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Thursday, October 12, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 11th october 2006

Update: Podcast is up and operating but additional problems with host are keeping individual songs down for now. I will get them up as soon as possible.

[a tremendous return to form, even if i do say so myself. although, the show was vastly different also if you tuned in tonight. a good chunk of tonight's show was dedicated to a great conversation with ed cone and jim rosenberg (a.k.a. mr. sun). we discussed this saturday's upcoming ConvergeSouth conference, blogging, the future of the music industry's commercial output and a handful of other things. what began as a conversation about blogging, a conference and a few questions on my part soon blossomed into an intriguing and thought provoking conversation. i only wish y'all could've heard the conversation that went on while the mics were off - some of the best thoughts and comments happened then.

even in the midsts of all this talking, there was plenty of great new music to go around. i didn't get to nearly all of it, so next week will bring even more great music. so let's get to the goods. onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 11th October 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Lemonheads - "Poughkeepsie" [from the self titled new album. it ain't the mid-90s anymore, so dando doesn't resonate quite like he once did, but his songwriting is in some senses ageless. and i like this record. it comes up short in spots, but a lemonheads record is still a lemonheads record and it makes me happy.]
the Buzzcocks - "Harmony in My Head" [from singles going steady. one of the longer songs on this collection, clocking in at just over three minutes!]
Jurassic 5 - "What's Golden" [from power in numbers. the holler that opens this song makes it great for segues and then there's that great public enemy sample in the chorus and..well..it's golden.]
Widespread Panic - "Sparks Fly" [by request. not a band i normally play, but i do try to fill requests. from 2003's ball.]
Hot Snakes - "Braintrust" (live) [from the new thunder down under live album that was recorded at the ABC (australian broadcasting corporation) back in 2005 before the untimely demise of the band. while hot snakes' live output doesn't vary much from their recorded incarnations, the energy is fierce and assaulting. in other words, everything a great rock show ought to be. i do miss this band.]
the Stone Roses - "Love Spreads" [by request. originally from second coming.]
Jolie Holland - "Old Fashioned Morphine" [by request. caller wanted to hear "moonshiner" from her latest album, but i didn't have my copy and neither did the station. so i went back to holland's gorgeous 2004 album escondida and one of my favorites from that. hope it satisfied.]
Tom Waits - "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" [from the forthcoming orphans box set that will be released next month. this is a collection of b-sides, cast-offs and all sorts of tom waits stuff that hasn't seen the light of a full LP. right now, if you head over to Emusic, you can download this and one other song off of that set for free. the fine folks at anti records sent out a pair of songs exclusively to Emusic to help whet people's appetites and i'm sure it'll work. plus, while you're there, check out Emusic's extensive catalogue of indie artists. i'm an avid patron of theirs. click here to download.]

[in this area, my conversation with Ed Cone and Jim Rosenberg began, but you'll just have to listen to the podcast in order to hear all the good details. i did splice in some music along the way, so I'll mention those as we go along.]

Oakley Hall - "Confidence Man" [from their excellent album gypsum strings. i have a tentative interview set up with oakley hall when they come through greensboro on october 27th at the flying anvil. i can't wait to see them live and sit and chat with them.]
Daniel Hutchens - "Blood from the Rock" [my blogging compatriot over on the left coast, aquarium drunkard, has launched his own record label, autumn tone records. the first official release for autumn tone was this week, with the new solo release from former bloodkin front man daniel hutchens. the drunkard was kind enough to digitally send me a copy and the blessing to share tracks, so you'll be hearing a good bit from this wonderful record over the coming weeks. check it out. click here to download.]
the Ramones - "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?" [mr. sun was kind enough to post a bit on his blog before he came on the show and said some really kind things about me. and in kindred spirit with the youtube copy of the video for this song that he posted, i brought along my copy to play. from end of the century.]
Citified - "Read Like a Number" [yet another exclusive - chris jackson of citified was kind enough to send me an advance copy of 4 tracks off of their forthcoming 2007 release on eskimo kiss records. i haven't gotten confirmation from him yet about posting this track individually, but if i do, you can download it and enjoy it as much as i did. still, check it out on the podcast. this album is going to be fantastic.]
Califone - "A Chinese Actor" [from their newest roots and crowns. i like this song, although i've yet to explore the album fully. there will be more to hear, undoubtedly. click here to download.]
the Decemberists - "O, Valencia!" [from their latest the crane wife which, by the way, is really fantastic. the band really pulled no punches for their major label debut on capitol. good for them.]
the Rain Parade - "This Can't Be Today" [from emergency third rail power trip. classic paisley underground stuff.]
49 Admiral - "The Art of Giving Up" [chalk another up in the 'random band that contacted me on myspace' category. a lot of times i end up rolling my eyes at the music that gets solicited to me on myspace, but occasionally it's worth it and 49 admiral is a perfect example. hailing from boston, mass. this song i like a lot and there's more where this came from. we'll be hearing more from them. until then, click here to download.]

It's good to be back and blogging and radio'ing. I'll see you out at the ConvergeSouth conference this weekend and I'll be back next week. Until then, go Cardinals, go Panthers, and take care.



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