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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 29th november 2006

[i harped on this a bit on the show tonight, but mood really does affect how i do my show each week. most of the time i'm in high spirits, 'cos doing this radio show makes me happy from head to toe. today, however, i had a torrentially bad day, and whereas normally i might come in and have a bad show, instead, the show was my life preserver. i had a blast tonight. i hope you enjoyed listening.

downloads are being kind of strange right now. if you're right clicking on individual songs and coming up with it downloading an HTML file instead of an MP3, i'm not sure what is going on. i'm going to try and resolve that soon.

the flying anvil is hosting a cover band extravaganza this friday night, december 1st at 9pm as a benefit for the world can't wait organization. the cure, the velvet underground, the rolling stones, whiskeytown, george harrison and ben folds will all be represented. so come on out and have a great time for a good cause. i'll probably be there. think they'll do "sister ray?" now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 29th November 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Decemberists - "O, Valencia!" [from the excellent new album the crane wife. this was the lead single and i believe the band is holding a green screen contest for the video for this song. the band recorded themselves playing in front of a green screen, so you can go in and insert whatever wackiness you want behind them and the winner gets like, i don't know, a lock of colin meloy's hair or some such. you can find the details over on their site.]
the Sex Pistols - "Substitute" [from the great rock and roll swindle. a cover of the who's classic song. rather ashamedly, i have to admit i've never seen the film, but it's sitting out in my living room right now via netflix. i can't wait to watch.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Going to Town" [from black love. how can greg dulli take such a quasi cheesy line as 'get your stroll on, baby' and make it so devilishly sincere? god bless him.]
the Nein - "Handout" [from their debut EP, twelve thirteen fourteen. i love the production on this EP and the songs as well. maybe i should give wrath of circuits another listen. click here to download.]
Hot Snakes - "Suicide Invoice" (live) [from the posthumous thunder down under live album. a blistering set showcasing just how amazing a live band hot snakes were. it's truly no good that they called it quits so soon.]
Carl Perkins - "Put Your Cat Clothes On" [from the beyond nashville collection, although i'm sure you can find this song amongst other carl perkins collections. a rollicking, rambunctious rockabilly song in the finest sense of the word. the guitar is blistering and i really wish the drums would be brought up a bit. rock music has benefited from producers bringing the drums/percussion more to the front over the years.]
Sebadoh - "Gimme Indie Rock" [from the second disc of the III reissue that just came out recently. one of those legendary songs that just sort of magnifies and name-checks the genre.]
Mary Lou Lord - "His Indie World" [from her self-titled EP. one can only assume this is lord's response to "gimme indie rock" as it name checks bands (including sebadoh!) that her boyfriend adores, but she just doesn't always dig. worth the price of admission for the "kim and kim and kim and kim" joke towards the end. playing 'name the person' is fun with this song also when she starts rattling off first names.]
Willie Nelson - "Songbird" [willie's take on one of the loveliest of lovely fleetwood mac songs from his new album of the same name. featuring ryan adams' production and he and his cardinals as the backing band. a very solid, late-period nelson record.]
the Lemonheads - "Stove" [by request. from 1990's lovey. caller wanted to go back a bit, so i went back to the band's original line up, with co-founder, bassist and other-songwriter jesse peretz still intact. a great little song.]
Whiskeytown - "Everything I Do" [by request. since the cover show is coming up friday, i thought i'd dabble in some of the band who're being covered. luckily this request rolled in to kick things off. from strangers almanac which is my favorite whiskeytown album and this, my favorite whiskeytown song.]
Mclusky - "1956 and All That" [is too much mclusky a bad thing? good people will have honest disagreements, but i've been on a kick lately and i need to feed my jones. from the difference between you and me is that i'm not on fire. noisy, loud, raucous...golden.]
Califone - "Spiders House" [from roots and crowns, a record doubtlessly bound for the top 25 albums of 2006 list. check out the gorgeous and slightly disturbing video for the song by clicking here.]
Sleeper - "Nice Guy Eddie" [from the it girl. my introduction to sleeper and a song that will never leave my head. louise wener was so cooly sexy in this song, as she was in a lot of sleeper's best moments. ah, britpop.]
