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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

j's indie/rock mayhem - 12th september 2007

Update: I'm really sorry about the static during the talking parts of the podcast. I have no idea what's going on there and I'll try to get that resolved by next week. Just use the list here as your guide for what you hear. Sorry!

[it's been awhile since i've had this problem, but i think it bodes really well for this year in music: i have too much good new music and i can't fit it all in to the show. i suppose i could, but that would involve sacrificing playing some of the older, classic stuff that i serve up between new music each week and i like having that mix, so instead, i'll just compromise on the amount i'm able to get through each week. but seriously, right now we're in the midsts of a landslide of terrific new music. i'm very pleased.

congratulations to heather crews, this week's winner of the $15 gift certificate to BB's new and used CDs and DVDs. she identified that the 'oneida' name comes not just from the indian nation but a religious commune from the 1800s. i give away a prize every week at the beginning of the third set, so listen to see if you can be the first to answer next week's question. next week, courtesy of BB's, in conjunction with the broadcast of my interview with jason isbell, i'll be giving away a copy of jason's latest album, sirens of the ditch. a special giveaway for a special event. tune in.

now, let's get things started. onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 12th September 2007 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Josh Ritter - "Right Moves" [from his latest, the historical conquests of josh ritter. this album is a real barn-stormer for josh - great, upbeat rock and roll most of the way through. he's really put together a solid, intensely enjoyable record.]
Mclusky - "To Hell With Good Intentions" [from do dallas. i mourn the demise of this band on a regular basis. they were easily one of the most exciting and intense (and intensely funny) bands in a good long time. they didn't seem like they took themselves seriously at all, then could whip around and crank out a song like "she will only bring you happiness" from their last album. what a band.]
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - "Love Comes in Spurts" [i played them recently, but really, not enough. from the debut blank generation. great, classic NYC punk.]
Caribou - "She's the One" [from their new album andorra which i reviewed here. it's quite good to say the least. gorgeous pop delusions.]
Black Francis - "Threshold Apprehension" [from his new album bluefinger. frank black reclaims his pixies moniker and even some of the long shed sound. this song is good, but i feel like it's nearly 5 minutes of..teasing. where's the heavy end? the song never really takes off for me.]
the National - "Squalor Victoria" [by request. kicking off a set of requests. from the album boxer that is oh, so good. i'm kicking myself for missing them in chapel hill last week, as i heard it was quite a show.]
Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons - "People Get Ready" [by request. their quite gorgeous rendition of the curtis mayfield classic. from the album where's the freedom?]
the Replacements - "Unsatisfied" [by request. andy called and wanted to hear something off of let it be, so i obliged him with a song that has been in my head quite a bit of late.]
Oakley Hall - "Rue the Blues" [well, this song put me flat on my ass today when i listened to i'll follow you for the first time. remnants of southern rock flow all over the place in this song and i'm really, honestly, impressed. another amazing record from oakley hall.]
Psychic TV - "The Orchids" [from 1983's dreams less sweet. until recently (thanks to a comment thread on another mp3 blog), i didn't know that this song, which also appeared on califone's 2006 album roots and crowns, was a cover by califone. show's what i know. psychic tv is one of the post-throbbing gristle projects for genesis p-orridge.]
M.I.A. feat. Afrikan Boy - "Hussel" [one of many great, great songs from the new kala. the beat on this song especially...chilling and intense.]
Eric B. and Rakim - "I Ain't No Joke" [i don't think michael's ever heard of these guys, but paid in full is an album he should check out. classic hip-hop.]
Band of Horses - "Is There a Ghost" [from the forthcoming cease to begin due out october 9th. thanks to aquarium drunkard for the head's up on this. i enjoyed band of horses' debut album...somewhat. i found it ultimately a little lackluster. i'm sort of alone in that feeling in most cases, but this new song gives me renewed hope. here's hoping the move back to south carolina has done them some good.]
That Petrol Emotion - "It's a Good Thing" [from their debut album manic pop thrill. this band formed in the wake of the undertones' demise with several members of that band coming here. the album title is accurate - blistering pop-punk, not as light and fun as the undertones, but sharper, a bit darker and really, really good.]
Thurston Moore - "Honest James" [from trees outside the academy which is due out next week. i'll have a review of it up at the beginning of next week. seriously, this album is amazing and like i say on the podcast, if you're a fan of sonic youth, but get turned off by the noise or drifts into sonics, this is the record for you. really, really gorgeous and amazing.]
the New Pornographers - "Myriad Harbour" [from challengers. my favorite bejar song on this record, easily.]
Vic Chesnutt - "Everything I Say" [from his new record, north star deserter, which i reviewed this week. this record is chock full of gorgeous songs and it works really, really well as an album. it's a little hard to pull singles off for radio play because of the dark, slow nature of a lot of the songs. but trust me. this record will get in your head. it's a depressingly beautiful experience.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Life in the Factory" [from southern rock opera. i love this song. i was listening to this album while a good friend and i put together my new grill the other weekend. and i forgot just how much this song rocks. though he didn't play on this album, a reminder that i'll be broadcasting my interview with former trucker jason isbell next week. so stay tuned for that.]
Rilo Kiley - "The Moneymaker" [from under the blacklight. i like this song. that's about all i can say though.]
Metric - "Soft Rock Star" [from the album grow up and blow away. emily haines, metric's main person, is from canada's version of a national arts council, broken social scene. this song is pretty good. i'm still trying to get into a lot of canada's indie-output these days. i'm not sure about it.]
Okkervil River - "Plus Ones" [last time i play this from the stage names, i promise. just wanted to do an amusing set of songs based around this theme. so, there's the whole 'hey, let's take a song name with a number in it and add one!' and 'eight chinese brothers' are mentioned. cue the connections.]
R.E.M. - "7 Chinese Brothers" [from reckoning, which by the way, is an amazing record. i know i don't have to tell you. which leads us to..]
Pavement - "Unseen Power of the Picket Fence" [a song about reckoning. stephen malkmus even, in one verse, gives us a track listing and talks about which songs he loved. a huge ode to a wonderful record. originally from the no alternative compilation but also available on the re-issued/expanded edition of their second album, crooked rain, crooked rain. not, as i said in the podcast, on the re-issue of wowee zowee.]
R.E.M. - "Voice of Harold" [and it brings us back to this song from dead letter office. this song, you'll notice, has the exact same music as "7 chinese brothers," just with radically different lyrics. a one-take out-take from the reckoning sessions.]
Akron/Family - "Phenomena" [from the forthcoming love is simple, though you can already download it from emusic. it's out in stores next week. akron/family is impossible to describe, but they'll be at the pour house in raleigh on monday, september 17th along with the absolutely incredible megafaun, so go check it out in person.]
Nanci Griffith - "I Would Bring You Ireland" (live) [from the one fair summer evening live album. i love this record and this song especially. i've seen ms. griffith live and she is every bit as amazing as she is on this record. a truly remarkable recording.]

That'll do it for this week. Check back Friday for this week's Notes From Underground and next Monday for the album review for next week. Until then, Go Panthers (1-0!), and take care.



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