendent of the gun club's fire and brimstone country, the rollicking, galloping punk rhythms entertwined with twang and grind and grit. truly moving.

hearing this record for the first time is a bit of a revelation and i truly hope that you will find it as revelatory as i did when i pulled it out of the stacks here at the station a few years ago and begin reaping the benefits. so, without further adieu, this week's wholesale album is...]

Track Listing

1. Sex Beat [click to download.]
2. Preaching the Blues
3. Promise Me
4. She's Like Heroin to Me [click to download.]
5. For the Love of Ivy [click to download.]
6. Fire Spirit [click to download.]
7. Ghost on the Highway
8. Jack on Fire
9. Black Train
10. Cool Drink of Water
11. Goodbye Johnny

Wholesale Teaser - the Velvet Underground - "All Tomorrow's Parties" [and next week, for the j's extra mayhem finale, an album by the velvet underground. i wanted something truly forward thinking and classic to go out on. so why not the velvets? tune in next week to see which one.]

That's it. Sorry for the delay on these. Last Wednesday's show, including the interview with Adam Thorn and Eben Dennis, as well as mp3s of Adam's live performances in studio, will be up Tuesday night. Until then, take care.



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