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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

j's indie/rock mayhem - 22nd august 2007

[another fantastic show full of some great new music and classic classics.

congratulations to martin jones who successfully named two other bands/artists who do work outside of their tenure in the new pornographers. he named destroyer (dan bejar's band) and neko case. he's this week's winner of the $15 gift certificate to BB's new and used CDs and DVDs. i give away a gift certificate every week at the beginning of the third set (usually around 6:30pm) so tune in to try and win.

some great stuff, so let's get to it. onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 22nd August 2007 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Matt Pond PA - "If You Want Blood" [the title track from their new EP. i'll keep saying, more out of penance, i suppose, but i really hadn't been super impressed with matt pond pa up until this EP. every song i've played off of it, and especially this one, has been fantastic. keep winning me over, guys.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Survival Car" [long, long ago, when their self-titled album came out, i actually didn't like fountains of wayne. flash forward to my freshman year of college and my friend elissa bought me a copy of this album and thrust it upon me. this song, among many others, totally changed my mind. even "radiation vibe," which i for some reason didn't like, has become my idea of what a perfect power-pop song is like.]
the Happy Mondays - "Loose Fit" [i couldn't get enough of the mondays from sunday night, especially of this song. from pills 'n' thrills and bellyaches. you can hear a copy of it below in the previous post.]
Jarvis Cocker - "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" [from the wonderful jarvis. this was going to be my single of the year 'til jason isbell's "dress blues" blew everything out of the water.]
Sway - "Onions" [from their double album music forever. they are playing right now (right now being nearly 10pm) down at square one here in greensboro. pretty fun acoustic folk with a bit of a hipster's eye about it.]
Cornershop - "Sleep on the Left Side" [from the wonderful when i was born for the 7th time. i understand why spin ranked this as highly as ok computer back in 1997. not that they're comparable, but when you have such a deep and brooding record at the top of your list, you need something extremely fun to balance it, and this record is a party and a half.]
the Replacements - "Run It" [by request from long-time listener frank. from 1983's hootenanny. i'll always grant replacements requests.]
Spoon - "The Underdog" [the lone jon brion produced song on the excellent new ga ga ga ga ga. i heard it was written for the new movie, but they...ah, forget it. that's not funny.]
the New Pornographers - "All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth" [from the finally-released challengers which came out yesterday (my birthday!). i'm still soaking up my feelings about the overall record, but there's some great stuff here.]
Iron and Wine - "Boy With a Coin" [from the boy with a coin EP. this song is off the forthcoming full-length the shepherd's dog. the other two songs on the EP are not. so grab a copy.]
John Doe - "The Golden State" [i keep returning to this song from a year in the wilderness, but this duet with kathleen edwards is just fantastic. more than anything it gives me hope for a new kathleen edwards album within the next year or so.]
Gravity A - "Temper Tantrum" [by request. from the album naissance. they are playing tonight at the blind tiger. interesting stuff.]
Josh Ritter - "Rumors" [one of a whole slew of fantastic songs on the new the historical conquests of josh ritter which also came out yesterday (my birthday!). this is ritter's most expansive album, instrument wise, and it's paying big dividends. critics were all over the animal years, but i really think ritter has something huge on his hands with this record. he'll be at the cat's cradle in chapel hill on monday, nov. 5th with eric bachmann. oh, man that's going to be a great show.]
the National - "Squalor Victoria" [from boxer. the national are rolling into chapel hill at the cat's cradle on friday, september 7th. and you best believe i'll be there.]
Josh Rouse - "Nice to Fit In" [i always try so hard not to play. messrs. ritter and rouse so close together. two joshes with R last names - i don't want to confuse people accidentally. but mark from up on the blue ridge called me for the first time in forever and i got distracted. so, a great josh rouse song from his latest, country mouse, city house.]
Jason Isbell - "In a Razor Town" [one of the highlights from his show monday at amos' southend in charlotte. isbell and his 400 unit band is a formidable live entity. great live versions of tracks from sirens of the ditch as well as jason's wonderful catalog of songs from the drive-by truckers. he also pulled out some stunning covers. just a really tremendous live show. he'll be coming back to chapel hill, to local 506, on thursday, september 6th.]
the Rentals - "Little Bit of You in Everything" [from the last little life EP. the rentals will be at ziggy's in winston-salem next tuesday, august 28th. this EP really isn't bad for their first release in 7 years.]
Filthybird - "Fightsong" [from the beautiful southern skies. greensboro rock and roll.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Independent Thief" [from back to me. so, you know, the internet is a great thing. after having balked about wanting a new kathleen edwards album, i decided to go to her website to see what she's up to, and apparently, a new record is nearly done and in the works for an early '08 release. i still think the only reason that's the case is because i was wondering about it though.]
Joy Division - "Shadowplay" [i don't play joy division a lot, which is a shame, but this track, from unknown pleasures, is something that got in my head last week while preparing for the wholesale album feature with their second album. amazing stuff. anyone know when we can expect a release for the ian curtis biopic?]
Crowded House - "She Called Up" [another great track from the new time on earth. i saw the reunited crowded house on some special on vh1 classic the other day (which my cable company just added to regular cable - thank you, time warner!). so see if you can catch it.]
Battles - "Race : In" [from mirrored. battles is a really interesting band - featuring members of helmet, tomahawk, don caballero and more. it's pretty amazing stuff. truly showing prog rock's place in indie-rock is solid.]
the Velvet Crush - "Why Not Your Baby" [the absolutely transcendent cover of gene clark's classic from teenage symphonies to god. truly a power-pop classic, this cover is what ultimately really sold me on the record. it's just gorgeous.]
Luna - "Slash Your Tires" [i guess, technically, i should credit this to luna^2, as they were billed on their debut album lunapark. it was a copyright issue i believe. anyway, this early record shows sparks of the direction luna would take, but the velvet underground comparisons are apt and really good. a delicious song.]
Okkervil River - "Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe" [from the stage names. a pretty great record. they'll be coming to the cat's cradle in chapel hill on tuesday, october 2nd along with damien jurado.]
Van Morrison - "Into the Mystic" [from moondance. i normally wouldn't play really big van morrison songs, but jason isbell did a fantastic cover of this the other night and it reminded me of how much i love the original. so here it is. enjoy.]
Sixteen Horsepower - "Brimstone Rock" [from low estate. one of sixteen horsepower's most rocking moments on record. i love this song and this album. they are dearly missed, even with david edwards' wovenhand project active.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back on Friday with Notes From Underground and on Sunday night with the final J's Extra Mayhem of the summer. That'll be starting at 8pm - I may or may not be doing the 4 hour spread again, we'll see. If I do, you'll hear two final Wholesale albums, so be prepared. Until then, take care.



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