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Thursday, March 29, 2007

j's indie/rock mayhem - 28th march 2007

[tonight's show was really enjoyable, with lots of great new music as usual. next week i'll be broadcasting my interview with jesse sykes which was recorded tonight via phone, so make sure you tune in for that.

congratulations to tracey lane who won tonight's B.B.'s new and used CDs and DVDs gift certificate give away. he knew that the boxer was not just the forthcoming album by the national, but also a song by paul simon. he wins the $15 gift certificate for this week.

let's get to it.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 28th March 2007 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Jesse Malin - "Tomorrow Tonight" [from the new glitter in the gutter album. jesse is a great amalgam of some tried and true rock and roll, but at the same time it's refreshingly down-to-earth.]
the Vaselines - "Son of a Gun" [the song that nirvana brought a lot of attention to with their cover on the incesticide record. the vaselines were only together for a period of 4 years or so, but what an output in the meantime. from the way of the vaselines: a complete history on sub pop records.]
the Pixies - "Levitate Me" [from come on pilgrim. so, how do you imagine a pixies reunion record going? with two recent examples (the stooges record - hideous - and another i'll mention later), it makes me really up in the air about how reunion stuff will manifest itself. ah, well.]
Various - "Hater" [from the world is gone. like a minimalist electronic his name is alive. that's how i'd describe them anyway. quite good, in other words.]
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - "La Costa Brava" [from the new living with the living. ted leo is a guy whom i've not ignored, but not sought out either, despite the constant praise from critics. as an entry point, there might be better songs, but since leo said that this song is "the emotional centerpiece" of the record, i decided to go here. pretty good.]
the Velvet Crush - "Why Not Your Baby" [from teenage symphonies to god. mad dog and i were having a discussion about the byrds earlier this week, so i went to the velvet crush's immaculate cover of this gene clark classic.]
Roy Orbison - "In Dreams" [i kept stumbling upon the scene in blue velvet where dean stockwell lip-syncs this. an amazing piece of film and the song is just freakin' eerie as a result.]
Soundgarden - "Rusty Cage" [i heard someone play johnny cash's famous cover of this the other morning, and it reminded me of how much i really like badmotorfinger. what an album. this song especially. 'going down to stillwater and ride a pack of dogs,' indeed.]
the National - "Fake Empire" [get excited. the boxer is the forthcoming album from this amazing band and is due out may 22nd. this song has been officially released, so go get it. h/t to the drunkard for yet another thing i can't live without at the moment.]
Common - "The Corner" [from 2005's amazing be. common will be here at guilford college this saturday for our annual serendipity spring festival. you best believe i've got my tickets.]
Perfect - "Turn it Up" [from the 'never-released' 7 days a week album by tommy stinson's second post-replacements band. this album was eventually remixed and released as once..twice..three times a maybe. but the original promo copies of 7 days.. exist and this is from that version of the record.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream" [one of the most perfect pop songs ever written. from grand prix.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "We're Not Alone" [the other reunion album i mentioned earlier, beyond, which is due out on may 2nd. granted, i've only heard "almost ready" and this song, but i'm already really excited about this record. we have the full length in the station for review - hopefully we'll be hearing more next week.]
the Replacements - "If Only You Were Lonely" [originally the b-side to the "i'm in trouble" single from their debut album, this song also wound up on the european collection boink!! one of westerberg's earliest triumphs of loser-sentimentality. i love it.]
the Chameleons - "Swamp Thing" (live) [from the live in toronto album. this is the chameleons' first appearance on my show and it won't be the last - i've been rather obsessed with the studio version of this song for about a week or so, and i will be hunting down more.]
Josh Rouse - "My Love Has Gone" (live) [recorded in brussels last year, this song is originally from the nashville album. but you can download it for free over at his myspace page. okay, scratch that. it's down now, but he has some others up you can check out.]
Andrew Bird - "Heretics" [from the just-gets-better-and-better armchair apocrypha. this spring has (and looks like it will continue to be) a phenominal season for new music. what's everyone been listening to that's come out this year?]
the Happy Mondays - "Kinky Afro" [from pills 'n' thrills and bellyaches. it was announced yesterday that the mondays are not only doing reunion shows this year, but also working on a new album. who wants to take bets on how out of tune shaun ryder is by now? i mean, the difference between this album and his black grape stuff alone is incredible on its own. all the same, i'm excited.]
Vic Chesnutt - "New Town" [from about to choke. i met him once. very nice fella.]
Haley Bonar - "Give It Up" [from her latest, 2006's lure the fox. this album tooks its sweet time winding up here as it made a bunch of twin-cities best-of lists for last year. i had reviewed her debut album back in 2002 and loved it - so was happy to see her back in action.]
the Avett Brothers - "Will You Return?" [from the forthcoming emotionalism due out may 15th. unlike that josh rouse track, you can download this one from their myspace. go check it out.]
Michael Penn - "Walter Reed" [from mr. hollywood jr., 1947, an album i was, honestly, kind of disappointed in. i'm not sure why precisely. penn's songwriting is as perfectly formed as ever. this song is wonderful. but the whole thing never gelled for me.]
El-P - "Run the Numbers" [from the really impressive i'll sleep when you're dead. this song is hard as hell and there's really no turning back once you've hit play. great, great stuff.]
Son Volt - "The Search" [the title track from their latest. the record is still feeling strong to me. we'll see if it continues to hold up.]
Health - "Hey Hey" [from the remarkable where you from? greensboro is just full of good music. head over to their myspace to catch a listen to this song and a few others.]
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "Redemption Song" [from the final album streetcore. a good closing song.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next Wednesday with my interview with Jesse Sykes. She was kind enough to sit down with me via phone and talk about her new album, touring, Nicolai Dunger, the nature of music's influence on her and lots more, so tune in next week to grab a listen. Until then, go Lady Heels, and take care.



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