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Monday, June 18, 2007

extra mayhem - 17th june 2007

[tonight was loads of fun. it probably wins the award for show most likely to have driven off listeners, but that's okay, cos the song i was pretty sure would do that actually caused someone to call in and ask whom it was. stellar. my themesong went missing again, so i'm about to call up a posse. let's get to it though. onward.]

J's Extra Mayhem Podcast: 17th June 2007 Show

Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Jump Into My Mouth and Breathe the Stardust" [from dandelion gum. this is a pretty interesting record. psychadelic and organic while sounding very forward thinking and electronic at the same time. it's an odd and really rewarding balance.]
Killing Joke - "This Tribal Antedote" [from 2006's hosannas from the basements of hell. it sounds like old-school killing joke cranked up in production and sound. in other words, it sounds really, really awesome.]
Boris with Michio Kurihara - "Sweet No. 1" [from the album rainbow. i've heard things about boris off and on over the years - japanese sludge/metal/thrash, etc. but this was incredible. heavy psychadelic guitar freakouts and a thick underpinning with soaring vocals over top. i really liked this quite a bit.]
Pink Floyd - "Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk" [and this is where beth gets mad. hi, beth! from their debut, piper at the gates of dawn, which recently got a swank, 2 CD remastering/bonus-track edition. if you're a fan of syd barrett era floyd, then it's a must pick-up. it's amazing how goofy and out there this stuff still sounds.]
the Late Virginia Summers - "Winding Walk, Winter Rain" [from sundowning. if you get a chance to catch these cats live, it's amazing. they do a visual projection show along with each song. and it's great to watch the images they choose to compliment their music. great stuff.]
Swirlies - "Pancake" [from blonder tongue audio baton. swirlies are slowly climbing my list of favorite bands. there's just so much to like here. great, noisy 90s indie-rock, shoegazing moments of pure genius and high pop art too.]
the Dead Boys - "Sonic Reducer" (live) [from night of the living dead boys, one of the many live albums put out on BOMP! records over the years. but here the dead boys tear up their classic song. incendiary doesn't even begin to cover it.]
the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" [from the album of the same name - a certifiable classic of country music. slick california country band bring in the real deal with mother maybelle carter, doc watson and many, many others to make one of the greatest albums of country music ever made.]
Upsilon Acrux - "Who's Running Shit (Son of Destiny's Child)" [from the new album galapagos momentum. free-jazz, prog-rock, craziness. i'm not exactly sure how to define this, but it's pretty interesting. take a listen to the podcast and see what you make of it.]
Oneida - "Sheets of Easter" [from 2002's each one, teach one. here's where the gloves come off. a little over 14 minutes of repetitive, droning, bashing noise. only every so often are there slight modifications and reprieves from the onslaught. it's really hypnotic after a certain point. i've never played it on-air. i've played music from the second disc of this album quite a bit, but never either one of the two 14-15 minute pieces that adorn the first CD. great music is often the most challenging. any thoughts on this piece?]
Paul Westerberg - "My Dad" [from folker. happy father's day, dad. i love you.]

[tonight's wholesale album comes from 1980. this band's 4th full length LP, it proved that its predecessor, drums and wires, was no fluke. the previous record had marked the first album with new guitarist/keyboardist david gregory, and the change from their first two albums was easily apparent. marching further forward with the big drum sound that they were pushing more and more, and lead singer andy partridge finally settling into his voice a bit more, they would create the second of many classic albums that wouldn't let up for at least the next decade, reaching its arguable apex with 1986's skylarking. but since it's that record that usually gets the most attention out of their 80s catalogue, tonight, i decided to dig back a bit and let their earlier work shine as well. tonight's wholesale album of the week is XTC's black sea.]

Track Listing

1. Respectable Street [click to listen.]
2. Generals and Majors
3. Living Through Another Cuba [click to listen.]
4. Love at First Sight
5. Rocket from a Bottle
6. No Language in Our Lungs [click to listen.]
7. Towers of London [click to listen.]
8. Paper and Iron (Notes and Coins)
9. Burning with Optimism's Flames
10. Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)
11. Travels in Nihilon

XTC - "Don't Lose Your Temper" [one of the three songs added to the 1987 cd re-issue of the album. in a really weird decision, the record company (i guess - hard to imagine partridge and co. doing this) decided to plop these additional songs in the middle of the album's running order instead of at the end. they were placed between the two songs that originally were at the end of side one and beginning of side two respectively. so out of respect for the original's running order, we listened to the vinyl copy of the album tonight. the additional tracks are each fantastic, but don't belong in the middle of this tremendous record.]

That'll do it for this week. Tune in tomorrow for this week's album review as well as Wednesday for J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Until then, take care.



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