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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Broadcast Interruption

Sadly our air-conditioning is on the fritz at the station - and no, this isn't a question of us just sucking it up and sweating a little, Sarah. It's required to keep the transmitter from overheating. So tonight's episode of J's Extra Mayhem will not be broadcast. I was really looking forward to bringing you music by Swell Maps tonight in the Wholesale album feature but it will have to wait.

A reminder, Extra Mayhem will be helmed next week by someone else as I'll be out of town. I'll be back on July 15th for that week's installment and then gone again on the 22nd and back on the 29th.

Also, this Wednesday will be the last Indie/Rock Mayhem I'll be helming in the month of July. July 9th - 11th, we will be shut down for equipment upgrades, which eliminates my broadcast on the 11th. July 18th and 25th I will be recovering from having tonsils and adenoids and what-not removed, so will have a sub on the show in my place.

There may, however, be a very special broadcast of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 17th. Stay tuned for details - you won't want to miss that. A very high-class send off for me to my surgery if all goes well.

By way of an apology, a teaser. Enjoy.

Swell Maps - "Blenheim Shots" (from the Jane From Occupied Europe LP)


  • At 11:25 PM, July 01, 2007, Blogger Sarah said…

    Pssh. Even if you did just suck it up and sweat a little, you'd still be a priss. :)

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