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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 13th december 2006

[aww, here we go. it's the most wonderful time of the year...no, not christmas. year-end list time! and we kick off the two week celebration here tonight with my favorite singles of the year - with a few notable exceptions (sorry "i bet you look good on the dance floor!" sorry "european oils!" sorry "another sunny day!"), these were the songs you most likely heard over and over on the show this year. but, that doesn't mean this is necessarily a list for next week's top 25 albums list! no, sir. just 'cos an album has a good single, doesn't make it a good album. so these may or may not come off of top album contenders. either way, it's good music.

the second half of the show is the annual christmas show. various and sundry alternative christmas favorites. i even tried to get into the mood by going all "lite FM" on your asses. see if you catch the holiday spirit.

next week, it's the 5th annual Top 25 Albums of the Year: 2006. The list will be posted ahead of time here on the blog, probably either next Tuesday night or Wednesday day, depending. after that, i'll be taking a week off and back for the first show of the new year on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007! now, in the meantime, onward!]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 13th December 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Jarvis Cocker - "Heavy Weather" [i had a huge internal debate over this album, jarvis, and its potential on the albums list. it's only been released in the UK thus far, and i haven't seen confirmation of a U.S. release date. you can buy it on amazon, but for $25+. which means import. so, i decided to hold off until next year, hoping for a US release - if my listeners can't easily buy the album in stores or for a reasonable price, i shouldn't be listing it. that said, this song is great and would belong on this 'best singles' list anyway. click here to download.]
Hank III - "Satan is Real"/"Straight to Hell" [from the straight to hell album, another rollicking, rambling mess of outlaw country. i'll forgive hank for inadvertently tricking me into thinking this was a louvin brothers / the clash medly and just enjoy the fact that it's a hell of a song.]
the Roots - "Don't Feel Right" [from the excellent game theory. my friend patrick and i parted ways about the roots a few albums back. he held that do you want more??!?!? was their high water mark, while i had enjoyed phrenology immensely. but finally, an album we agree about in a positive way - both of us love game theory. and with good reason.]
M. Ward - "Chinese Translation" [in the indie world, in a sense, this song was everywhere. but why is this song not huge? it's everything a good single ought to be - an alluring melody, a catchy, sing-a-long chorus, and comes in at under four minutes. what is wrong with this world? from post-war.]
the Lemonheads - "No Backbone" [roaring out after a decade gone (i'll ignore your rather boring solo album, evan), the lemonheads was a breath of fresh air, even if evan's the only remaining 'head. and this track is nearly perfect - it even has j. mascis guesting on guitar and boy, can you tell it. very nearly my favorite track of this year.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Feb. 14" [i'm still sussing out what i think about a blessing and a curse. after the dirty south (which, by the way, was my co-#1 album of 2004), it seemed like a bit of a holding pattern. that said, more of the same from the truckers is well..still some of the best damn rock and roll in the world. and i re-listened to the front half of the album earlier tonight, and i'm thinking they may get upgraded. and this album opening salvo is definitely part of the story.]
Spank Rock - "Rick Rubin" [it seemed that this album was in the spotlight and gone just as quickly. quirky, noisy, different. this was the most listenable of the singles, but the album is unique if anything. and these days that's more a blessing than a curse.]
His Name is Alive - "I Thought I Saw" [from detrola. the sleeper album on the list for next week? could be. it's an engaging listen and my favorite in quite some time from this group. i haven't seen this album brought up in any year-end lists yet, so i may be on my own, but it's a beautiful place to be when this album's on the stereo.]
Midlake - "Roscoe" [from the trials of van occupanther. i was luke warm on the other songs on this album upon first listen, but this song sunk its teeth into me and never let go. the lead track, it's an engaging piece of 70's california. almost my song of the year also.]
the Raconteurs - "Steady, As She Goes" [from the grammy nominated(!) album broken boy soldiers. i gave this album the once over when it came out, trying not to get too caught up in it. the hype drew me away and left me criminally underappreciating the jack white/brendan benson partnership. this song. is good.]
Track a Tiger - "Glad to Be Scattered" [okay - unlike last year when devin davis' "iron woman" was head's up my song of the year, this year as a bit tougher. but if forced to select one, i find it easy to choose this one. the lead track from woke up early the day i died is a shimmering, willowy, soaring piece of indie-pop that ought to be a mix-tape staple and best friend of late-summer road trips. and all this from a band who just sent their stuff to me via email. funny how it happens. congrats, guys. check 'em out on my space.]
