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Thursday, August 17, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 16th august 2006

[welcome to another edition of j's indie/rock mayhem. last night's show was pretty fun, all told. good music, good friends nearby, and good calls. all add up to a good show. tonight was also, finally, my broadcast of my interview with jolie holland from back in mid-july.

sunday on j's extra mayhem will be my birthday bonanza. lots of great music that will somehow tie in with my birthday (which is next monday, the 21st) and the wholesale album of the week will be an album from the year i was born! crazy. we'll talk about that more down at the bottom, but we have to get there first. so, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 16th August 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Yo La Tengo - "Beanbag Chair" [do you feel a bit threatened? you should. cos yo la tengo ..will beat your ass. well, sort of. that's part of the title of their forthcoming album from which this track is lifted. get exctited. click here to download.]
the Clash - "Safe European Home" [i don't know what it is about me. i like having the second track on the show, something not new, to keep the up tempo feel and i usually fall back on the clash. this song is great for that. from give 'em enough rope.]
Primal Scream - "Movin' On Up" [from 1991's screamadelica. primal scream's latest LP, riot city blues, is finally seeing its american release on august 22nd. the word is that this album has sort of abandoned the fuzzier, harder edges of electronic music they've been plumbing since 2000's xtrmntr hearkening back to their 1994 album give out but don't give up. ah, yes, the one primal scream album i own that i really don't care for. oh well.]
R.E.M. - "The Wake-Up Bomb" [from new adventures in hi-fi. the last REM album to feature original drummer bill berry before his health-related departure from music. i like this album a lot, personally.]
the Long Winters - "Fire Island, AK" [from the new album putting the days to bed. i've heard a good bit about these guys for a few years, but this new album seems to be getting a lot of attention, including a prime spot on the new paste magazine sampler. you can check out this song plus another by clicking over to the aquarium drunkard's site for a post about this band.]
Spank Rock - "Rick Rubin" [from the new album yoyoyoyoyoyo. there's a lot of great, throwback/electronic inspired beats on this record and as nasty as the lyrics get sometime (paging 2 live crew..well, maybe not quite that bad) it's still a damn fine album.]
Whiskeytown - "Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight" [from 1997's stranger's almanac. this is my favorite whiskeytown record and for numerous reasons. ryan adams has an interesting project he helped produce coming out soon..read down to find out.]
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Speakers Push the Air" [from their debut good health.]
Jolie Holland Interview - [click here to download the interview. jolie and i had a quick, 5 or 6 minute conversation about her new album, springtime can kill you, and her work on greg graffin's new solo album as well as working on her forthcoming works. thanks, jolie.]
Jolie Holland - "Moonshiner" [from the new album. click here to download.]
Jolie Holland - "Springtime Can Kill You" [the title track from the new album. click here to download.]
Greg Graffin - "Cold as the Clay" [title track from the bad religion front man's new solo endeavour. jolie sings backup throughout the song. they are labelmates over on anti records.]
Jurassic 5 - "Radio" [from their new album feedback. you can check out their myspace page to hear a few of the songs off the new album.]
Buffalo Tom - "Sodajerk" [from 1993's big red letter day. i first heard this song on a compilation called generation x that threw together a bunch of 90s indie-rock artists. not a bad cassette and i found buffalo tom in the process.]
Oneida - "History's Great Navigators" [from happy new year their newest album. it's not as agressive as oneida's past work, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. their nuances are just as stunning as their pummaling.]
the Mountain Goats - "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" [listen closely and what you get is a moving song about dreams and people just struggling to get out of their holding cells. "when you punish a person / for dreaming a dream / don't expect them to thank or forgive you." hail satan, indeed. from 2002's all hail west texas.]
Thom Yorke - "The Clock" [from his new solo LP the eraser which is pretty interesting stuff. i don't know that i would return to it time and again the way i do the bends or ok computer but it's still heads above the majority of big rock.]
Q and Not U - "Line in the Sand" [first track off their debut LP no kill, no beep beep. back when they had a bass player. who knew what great things they still had in them.]
Willie Nelson - "Three Days" [from crazy: the demo sessions, a really great collection of early recordings. willie's forthcoming album was produced by ryan adams with adams' current recording/touring band, the cardinals, playing as willie's back up. could be interesting.]
the Lemonheads - "If I Could Talk I'd Tell You" [from 1996's car button cloth. the lemonheads (read: evan dando plus two guys from the descendents) have a new record coming out in september. their first since this one. although, since the only remaining original member is dando, he put out a solo record in 2003, so really it's the first since then. if you want to stream some songs off the new album, head over to vagrant records' lemonheads site.]
Big Ditch Road - "Ghosts" [from suicide note reader's companion. i can't talk enough good stuff about this band. just click here to download already.]
Michael Penn - "Try" [from resigned. i was at a protest in D.C. last year that sean penn was supposed to be at when they announced he couldn't attend because of his brother's death. i hadn't heard the news and had a huge freakout that michael penn had died. chris penn's death was just as tragic. not really a story of substance.]
Iggy Pop - "The Passenger" [from lust for life. satisfied '75 was talking about the idiot so i went one album further and pulled this, easily one of my favorite iggy pop songs of all time.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Joe Rey" [from their self-titled debut. man i love this record. just as much as i when i bought it.]
Golden Smog - "You Make It Easy" [from the new album another fine day. not a bad song at all and even if this version of golden smog bears more than a passing resemblance to the now-defunct jayhawks, well, that's alright.]
David Bowie - "Soul Love" [by request. from the rise and fall of ziggy stardust.]
Big Black - "L Dopa" [from songs about fucking which, the more i listen to, the more i truly believe big black to be the most abrasive band. ever.]
the Replacements - "Skyway" [and how better to follow up big black than with the soft, forlorn masterpiece of paul westerberg? from pleased to meet me.]
the Gun Club - "Walkin' with the Beast" [from the las vegas story. the gun club will be our band for the wholesale album of the week on sunday night's j's extra mayhem. i'm very, very excited. remember, it's the album from the year of my birth. so see if you can figure it out by sunday night.]

That'll do it for this week's show. I'll talk with you Sunday night for Extra Mayhem (the next to last installment!) and all that. See you back here next week otherwise. Take care.



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