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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

j's indie/rock mayhem - 15th august 2007

[all in all a fantastic show tonight. tons of new music has been streaming out recently, and even more next week with new albums from the new pornographers, josh ritter and talib kweli all dropping. the fall is sizing up to be pretty big as well. 2007 is going to be a tough year to measure come december.

we returned to our weekly BB's new and used CDs and DVDs gift certificate giveaway tonight. congratulations to jim moscater who correctly named one sonic youth record from each of the decades 80s, 90s and 00s. (his trio were evol, experimental jet set trash and no star and murray street.) so he has his mitts on a $15 gift certificate to our fine friends over in the quaker village shopping center.

tons of great music to cover so let's get to it. onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 15th August 2007 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Oakley Hall - "No Dreams" [from the forthcoming i'll follow you due out in september on merge records. they're playing at local 506 in chapel hill on saturday, september 9th, and they're a brilliant live band. i, personally, think they'd be a great opening band match for the drive-by truckers with their jammy/vaguely psychedelic country music.]
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Speakers Push the Air" [from their debut album good health. i never really got into their subsequent releases, but critics spoke highly of their final album before calling it quits. but i was always most partial to this song, this moment.]
Guided by Voices - "Glad Girls" [by request. i had two callers call in back-to-back to request guided by voices. a rare happening. so while most of our older GBV has walked out the door, thankfully our copy of 2001's brilliant isolation drills has not. one of their poppiest, most exhilarating moments.]
Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons - "Expressway to Your Heart" [the lead track from where's the freedom? a cover of the classic by the soul survivors. i definitely think one of the north carolina representatives bound for the j's indie/rock top 25 albums of the year list in december. what others might make it?]
the New Pornographers - "Myriad Harbour" [finally, challengers hits stores next tuesday on the matador record label. i'm super excited. seeing as my #1 album of last year was new pornographer dan bejar's latest album with his destroyer moniker, and the last album by the new pornographers was my #2 album of that respective year, it's bound to be a challenger indeed.]
John Doe - "Unforgiven" [by request. i had a caller call in for this last week, but i didn't have it with me. another from his latest, a year in the wilderness.]
the Replacements - "Kids Don't Follow" [from the 1982 EP stink. i haven't played the replacements with any consistency on my show in awhile. this might be my brain saying "time to go listen to all those great records again!" good thinking, brain.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "Almost Ready" [another top 25 albums contender for this year, the really, really enjoyable beyond. honestly one of the most rocking records i've heard all year.]
Thurston Moore - "The Shape is in a Trance" [this is the only song i've heard so far off of thurston's forthcoming trees outside the academy, but i really, really like it. i'm definitely looking forward to its september 18th release date. on the podcast i say late august. sorry about that incorrect info.]
the National - "Mistaken for Strangers" [an album definitely top 25 list bound, boxer. i'm probably getting ready to retire this record for awhile, as its gone through its release run, but if you still haven't gotten your ears or hands on it, do so. and quickly. it's one of 2007's best, without a doubt.]
Pharoahe Monch - "Welcome to the Terrordome" [from his first album since 1999, desire. it's monch's re-interpretation of the public enemy classic, throwing in a new, more contemporary second verse and turning the pummeling production of the original into a funky horn band that lifts and soars in the gaps. while it might not best the original (and how hard would that be anyway?), it's a bold, adventurous second look and i love it.]
Jason Isbell - "Chicago Promenade" [from the wonderful sirens of the ditch. he'll be playing (along with the amazing centro-matic) next monday, august 20th at amos' south end in charlotte. also, thursday, september 7th at local 506 in chapel hill and friday, october 5th at the soon to be closing (and re-locating) ziggy's in winston-salem. also, keep your fingers crossed. i may be coming back with an interview with jason on monday. stay tuned.]
Okkervil River - "Plus Ones" [from the new album the stage names. more invigorating rock and roll from a group that really has a pulse all their own.]
the Beastie Boys - "14th St. Break" [from the new instrumental album the mix-up. pretty fun stuff, but honestly not an essential beastie's record.]
Morphine - "Scratch" [from yes. this was the song i'd meant to play last week, but i forgot to track through and ended up playing the divine "honey white" instead. oh, well. morphine back-to-back weeks? who's going to complain?]
Art Brut - "People in Love" [from one of my favorite records of this year, no matter what mad dog thinks of their speak-singing, it's a bit complicated. i love cheeky rock and roll that takes itself exactly not seriously while being as pretentious as all get out.]
Crowded House - "Don't Stop Now" [from the new album time on earth, largely dedicated to the late paul hester, crowded house's original drummer who committed suicide in 2005. as much as crowded house is neil finn's baby, a crowded house record still sounds like a crowded house record and this is no exception. it's a solid, wonderful pop record.]
Matt Pond PA - "Reading" [another great song from the new if you want blood EP. like i said last week, i've never been that hot on matt pond pa, but i'm loving this EP.]
Beth Orton - "Love Like Laughter" [from her central reservation album. i used to play this song a lot in the early year or two of my show on WQFS. it's just as gorgeous as it was then.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Magazine" [one of the two new songs included on the unbreakable: a retrospective: 1990-2006. so, c'mon, dulli. take the whigs out on the road already. you know you want to.]
the Rentals - "Last Romantic Day" [from the new the last little life EP. a collection of 4 songs gearing up for a full length, perhaps? we haven't heard new material from the rentals since 1999 (maybe they and pharoahe monch were off somewhere chillin'?) so this is nice. they'll be at ziggy's in winston-salem on tuesday, august 28th.]
the Cure - "In Between Days" [by request, via email. from the head above the door. the cure is coming to both charlotte and atlanta in september in prep for a new album that is coming. stay tuned for that.]
Spoon - "Rhthm & Soul" [from the excellent ga ga ga ga ga. i'm still measuring it up to gimme fiction, but i haven't decided yet. thoughts, anyone?]
White Rabbits - "While We Go Dancing" [from the excellent ft. nightly. i haven't listened to this record nearly enough since it came out earlier this year, but it's got some hellaciously great tracks on it. you'll probably be hearing more as i revisit.]
Nina Nastasia and Jim White - "In the Evening" [to be clear, this is not jim white of searching for the wrong-eyed jesus. this is the dirty three's jim white, amazing drummer. here he gets equal billing with songwriter nina nastasia and paints some amazing portraits in song. from the quite lovely you follow me.]
Joy Division - "New Dawn Fades" [from the legendary unknown pleasures. tony wilson, founder of factory records and one of the most important record label owners and music proponents in the history of rock and roll, died last week at the age of 57. without tony we may not have had joy division, new order or the happy mondays and the madchester scene. not to mention other countless lesser known post-punk acts whose work has had great impact on music in lesser ways. he'll be sorely missed and so this last part of the show takes a look at some of that influence. this sunday's wholesale album will as well.]
the Happy Mondays - "24 Hour Party People" [the song from which the movie about tony's life took its name. originally from the mondays' debut album squirrel & g-man twenty four hour party people plastic face carnt smile but also, of course, available on the soundtrack to the film. shaun ryder, the greatest poet since yeats? really, god? well, you've got tony now, so more power to you.]
New Order - "Ceremony" [new order's first single, and a song that was being worked by joy division before ian curtis' untimely death. while it still sounds like joy division in spots, it soars towards the more uplifting feel of new order's music. available on the substance compilation.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll talk to you on Sunday night for Extra Mayhem which will be an extra long edition starting at 8pm and running until Midnight. Until then, take care.



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