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Monday, June 11, 2007

extra mayhem - 10th june 2007

[an intriguing show, as sunday nights are becoming more and more. i'm really enjoying getting to spread out a bit with this show - it's not the weirdest music ever, but compared to the single-driven focus of wednesday night's show, this is a definite fun change of pace.

a reminder: i'll be interviewing the heartless bastards this tuesday night, so look for that interview as part of this wednesday's j's indie/rock mayhem show. it ought to be great. let's go to it. onward.]

J's Extra Mayhem Podcast: 10th June 2007 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Heartless Bastards - "Into the Open" [the lead track from the wonderful all this time. they're playing at the cat's cradle in chapel hill this tuesday. ought to be a fantastic show and i'm hoping a great interview as well.]
His Name is Alive - "Universal Frequencies" [from the album that got me into this band, stars on e.s.p. his name is alive is a band that is hard to pin down stylistically, as warren defever has taken this group all over the place over the years - that's what truly makes them an exciting band to listen to.]
Swirlies - "Her Life of Artistic Freedom" [from 1992's what to do about them EP. part of boston's chimp rock scene - pop music structured against noise and experimental sounds. i really love this stuff.]
Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons - "People Get Ready" [a moving curtis mayfield cover that closes where's the freedom? that album will be reviewed here tomorrow evening. so check in tomorrow night for that. adam put on a great show saturday night at two art chicks along with a resplendent dawn chorus.]
Me and the Sea - "August" [another track from their myspace site which they are updating off and on with new music. midlothian, virginia must be proud.]
Blonde Redhead - "Dr. Strangeluv" [from their latest, 23. dreamy, absorbant pop-rock. i love it.]
Penguin Café Orchestra / George Abbe - "Perpetuum Mobile"/"The Return" [this marks another experiment of mine in overlaying vocal tracks with instrumentals. this modern classical piece was discussed over at the onion's AV club and you'll recognize it immediately as something you'vd heard elsewhere. the vocal is from anthology of contemporary american poetry, a collection of poems read by george abbe that was largely intended to be used in classrooms as examples of hearing poems. the poem abbe reads is by theodore roethke.]
Gene Clark - "With Tomorrow" [from white light, widely considered one of gene clark's best, if not THE best, solo albums. there are times where the production and instruments are dated (as with a lot of cosmic americana music from this time period) but the songs hold up immensely, proving the genius songwriter that clark was.]
the Late Virginia Summers - "Staring at the Stars While Trains Invade the Silence" [from sundowning. a great band out of lynchburg, virginia who i got to see about a month ago. their live show is a hypnotic, beautiful thing to behold. keep an eye out for them.]
the Church - "Under the Milky Way" [by request. thanks, melissa. from starfish. a perfect song to follow up the previous one.]
Tortoise - "Glass Museum" [from millions now living will never die. a potential album for the wholesale selection, i'd say. post-rock at its finest.]
Big Star - "Holocaust" [from third/sister lovers. one of the most depressing pop songs ever written - i usually don't try to play it on wednesday nights just for that reason - but wow, what a song.]

[tonight's wholesale album hails from 1984. a record that easily goes toe-to-toe with REM's records of the period, but usually isn't even mentioned. they certainly haven't gotten their fair share of attention over the years, even if their best work is mostly confined to their debut EP and LP. that aside, cypress is an album that just has to be heard by any fan of college indie-rock. it has the angular jangle-rock but honed within a more melancholy sound - but with anthems that still ring true (hah!) all the way to the end. unfortunately, since my copy of this album is on vinyl and cd copies are a bit of a sparse commodity, i don't have any songs for streaming. i did let the podcast run two songs into the album, so you can hear the beginning two - two excellent examples of songs on the album. seek out this record if you like what you hear, cos it's well worth it. tonight's wholesale album is...]

Track Listing

1. Easy Does
2. Waters Part
3. Lowdown
4. Gravel Truck
5. Crows on a Phone Line
6. Ring True
7. Blue Line
8. Flags for Everything
9. Prey
10. Co-Star
11. Ornamental
12. Counting Down

Let's Active - "Every Word Means No" [yes, the same song i played as the teaser on wednesday, but you know what? it's such a fine example of pop songwriting that it begs to be shared over and over. from the 1983 afoot EP.]

That'll do it for this week. Check back in tomorrow night for the album review and on Wednesday for J's Indie/Rock Mayhem podcast and playlist. And of course I'll be broadcasting my interview with the Heartless Bastards this Wednesday night from 6pm - 8pm on 90.9 FM WQFS. Take care.



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