49 Admiral - "The Art of Giving Up" [the other of my 'internet' bands from this year, 49 admiral tried to friend me on myspace. so, i went over to check out the music before i said yea or nay, and much to my surprise, there was this song. it floored me, i clicked yes, and it's been a great show ever since. if you're in the boston, mass. area, or anywhere with a computer, check this band out.]
the Church - "Unified Field" [from uninvited, like the clouds. this is a good album and this is the single i kept returning to. i did an interview with steve kilbey of the church this summer and when i update the site at the turn of the year, i'll get some new links posted off to the right. i have some exciting (or not) ideas planned for the new year.]
the Hold Steady - "Chips Ahoy!" [well, the first lauds i've seen came in - the onion a.v. club named boys and girls in america their #1 album of 2006. where will it land on my list? we'll see. this song, however..is golden.]
Big Ditch Road - "Saint Lonesome" [and the other minneapolis band (along with the hold steady) to get played tonight. from suicide note reader's companion. this is another "internet" band, in that i got wind of them via some snazzy music blog or another. this album is going on the list..but where?]
Johnny Cash - "Blue Christmas" [now, let the yuletide wash over you. you hear a good number of the same songs from me each christmas time, but each year a few new chestnuts slip into the fire. this song made its debut last year, but it still works. we miss you, johnny.]
Type O Negative - "Red Water (Christmas Mourning)" [the song i've probably played every year for 7 years 'round christmas. from october rust. ever wondered what a sludgy, gothic christmas song would sound like? look no further. when he says "woe, mistletoe," that's where i officially lose it.]
David Bowie and Bing Crosby - "Little Drummer Boy" / "Peace on Earth" [from that television special of yore - both of these guys sound like absolute morons. bowie's answer to crosby's question about what 'older music' he listens to is simply idiotic ("uhm..i like..john lennon and...who's the other one? oh, yeah..harry nillson") and was obviously written for him in order to let older people who were watching be able to tut-tut the young children watching with them and explain that new fangled rock musicians didn't have a thing on ol' bing, who refers to "some" modern music as being "very fine," thereby proving his 'withitness.' still, when they actually shut up and sing, it's really lovely. click here to download.]
Josh Rouse - "Christmas with Jesus" [from under cold blue stars. josh has a new EP coming out in early '07 and will be playing at the cat's cradle on wednesday, january 24th. see him while he's in the country.]
the Decemberists - "Please, Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)" [from an EP that is only available through capitol records' new on-line digital music site. all i can say is, thank god for streaming audio. i usually fire up john denver's original, but a new spin on an old classic is a good thing.]
Tom Waits - "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" [from blue valentines. nothing in this song lets on that it has anything to do with christmas - in fact the last line places emphasis on 'valentines day.' but the title is enough of an excuse to play one of my favorite waits songs, and why not?]
the Ramones - "Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)" [more of the dysfunctional family meme that i just realized ran through this set. does anyone remember a CBS christmas special back in the 80s with Run-DMC and possibly the Ramones? is this striking a bell with anyone? i've been meaning to bring in "christmas in hollis" for years, but keep forgetting.]
the Kinks - "Father Christmas" [flat out, just a kick-ass song. the class overtones are brilliant and deliver the exact perfect reality slap that's needed this time of year. i drove past this gigantic, waving santa outside friendly center tonight and i felt like driving my car into it while screaming "give all the toys to the little rich boys!" then i calmed down.]
Flaming Lips - "Christmas at the Zoo" [from clouds taste metallic. does anyone else get the feeling that, in an acid induced frenzy, wayne coyne might actually have attempted to let animals out of a zoo and believed them to refuse his assistance? i'm just sayin's all.]
Vince Guaraldi - "Christmastime is Here" (vocals) [the christmas song of christmas songs. from the merry christmas, charlie brown soundtrack. the instrumental version, which is a little over twice as long, is a gorgeous piece of jazz. as is the entire record.]
Joni Mitchell - "River" [from blue. thanks to rachel on this one. i love the minor-key tease of "jingle bells" that both opens and closes the song. so on this holiday season, if your family gets to you, find your own river you can skate away on.]
the Pogues - "Fairytale of New York" [the. best. christmas. song. of. all. time. from if i should fall from grace with god. on a good/bad day (depending on how you look at it), i get really choked up when shane sings "i kept 'em with me, babe / i put 'em with my own / can't make it all alone / i built my dreams around you." just beautiful.]

That'll do it for this week. One more show for 2006! The Top 25 Albums show, next Wednesday, December 20th at 6pm sharp! Don't be late! Until then, go Panthers, and take care.



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