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Monday, June 04, 2007

extra mayhem - 3rd june 2007

[another spectacular night of extra mayhem. thanks to andy freedman for filling in for me last week. i heard he thrilled you all with an album by slowdive. very in the spirit of this show. i'll be missing a few other shows during the summer (due to various and sundry things) so the people filling in will have some tough shoes to fill after andy's awesome turn.

as usual the podcast is only of the first half of the show, but i forgot to shut it off and in a silly knee-jerk action, i shut it off during the second song of the wholesale album, so you have the first one and a half songs of the album on the podcast. my bad. professional to the maxx.

i'm having more fun with this show than i did last summer and that's saying something. lots of great music tonight including a whole slew of new stuff, and a transcendent wholesale album of the week. so let's get started. onward.]

J's Extra Mayhem Podcast: 3rd June 2007 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Forever Heavy" [from the album dandelion gum. this is odd, psychadelic sounding, electronic, yet organic, music. it's hard to pin it down but it's a really interesting listen. we'll definitely be hearing more of them.]
Geometry - "Cutout" [from greensboro's own. after cornering her at natty greene's one afternoon to ask when the album was going to be done, she may have blacklisted me from knowing that it has actually been finished. but i imagine we'll hear it when it has wrapped up. until then, be happy with this good stuff.]
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys - "Bubbles in my Beer" [in a half-tongue-in-cheek way, i often like to tell people i consider bob wills to be the proto-flava flav. a interjection-prone sideman (despite his name being on the band) who butts in with commentary or emphasis as needed. all that aside, this band is smoking western swing music that is quite enjoyable. available on many a bob wills collection, but here from the beyond nashville compilation.]
Pulp - "Seductive Barry" [from this is hardcore. a nod to the diminished former tropical storm currently passing through, giving us some much needed rain. my tomatoes are looking better already, barry. thanks.]
Me and the Sea - "Orchard" [a band from midlothian, virginia. they contacted me via their myspace page. they make band number 4 (out of easily 150+) that have contacted me and actually generated enough interest for me to play them on air. go check out their various songs (which are available for download as well) as they span an interesting diversity in sound, all connected around a cohesive sort of post-rock feel.]
Del Amitri - "Whiskey Remorse" [i totally give this song the wrong name on the live broadcast, but that's only because i was away from a computer when i thought to play it and took a stab at the correct title. this is from their actually quite good b-sides collection lousy with love. it's a little difficult to find here in the states (i bought mine in the UK; i've never actually seen it in a store here), but if you're a fan of del amitri, very worth tracking down.]
Akron Family - "Blessing Force" [from their latest, meek warrior. akron family is a unique mix of roots, free form jazz fusion and post-rock/noise that results in something engaging and disruptive to listen to at once. if you can imagine, this is the first track on the album. so how would the rest of it go?]
Richard Hawley - "Just Like the Rain" [and something sweet to wash down the long, drone of the prior song. from the excellent coles corner. hawley was a touring guitarist with pulp and played on jarvis cockers' solo album as well. a great songsmith in his own right.]
the Jesus and Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey" [from psychocandy, an album that has been recommended by a listener as a potential future wholesale album of the week. stay tuned on that.]
the Late Virginia Summers - "Very Heaven" [from their album sundowning. a band from lynchburg, virginia that i was lucky enough to see here at the green bean a few weeks ago. live they are something to behold with a visual component (video footage projected onto a screen) to accompany each piece that they play. their recorded music is really interesting, but a great live band as well. a musical version of abstract expressionism.]
Leonard Cohen - "Famous Blue Raincoat" [one of my favorite songs of all time. from songs of love and hate, one of the three reissued/remastered cohen records recently released. along with songs of and songs from a room, these three make up his first three major LPs. a stunning series of work that any fan of great poetry or songwriting should cherish.]

[tonight's wholesale album of the week is a guitar lover's dream. originally released in 1982 on ruby records, it's an album that begs to be swallowed whole. this band was lumped in with the paisley underground/neo-psychadelic scene of the late 70s - mid 80s, but they were always more indebt to the velvet underground than the 13th floor elevators. noisy, unrelenting, punky in spirit and performance, had it been released aroud the time of the velvets' run, it might have been ignored. thankfully, they came of age when bands like this were too few and far between. tonight's wholesale album of the week is...]

Track Listing

1. Tell Me When It's Over [click to listen.]
2. Definitely Clean
3. That's What You Always Say
4. Then She Remembers [click to listen.]
5. Halloween [click to listen.]
6. When You Smile
7. Until Lately
8. Too Little, Too Late
9. The Days of Wine and Roses [click to listen.]

the Dream Syndicate - "Season of the Witch" (live) [this is from the same the day before wine and roses recording that the live version of "that's what you always say" was from on wednesday night's show. an amazing, screeching take on donovan's classic, this record is a must for fans of this album. it's downloadable through emusic.com or probably available on CD through other sources. a great live document of a band at its peak.]

That's going to do it for this week. Tune in this Wednesday for more Indie/Rock Mayhem and next Sunday for more Extra Mayhem. Plus, this week's album review tomorrow and the return of Notes from Underground on Friday. Take care.



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