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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 2nd august 2006

[greetings and salutations to you all and thanks for stopping in for another indie/rock mayhem. i'll refrain from comments about 'heat,' 'sweltering' and 'lava' unless they pertain (and they do) to the music on this week's show.

i'm off to myrtle beach, south carolina this weekend to see the church along with rob dickinson and, yes, it seems this was the big surprise. as of right now, i am supposed to be interviewing the church before the show, so i should have a great interview with them for next week's show. here's hoping anyway.

i'm trying not to think too much about how i'm in greensboro right now and tom waits is playing in asheville. i tried, i really did. alas. let's soothe the burn. onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 2nd August 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Oakley Hall - "Confidence Man" [i think this is a blistering and perfect song to open a show with. piercing and explosive, it's a resounding shot to show that gypsum strings is not the same as its predecessors. oakley hall has managed to put a lot of genre into its work. here's hoping it keeps up the great work. click here to download.]
Neutral Milk Hotel - "Holland 1945" [i heard a few weeks ago that the neutral milk hotel moniker was being re-activated. then i just re-read that it was a hoax. pity. so here's one of the tracks from undoubtedly one of the greatest albums of the 90s, in the aeroplane over the sea.]
the Roots feat. Dice Raw - "Adrenaline" [from 1999's things fall apart. sometimes this is my favorite roots album. sometimes it's phrenology. either way, their new one, game theory, is due out toward the end of august. you can hear some new tracks over on their myspace page, so go check it.]
Catherine Wheel - "Judy Staring at the Sun" [from happy days. tonya donnely adds some nice vocals to this song, and while this album was certainly not the wheel's finest, it was one of the first songs i ever heard by them (that and "way down" from the same record - both littered alternative radio in the mid-late 90s). and i'll be seeing their lead man, rob dickinson, opening for the church. huzzah.]
Midlake - "Van Occupanther" [i'm warming up to the trials of van occupanther a bit. i wasn't as hot on this song as "roscoe," but still. not bad.]
Talking Heads - "Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)" [from remain in light. i used to not care for this album much and then i had one of those revelatory listens that you can always remember where you were when you finally got it. i was in a barnes and nobles parking lot. not that exciting, really. but the music. oh, the music.]
the Jayhawks - "Angelyne" [from rainy day music. the new golden smog record is out, but i haven't heard it yet. i've been jonesin' my jayhawks collection of late, so i really ought to go grab it. i do so miss the jayhawks.]
the Ramones - "Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?" [from the phil specter produced end of the century. when will commercial radio be as revelatory as it once was? possibly never. radio itself was still a young medium. but you know, as much as i gripe, i listened to alternative radio growing up (and watched a good bit of MTV - especially 120 minutes and alternative nation) and look how i turned out. in fact, i still praise those things for being formative and important in my taste in music. maybe i'm just too harsh.]
Big Ditch Road - "How Are You" [from suicide note reader's companion. i mistakenly called this song "postcards" on the air because, honestly, i didn't have the track listing in front of me and i didn't know it. so, sorry. at least i knew the album name. this is another of those brilliant tracks off of a brilliant record. top 25 of 2006, here we come. click here to download.]
the Cash Brothers - "Nebraska" [i had a moment like in this song once. but i was listening to radiohead's kid a. and honestly it was my revelatory moment for that album as well. and i hadn't just had my heart ripped out. i was playing designated driver for a friend on his 21st. so, really i haven't had a moment like this. a great, great song from how was tomorrow?]
Michael Penn - "Don't Let Me Go" [from mp4: days since a lost time accident. this is, routinely, my favorite michael penn record and i adore this song like nobody's business.]
Dilated Peoples - "Work the Angles" [i've been watching a lot of an animated show called samurai champloo lately. it's an interesting cartoon that mixes 17th century japanese culture with a hip-hop soundtrack and style and energy. it's really breathtaking to watch. and highly entertaining. all of the music on the show reminds me of this dilated song, possibly their best. from their debut the platform.]
Casey Dienel - "Everything" [from wind-up canary. casey put in an appearance at daytrotter.com back in june and you can go here to read a bit about her performance and stream/download 3 live songs by casey, including "everything." she's well worth hearing.]
the Tragically Hip - "Courage" [by request. from fully completely. caller wanted to hear a specific song off of their day for night album, but i had to defer to something i knew the lyrics from. next week, we'll fix it. i do so love the hip.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Summerlong" [by request. from back to me. caller wanted to hear this song, saying he loved kathleen edwards (so do i) and loved this song (again: so do i). i have a very special place in my heart for this song, and it kinda choked me up a bit hearing it tonight. ah, memories.]
His Name is Alive - "I Thought I Saw" [from the excellent detrola which thankfully, came out this year. so it may just make a run for my top 25 albums list.]
Scott H. Biram - "Santa Fe" [played this last week sometime and enjoyed it so much, i brought it back. from his excellent new album graveyard shift which is everything a dirty, bluesy-country record ought to be, damnit. click here to download.]
Social Distortion - "So Far Away" [the lead track from their self-titled album which is my favorite of social distortion's. they don't get nearly the attention i think they ought to, but then again they were a working-man's punk band if ever there was such a thing.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Valley Winter Song" [from welcome interstate managers. whenever i hear "stacy's mom," god bless 'em, i immediately think of this song to calm my nerves. that those two songs co-exist on this record is a testament to their pop genius.]
the Handsome Family - "After We Shot the Grizzly" [probably the last we'll hear the handsome family for awhile. off of their wonderful new album last days of wonder.]
the Church - "Block" [apparently this is the single off their new album uninvited, like the clouds. i'm going to assume it's edited since the album version (and the one we played) is 6 minutes long. a great opening to a fantastic new record and i can't wait to see them at the house of blues in myrtle beach this saturday.]
John Doe - "Heartless" [from forever hasn't happened yet from 2005. john actually released a new cd of recordings he did in '97/'98 just recently that are supposed to be fantastic, so i'll get on getting those for y'all to hear soon.]
the Streets - "Let's Push Things Forward" [going back to the debut, original pirate material. i've been trying really hard not to be just flat-out disappointed in the latest streets album but honestly, i am.]
Liz Phair - "Uncle Alvarez" [from whitechocolatespaceegg. liz's last good album. i love liz and in fact she's a really nice person, but i just haven't cottoned to either of her last two albums. i thought whitechocolate.. had her going in a marvelous direction, but she abandoned it for a shot at slicker-success. more power to her, but it won't be with my dollars.]
the Twilight Singers - "Forty Dollars" [from the superb powder burns.]
Tom Waits - "Invitation to the Blues" [from 1978's small change. tom is playing up in asheville right now and since i couldn't go, the wholesale album of the week on sunday night's j's extra mayhem will be an album by tom waits. not sure which one yet, but you know the drill. it'll be a good one, so make sure you tune in sunday night at 10pm right here on WQFS.]

That'll do it for tonight. Keep cool and keep me in your thoughts as I venture out to mow my lawn tomorrow. I'll talk to you Sunday night and again next Wednesday. Take care.



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