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Thursday, December 07, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 6th december 2006

[sufferin' sassafrass, what a great show tonight. the end of the year is usually bone dry for big new releases, and this year isn't a huge exception, but that sure does make the last few shows leading up to the year-end blitz a fun expanse of music. next week will be some of my favorite songs of this year, plus the (kinda early) christmas music bonanza. and two weeks from tonight, hold on, it's the 5th annual j's indie/rock mayhem top 25 albums of the year. ooh, the excitement is palpable. i can't even wait. let's go. onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 6th December 2006 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Hold Steady - "Chips Ahoy!" [easily one of my favorite songs of the year, from the blisteringly good boys and girls in america. top 25 bound.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Radiation Vibe" [from their self-titled debut. true story: i hated this song when it came out. not sure why, but i found it obnoxious. flash forward to my freshman year of college and this album becomes a vital part of my cd collection. also - they opened for the smashing pumpkins on the mellon collie and the infinite sadness tour. strange bedfellows.]
Uncle Tupelo - "Chickamauga" [from anodyne. one of those songs that is forever in my mental jukebox. god bless you, jay farrar.]
the Replacements - "I'll Buy" [by request. from tim. actually, i was thinking of this song (one of the lesser known tracks from the album) just the other day, thinking it'd be fun to play. i like it when listeners read my mind.]
Jarvis Cocker - "Fat Children" [from the currently uk-only solo album jarvis. i haven't seen an american release date for this yet, but here's hoping. but it also poses a pretty puzzle for me - do i consider this album for this year's top 25 list? or do i hold off for it's american release? i'll admit, i only have about half the album and that's through nefarious means. regardless, of the 5 songs i've heard, three are fantastic. the other two are good, but just less immediate. this is one of the immediate songs. click here to download.]
the Slats - "Iron Man" [by request. from the album boom patrol. kinda like mclusky but far less envigorating, honestly.]
Devin Davis - "Iron Woman" [what's an iron man without an iron woman? from the fantastic lonely people of the world, unite. this, of course, was my favorite song of 2005 and it still makes me giddy.]
Foreign Exchange - "Raw Life" [from the wonderful connected album. now, peep this: nicolay, the dj half of this fabulous partnership, will be playing at the flying anvil this saturday night as part of the uncg style in stereo show. now, it's just supposed to be nicolay, but how can a swede be in north carolina and phonte not show up to complete the partnership? i'm thinking impromptu foreign exchange show. but that's just wishful/hopeful thinking. saturday night, 7pm.]
White Whale - "We're Just Temporary, Ma'am" [from the fantastic WWI which is a contender for that top 25 list. woo, boy.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "The Wagon" [by request. from 1991's green mind.]
Ash - "Girl From Mars" [the previous request was sort of a third choice, so in order to make up for it, i knew the caller was fond of this song. plus, i've been re-reading ray bradbury's the martian chronicles for about the 10th time in my life recently, so it fits.]
Reverend Glasseye and his Wooden Legs - "One More Smoke" [if you haven't heard these guys - well, think tom waits + gogol bordello + cabaret show + rustic instruments + insanity. that pretty much sums up black river falls. a soundtrack to everything edward gorey ever created.]
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter - "LLL" [again, from the forthcoming album, like, love, lust and the open halls of the soul, which is due out in february. gives me the shivers. click here to download.]
Television - "Days" [from 1978's adventure. listen, if you like television, you should like this album. people overlook it sometimes because of marquee moon's looming shadow, but come on. it's only slightly less immediate. plus, i can play the opening little guitar run on my guitar. so there.]
Geometry - "Cutout" [local artist done good. i hear tell her new record is possibly, finally in the finishing stages. here's hoping. in the meantime, go check out her myspace page.]
Del Amitri - "In the Frame" [a beautiful song from the lousy with love b-sides collection. i'm a del amitri apologist, without hesitation. i love their sincere, smart and melodic pop sense.]
Lou Reed - "Waves of Fear" [from 1981's the blue mask, a record i discovered while digging up some more music for a robert quine memorial when he died a few years ago. i hadn't bothered exploring reed's solo material outside of transformer, but that idea changed after hearing this remarkable record. quine was a brilliant guitarist and his work is on display, in full force, on this song.]
Califone - "The Orchids" [from the gorgeously twisted roots and crowns. i keep getting moved by this record, but in very good ways. top 25 bound.]
Beirut - "Brandenburg" [another of the top 25 bound albums. from gulag orkester. i've been pretty floored by this record, but seeing them live was the clencher. one of the best times i've had at a concert in recent memory.]
Hayden - "Dynamite Walls" [from skyscraper national park. i love hayden's body of work from beginning to end, but this is probably my favorite of his full length albums. this song especially showed off a side of hayden that hadn't come through in the previous records and it was a wake-up call. it's a marvelous, stunning album.]
Randy Newman - "Marie" [from good old boys. i still want that re-issued version with the bonus disc of demos of the songs off this record, with newman telling the stories behind the characters and songs as he plays them. er, anyone wanna send me a gift?]
Tom Waits - "Sea of Love" [from the brawlers disc of the new 3-cd orphans collection. b-sides, soundtrack songs, cast-offs. what tom waits treats like detritus, others would kill to call a career.]
M. Ward - "Chinese Translation" [another high ranker for one of my favorite songs of the year. the album is good, but top 25 worthy? we'll see.]
Amy Speace - "Step Out of the Shade" [from songs for bright street. amy will be playing this friday night at the garage over in winston-salem. this record is actually a pretty well written, well performed slice of pop-country without the horrid trappings of modern commercial country. well worth hearing, so go check her out.]
the Arctic Monkeys - "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor" [from whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not. the hype over this band was massive earlier this year, but it was sort of justified - it's a fun record.]
Grandpaboy - "Lush and Green" [paul westerberg's pseudonym on his 'debut' self-titled EP. this song, one of westerberg's finest whether as grandpaboy or as himself, always reminds me of an e.e. cummings poem. not a particular one, but just cummings in general.]
Ryan Adams - "Starlite Diner" [from 29. this album came out a day before i did my top 25 show last year, so i wasn't able to properly consider it for the list, but it's a pretty gorgeous record in spots. it wasn't the best record he released last year (that was cold roses) but it's still quite good. this song in particular.]

That's it until next week. We'll be revisiting some of my favorite songs from this year, plus the usual Christmas/holiday music, and whatever other random junk appears in my head. Until then, please, for god's sake, Panthers, win one already. Take care.



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