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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

j's indie/rock mayhem - 10th october 2007

[a really fantastic show tonight. i love the shows where i walk away at the end really feeling like i put together an enjoyable show for myself. if i've done that, i know i've done it for others as well.

congratulations to jim plummer. he won tonight's gift certificate giveaway to BBs new and used CDs and DVDs by knowing that talking heads wrote the song that radiohead took its name from. i give away a gift certificate at the beginning of the third block, right around 6:30pm, every week, so tune in for your chance to win.

let's go. i can't wait. onward.]

Programming Note: As of the time of this blog post, I am experiencing technical difficulties with my podcasting service. For right now, the podcast will remain unposted until problems are resolved. Check back here for further updates. Problems resolved! Happy listening! (8:22 AM 11 Oct. 07)

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 10th October 2007 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Black Francis - "Captain Pasty" [from his new album bluefinger. i cued up the wrong track after meaning to play "test pilot blues," so i misname this track at the beginning of the podcast, but correct it after the set is over. i like what i'm hearing. this is definitely classic frank black sounding. abrasive, shrieking and just what the doctor ordered.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Amnesia" [one of my very favorite songs from their 1997 swan song, coil. got to hear this live once and it was blistering.]
Brother Reade - "Let's Go" [from the new album rap music. brother reade is from los angeles by way of winston-salem. saw him perform almost 5 years ago opening for blackalicious at guilford and he put on a great show then. it's good to hear him still in the game.]
Steve Earle - "Tennessee Blues" [by request. from his new album washington square serenade. i reviewed this album last week and am liking it more and more.]
Future of the Left - "Manchasm" [from the excellent curses. i meant to mention this on the air, but the 'mark foley' that is mentioned repeatedly in this song is not the disgraced house representative, but a sound engineer in england. just so you don't think that the line 'mark foley was right' means something strange. i really love this record, by the way.]
Sleeper - "Nice Guy Eddie" [from the it girl. sarah enjoyed (or seemed to recall enjoying) the sleeper song i played last week, so here's another. this was the single on this record and had a nice video for it also. bonus points: can you name the movie that has the character the song title alludes to?]
Josh Ritter - "Mind's Eye" [from the historical conquests of josh ritter. i'm heading up to west virginia to see ritter this weekend, but as i've mentioned often and will continue to mention, he'll be in chapel hill at the cat's cradle on monday, november 5th along with eric bachmann. should be a great night.]
Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons - "Anynow, Anythere, Anyday" [from where's the freedom? one of my favorite records of this year, no doubt. one of the most entertaining, toe-tappin' rock albums i've heard in some time.]
Radiohead - "Bodysnatchers" [so, the big day finally came and in_rainbows is available for download for the princely price of zero, if you so choose. i threw a little bit of change their way. so how is the album? after one listen, pretty good. radiohead albums do reveal themselves in repeated listens, so i'm looking forward to that. i like this song quite a bit though.]
M.I.A. feat. Afrikan Boy - "Hussel" [from the really exquisite kala. if i read correctly, afrikan boy actually had a solo record drop this week or last. but i like this song quite a bit - and love the album as a whole. unique for what i normally listen to, that's for sure.]
Georgie James - "More Lights" [from the really catchy places. if you are looking for a great, sophisticated power-pop record, look no further - this is among this year's best pop records.]
Fugazi - "Styrofoam" [from repeater + 3 songs. i like using the 'influence' of the random player on my mp3 player. i listen to it at work and often it will inspire me with things to play - i hadn't played older fugazi in some time, so while i had an explicit request not to play any D.C. hardcore, I came awful close.]
Robert Pollard - "Our Gaze" [the lead track off of coast to coast carpet of love, one of two new albums by the ever-prolific ex-front man of guided by voices. he's just a machine. crankin' this stuff out. and it's oh so good half the time, too.]
