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Friday, July 27, 2007

Return to action this Sunday!

My throat's still a little stiff, and I may not sound quite back to normal yet, but I will return to J's Extra Mayhem this Sunday night (and consequently, J's Indie/Rock Mayhem this coming Wednesday as well)! And I've decided to close out the summer with some of my favorite female-driven bands or artists albums for the Wholesale album of the week. And being that my mind has been drifting back in the haze of the mid-90s recently, what better way than to start off with an album that I find to be one of the more explosive and overlooked debuts of that decade?

You unfortunately don't hear this band mentioned much anymore (their subsequent breakup in 2001 sort of helped with that), but for awhile in 1995, they were the next big thing and really earning the title. Long before post-punk was being mined for the dance-punk revival of the early '00s and the Joy Division cannonizing of Interpol and their similar ilk, this band was wholesale robbing Wire, the Stranglers and others of their riffs - and creating riveting, explosive rock and roll that didn't give a damn who they hijacked - because they were making it better and making it their own. So ladies and germs, get set. This Sunday brings you the self titled debut from..

Get excited. See you this Sunday at 10pm, on WQFS Greensboro, 90.9 FM. Your Only Alternative.


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