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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

j's indie/rock mayhem - 18th april 2007

[a baffling and explosive show tonight. first off, dear readers, i was vexed by the absence of my weekly theme song. someone has either moved or, heaven forbid, pilfered all of the CDs by peaches from the stacks. which means that my radio edit of "rock show" was not to be found. this has happened a couple of times since i took it up as my theme song about 4 years ago, and it always upsets me. which is why the last time this happened i borrowed the cd to make a copy and then returned it. but for tonight at least, no go.

congrats to david, this week's winner of the $15 gift certificate to BB's new and used CDs and DVDs. he correctly name 3 of the 4 (he actually named them all) Monkees in order to win the certificate. tune in every week right around 6:30 pm, at the beginning of the third block of music in order to have a chance to win.

now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 18th April 2007

Jarvis Cocker - "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" [from the self-titled jarvis album. a smashing song that, really, never gets old. not for me anyway.]
Son Volt - "The Picture" [am i forgetting or is this the first time i've really heard horns used on a son volt album? either way, it sounds good. they'll be playing a trio of shows here in NC: asheville/orange peel on tues. may 15th, charlotte/visulite on wed. may 16th and raleigh/lincoln theatre on saturday may 19th.]
Blur - "Tracy Jacks" [from the still-wonderful parklife. next week's show will actually mark the 13 year anniversary of this album's release. brit-pop, we hardly knew ye.]
the Velvet Underground - "Beginning to See the Light" [from their self-titled third album. classic rock. and. roll.]
Helmet - "Milquetoast" [i usually risk attracting some terrible requests when i play helmet on the air - all sorts of bad, heavy/aggressive music gets mentioned. look, all i know is that betty is one hell of a record, even now, and if it got played on 120 minutes, it's all right with me.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Revolving Dora" [from the newest album, traffic and weather. i was supposed to have my review up this week, but time is not being my friend of late. here's to next week.]
Girls Against Boys - "Kill the Sexplayer" [i hadn't drug out GvsB in awhile, so it was time. there still aren't many bands that have this kind of cool drenched all through them. they were one of a kind. from cruise yourself.]
Georgie James - "Cake Parade" [one of the two other tracks on the "need your needs" single. still looking forward to that debut LP guys..]
Pop Will Eat Itself - "def.con.one" [from this is the day..this is the hour..this is this! probably the best example of pop culture mash-up on the whole record that is full of this kind of stuff. great, fun music.]
the Clientele - "Here Comes the Phantom" [huzzah! from the forthcoming album god save the clientele. i took aquarium drunkard's thoughts about the monkees and turned it into tonight's trivia question. i like this song - "bookshop cassanova" is also a winner. we'll hear that next week.]
the Tragically Hip - "Fireworks" [from phantom power. "you said you didn't give a f--- about hockey / and i never saw someone say that before." classic line. and a great tie-in since the hip owe their very name to monkees' member mike nesmith's video elephant parts.]
Andrew Bird - "Heretics" [from armchair apocrypha. this is the song that keeps getting played and man, it's for a reason. stuck in my head for a good solid week.]
the Avett Brothers - "Die Die Die" [by request. from their forthcoming emotionalism. great new music from these north carolina talents - look, ma! drums!]
Daniel Hutchens - "A Love of Speed" [from his latest solo album love songs for losers. daniel's band bloodkin will be playing at the pour house in raleigh this saturday night and i'll be there to do an interview that you can hear right here next week, so keep your ears peeled.]
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "Coma Girl" [by request from streetcore. this caller was very excited for me to play this.]
M. Ward - "Chinese Translation" [from post-war. he'll be opening for nora jones here at the war memorial auditorium next tuesday, and then in asheville at the orange peel on saturday april 28th in a special solo show.]
Matthew Sweet - "We're the Same" [from 100% fun, my introduction to messr. sweet and his amazing music. i still remember the first time heard the chords of "sick of myself" come out of my television. ah, glory days.]
Blair - "Mona Lisa" [blair is a musician from new orleans, la who got in touch with me via myspace. unsolicited band emails don't always go over well on me, but blair's music is solid, gorgeous and wonderful. go check out her myspace so you can hear some more of her music. we will be getting her new EP in late spring.]
the Db's - "Spitting in the Wind" [by request. from 1984's like this. a band i've slept on rather ashamedly considering their importance to NC music.]
the Shins - "Red Rabbits" [by request. from wincing the night away. i get a little more bored by the shins every time i hear them. oh well.]
the Replacements - "Left of the Dial" [by request. from 1985's tim. replacements requests pretty much always go answered, by the way.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "Been There All the Time" [from the new album beyond which is due out may 2nd. this make THREE FANTASTIC SONGS off this album. do i sound excited? go watch the video for this song. and say hi to thurston moore for me.]
Art Brut - "Formed a Band" [a slept-on band. from 2005's bang bang rock and roll. i need to do some more investigating - but i like what i hear. yes, pitchfork, i know. stop snickering.]
the Damnwells - "Heartbreaklist" [from air stereo. i'm going to put this record away for a bit - i do wish i'd been on it with its release last year, but oh well. it's an excellent album full of some genuinely great songwriting.]
Jolie Holland - "The Future" (live) [one of the three new (and four total) songs recorded for her daytrotter session. i did an interview with jolie last summer - she talked then of getting ready already to record a new record, so hopefully these new songs are destined for that album.]
the Whigs - "Violet Furs" [from give 'em all a big fat lip. a quite enjoyable album.]
Wire - "Three Girl Rhumba" [from pink flag. and damn good when i need short songs to fill in space.]
the Dead Kennedys - "California Uber Alles" [from their debut, the monstrous fresh fruit for rotting vegetables. i had a caller tell me he was really excited he could turn on QFS and hear the dead kennedys. well, i'm excited you can too.]

That'll do it for this week. Come back Friday for another edition of Notes from Underground and next Monday for the (fingers crossed) first album review. Until then, take care.



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