Ben Folds Five - "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" [my biggest qualm about ben folds as a songwriter: as capable as he is of writing snarky, sharp satires, they are always painfully dated, sometimes hardly being funny past the first time you hear them (e.g. "rockin' the suburbs"). this song is, in a lot of ways, no exception, but for whatever reason, i still find this send-up of slacker culture to be a hilarious romp. the album title, whatever and ever, amen, has its origins in this song and it's as subtle and eviscerating a line as any in modern pop satire. is good satire pointedly dated? should satire only work in the time it's written? that's a debate for another time - or the comments.]
Bad Religion - "A Walk" [from the gray race which was bad religion's first album without founder brett gurewitz. he, of course, would come back to the fold in the early 2000s, but his departure actually more or less corresponded with b.r.'s departure of epitaph for atlantic records - although brett did play on stranger than fiction, their first record for atlantic. this was my introduction to bad religion and it's been a fruitful relationship.]
K-Os - "Electrik Heat - the Seekwill" [apparently this got slept on a bit - released in october, this is from atlantis: hymns for disco. k-os is a very skilled rapper and his music is some of the most envigorating and uplifting in underground hip-hop. we'll be hearing more off of this.]
Pulp - "Do You Remember the First Time?" [from the album that started their rather meteoric rise to the top of the britpop-ocracy, his 'n' hers. i don't think the production on this album has held up as well as different class, but it's still a grand record with sharp, witty songs to boot. plus that hidden song, "razzamatazz." the definiton of snark.]
Stephen Malkmus - "Jenny and the Ess-Dog" [hi-larious. i guess tonight was a good night for funny, clever songs. my favorite joke in this song is that the golden retriever's name is "trey." it's those kind of details that make good songwriting glorious. from his self-titled debut.]
Television - "Marquee Moon" [this song has been the ringtone on my phone for the past few months and on a bad day, sitting back and letting the guitars of verlaine and lloyd wash over you can be a really soothing experience. so, i did just that. from the perfect-from-head-to-toe marquee moon.]
Amy Speace - "Double Wide Trailer" [from her album songs for bright street. amy will be playing at the garage in winston-salem on friday, december 8th. this song is fun and funny, a rare combination sometimes. and i had a caller call in to inquire about who it was. amy might be going places.]
the Ramones - "Danny Says" [from end of the century. i'll admit, while i own this album, i've never given it a proper listen. and now i think it's time i did. the ramones really stretched themselves with the pop on this record and this song is proof. a gorgeous, sunny, romantic ballad with the usual ramones quirks.]
Tom Waits - "Danny Says" [from Orphans: brawlers, bawlers and bastards. this is from the bawlers set and is a great, slowed down reading of the ramones' classic. too tempting to play back to back. by the way, this 3 cd set is phenominal. as i've said, if you're a fan of late period waits, go do yourself a favor and buy this collection. it is fantastic.]
the Lowlands - "Oh, Friend" [from over in winston-salem, a great band that caught my ear at the oakley hall show a month or so ago. this is from their self-titled debut and i'm really looking forward to their new album. lonesome, country rock that is haunting in spots.]
Health - "Hey, Hey" [by request. caller wanted to know if health's new album was out yet. i haven't seen it. so am i behind, or is health? instead i reached back to the WQFS compilation that came out earlier this year - a marvelous song that will be on their forthcoming LP.]
Paul Westerberg - "It's a Wonderful Lie" [from suicaine gratifaction. this album gets unfair treatment sometimes. i like paul's stabs at lonely piano balladry like on "self-defense." of course, i'm westerberg-4-life, so you know how we roll.]
R.E.M. - "There She Goes Again" [and the last cover band feature of the night - sort of. the velvet underground will be covered on friday, so, lacking any velvets, i dug up r.e.m.'s cover of "there she goes again" from the dead letter office collection. they also cover "pale blue eyes" and "femme fatale" on that record. oh, yeah, and do a kick ass version of "toys in the attic." god bless 'em.]
Wire - "Ex Lion Tamer" [from pink flag. appropriate since r.e.m. covered wire's "strange" on their document album. just saying.]

That's it for this week. Hopefully I'll see you out at the covers show at the Flying Anvil this Friday night. Until then, go Panthers, and take care.



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