Thurston Moore - "The Shape is In a Trance" [from the new trees outside the academy. a really gorgeous song from a really solid record.]
Oakley Hall - "Angela" [i love that i'll follow you has enough great songs that i can just keep pulling singles off it all day. this is one of the softer songs where rachel cox's vocals take the complete lead and it's lovely.]
Shalini - "Need to Be" [from greensboro's own shalini, off her forthcoming the surface and the shine. tom was nice enough to run me a copy up since shalini and mitch easter were/are playing down at rum runner's on elm street here in greensboro tonight (wednesday). the CD release show is on the 20th at the garage in winston-salem.)
His Name is Alive - "The Wolf Put His Mouth on Me" [from the gorgeous new record xmmer. you can read my review of it from earlier this week and check out some other songs. great, great stuff.]
Hole - "Boys on the Radio" [from 1998's celebrity skin. you probably will not hear hole again on my radio show for a number of years, but since i took a look back at this album earlier this week, i thought i'd slap a track on. this song is easily one of courtney love's finest moments.]
the High Strung - "The Baddest Ship" [from their lovely new album get the guests. at 17 songs it's a little long, but there's surprisingly little filler. it's a solid rock and roll record.]
Dizzee Rascal - "Sirens" [from maths + english. one of my favorite songs of this year and would be in the running for best single if "dress blues" hadn't decimated the competition.]
Sunset Rubdown - "Up on Your Leopard, Upon the End of Your Feral Days" [from the new random spirit lover. maybe this is something i need to listen to on my own, but i decided to give it a shot after all the immensely positive press this album has been getting. i didn't care for it. the vocals don't do it for me and the chaotic structure of the songs leaves me cold. but maybe that's me looking at it from the perspective of a radio DJ. maybe sitting at home and not worrying about it, i'll like it more. we'll see.]
Caleb Caudle - "Morning Salvation" [winston-salem's caleb caudle, formerly of the wonderful band the lowlands. this is from red bank road. i saw caleb open for jason isbell this past friday night at ziggy's and he and his band put on a great show. i was impressed and am looking forward to more.]
Band of Horses - "Islands on the Coast" [from the now-released cease to begin and we've got at least two great songs on this record now. next week, we'll hear another and see if they start racking up.]
the Arctic Monkeys - "Fake Tales of San Franciso" [from their debut, whatever people say i am, that's what i am not.]
A.A. Bondy - "Black Rain, Black Rain" [from the lovely american hearts. a sleeper album if there was one - i've always enjoyed bondy's lyrics, but he's really become a pretty masterful image weaver over the years.]
Nina Nastasia and Jim White - "In the Evening" [from you follow me. glad that we finally got this full-length into rotation. we'll hear more.]
the Ramones - "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" [for no reason other than that the really great ramones: it's alive - 1974-1996 DVD was released last week and it has an amazing amount of live footage of this essential band. from their self-titled debut.]
John Cale and Lou Reed - "A Dream" [from the melancholy and insightful songs for drella, the record the two composed in memory of andy warhol after his death. this was the first time the two had worked together since cale's departure from the velvet underground. and it's an astounding success. this song makes use of actual diary entries by andy warhol for the lyrics, intoned by cale. really amazing stuff.]

That'll do it for this week. Don't forget to check back on Friday for the Notes From Underground feature and next week for the album reviews. Until then, Go Panthers, and take care.



  • At 5:39 PM, October 14, 2007, Anonymous johnny said…

    I've got a VHS somewhere around here with the video of the single off of "Songs for Drella" -- "Nobody But You" -- (back when my source for info about good music was recording "120 Minutes" or "Post Modern Rock" on Sunday nights)

    great Steve Earl tune also

  • At 9:05 PM, October 14, 2007, Blogger J. Neas said…

    Oh, wow. I wonder if that video is on YouTube anywhere. (Here's them live on Late Night with Letterman back in '90/'91)

    One of my articles some week, not that I don't talk about this enough, needs to be about how 120 Minutes was a godsend for people of the MTV generation and of good taste in general.

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