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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 25th october 2006

[greetings and happy early halloween to you all. i have a rule (a rule i had to remind myself that i had, thanks to this blog) about doing holiday shows: they have to be on the show closest to, but not after, the holiday. so, although nearly a week ahead, i had to do my halloween show tonight. but that's fine, because it turned out really well and i think you'll enjoy what you hear.

also. thank you! we finally won the 'best college radio station' category in this year's go triad reader's choice awards. after years of having WUAG edge us out, we came out on top. where we deserve to be. big props to WUAG (university of north carolina at greensboro) and WNAA (north carolina a&t state university) for just being good stations and, along with us, offering the people in this area something different from the commercial pap to listen to.

come out to the flying anvil this friday night and catch oakley hall. i'll (hopefully) be interviewing them for broadcast on a later show, so i'll keep you posted on that. i'll definitely see you out there on friday though. until then, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast - 25th October 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Hold Steady - "You Can Make Him Like You" [lyrically, my favorite from their latest boys and girls in america. like i said last week, it's officially a horse race now for best album of 2006. if you haven't caught this fire yet, burn, baby burn. click here to download.]
the New York Dolls - "Personality Crisis" [from their self-titled debut. this album is still one of the raunchiest, dirtiest rock artifacts ever recorded. and this song in particular still gets me giddy.]
A.C. Newman - "On the Table" [from the slow wonder. there's a whole slew of new pornographers related releases coming out next year including a new record by the new pornos which is due out in the summer. i'm already drooling.]
the Beastie Boys - "An Open Letter to NYC" [from to the 5 boroughs. i've played a good handful of the b-boys lately, so after this week i'll give 'em a rest for awhile, but i can't help but love putting them on.]
Citified - "Read Like a Number" [from their forthcoming release out next year on eskimo kiss records. chris jackson was nice enough to send me an exclusive, advanced copy of some of the songs. and this one, especially, is fantastic. he and drummer mike cates will be on the show next week during the 6 o'clock hour to talk about upcoming shows, the new record, falaffel and any other humorous words i feel like throwing at them. mukluk, anyone? click here to download.]
the Replacements - "Kids Don't Follow" [from the 1982 EP stink. the 'mats shot at hardcore music. i have a soft spot for this EP cos the 'mats version of hardcore is way more humorous than most and is actually, all in all, and largely thanks to the brevity of the album, pretty entertaining.]
Peter Bruntnell - "By the Time My Head Gets to Phoenix" [from the wonderful normal for bridgewater. great, natural singer/songwriter who channels american roots rock and country and files it all away in his british sense of songcraft. gotta love it.]
Superchunk - "Driveway to Driveway" [from foolish, which is still probably my favorite 'chunk record. this was the first of their songs i ever heard and it has stuck with me since.]
Oakley Hall - "Light of My Love" (live) [again, from their lovely set over at daytrotter. read that site. it's well worth your time on a weekly basis and then some. as i said, oakley hall will be at the flying anvil this friday night. i'll be there. click here to download.]
the Decemberists - "Summersong" [by request. from the new album the crane wife. i hadn't actually gotten to this song on the album yet and i was quite impressed.]
the Tragically Hip - "Poets" [not what i intended to play, but it's still good. from the excellent phantom power.]
Gob Iron - "Death's Black Train" [from the forthcoming album death songs for the living. this is a project featuring jay farrar and anders parker, it's a revisiting of traditional folk songs with a bit of updating on the lyrics. it sounds great. if you want to hear this and another song, check out aquarium drunkard's post on them. tip o' the hat to him for the songs. they'll be at the cat's cradle in carborro, north carolina on saturday, november 11th.]
Wade Denning and Kay Lande - "Halloween" [so, as a way to sort of thematically link tonight's halloween 'spooktacular,' at the start of each set i played a song from the album halloween: games, songs and stories. this was a halloween staple in my elementary school music class. and i'll forever be in debt to mrs. bracey for introducing me to this and romantic composer charles camille saint-saens. i'm also in debt to jason and the wonderful scar stuff blog since without him, i wouldn't even have these songs. his blog features digital downloads of out-of-print, one-of-a-kind halloween/scary story related LPs of yesteryear. really brilliant stuff. make sure you cruise over there and take a look. now, sing along. click here to download.]
the Flaming Lips - "Halloween on the Barbary Coast" [from 1992's hit to death in the future head. it's halloween on the coast again.]
Woody Allen - "Down South" [a fantastic comedy bit about woody allen, putting on a bed sheet to look like a ghost, being in the deep south and the hilarity that ensues. special guest appearance by the klan! from woody allen: stand-up comic 1964-1968.]
Squirrel Nut Zippers - "The Ghost of Stephen Foster" [what kind of halloween would it be without this song? and the jewish/eastern european music intro to the song segues nicely from woody allen's bit. from the excellent perennial favorites.]
Wade Denning and Kay Lande - "Guess What I Am?" [a game we can all play! i remember us all shouting out the answers to these riddles in class. oh, for those times.]
the Gun Club - "Ghost on the Highway" [from fire of love. not such a halloween song per se but he does say 'ghost' and i guess that's close enough.]
Charles Camille Saint-Saens/Orson Welles/Charlie Brown - "War of the Great Dancing Macabre Pumpkins" [a j's indie/rock exclusive - a mashup that i created exclusively for halloween. it involves a looped opening (and then the complete) composition "danse macabre" by romantic composer charles camille saint-saens. over top of this i played interspliced vocal cuts from the original 1938 orson welles' radio broadcast of war of the worlds and a children's record audio recording of it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. i think it is a happy accident that the movements of the music emotionally match what's going on rather well at certain points in the song. and now, digitally available for the first time! click here to download.]
Wade Denning and Kay Lande - "Witch's Stew" [take paraphrasing from macbeth, add a spooky ol' witch-voice and viola! our last theme of the evening.]
Nina Simone - "I Put a Spell On You" (live) [from the best of nina simone. her version of this song is..well..spellbinding.]
the Dream Syndicate - "Season of the Witch" (live) [yes, the donovan song, covered here in 8 minutes of gloomy, dooming and then noisy freakout. click here to download.]
Rev. B. H. Clendemen - "The Judgement" [i got this from will at show and tell music. his site is currently being revamped, but he collects weird, strange, DIY records with either crazy/amusing/creative content or crazy/amusing/creative album artwork. this came from a religious record that has two people acting the roles of god and a man being judged and, summarily, sent to hell for not paying his 10% tithe. click here to download. it was the perfect lead in for...]
the Louvin Brothers - "Satan is Real" [the title track from their brilliant gospel-country album. also nominee for best album cover of all time. if you're a fan of great country music and haven't heard the louvins, please do so. you can thank me later.]

That's going to do it for tonight's show. Remember that next week I'll have Chris Jackson and Mike Cates of Citified up on the show. And hopefully in two weeks my interview with Oakley Hall. Until then, go Cardinals, go Panthers and take care.



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