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Thursday, November 22, 2007

j's indie/rock mayhem - 21st november 2007

[tonight's show was a great, thanksgiving treat as i got to chat with paul o'keefe, a.k.a. the graves of fairmount, live on the show. he stopped by to talk, played a couple of songs and such. it's an interesting interview and a great listen to some great north carolina music. hope you enjoy.

congratulations to justin higgins, this week's winner of both the usual gift certificate to BB's new and used CDs and DVDs and a copy of the graves of fairmount EP, calendars and casualties. we give away the BB's gift certificate every week around the third set, about 6:30 PM, so tune in for your chance to win.

now, let's celebrate our thankfulness for great music by getting started. onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 21st November 2007 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Thurston Moore - "The Shape is In a Trance" [from the excellent trees outside the academy. will it make my top 25 albums of the year list? in as good a year as 2007 has been, that actually is a question. good signs for rock.]
Catherine Wheel - "I Want to Touch You" [from ferment. a blockbuster of a record that got lumped in with the shoegazer movement around the same time, it's a dynamite record of big rock and roll, fuzzed out into bliss. they really were something.]
Morphine - "Super Sex" [from yes. another sorely missed band. as much as people have hinted at the 90s not having as much character as other decades, it really was a golden age for independent music - as bold and as productive as any other.]
For Squirrels - "8:02 PM" [from their debut, example. a sad, sad story of a band on the verge of becoming huge (with a really good record to boot) and having it all dashed when half the band died in a car accident on the way to a festival.]
Marah - "Angels on a Passing Train" [from their new can't take it with you EP which i reviewed this week. this is a tide-over for their new LP due out next year. i like this song.]
Jens Lekman - "I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You" [from night falls over kortedala. as i said, we were going to hear more of this. it's an interesting album to say the least. pop in a very classical, but quirky, sense.]
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - "This Is It" (Cardinals Version) [from the new follow the lights EP. this is a re-recorded version of a track originally from adams' rock 'n' roll album. it's one of three adams songs re-done on this EP.]
Monster Magnet - "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" [from dopes to infinity. as i said, last time you'll hear monster magnet for awhile on the show, but since they were in my head from last week, i went back to this, the first song i ever heard by them - on beavis and butt-head, no less.]

[here is where the interview with the graves of fairmount begins. paul started by playing a live version of a song from the EP, we chatted about his musical beginnings, what brought him out to north carolina from north california, musical influences and a few other things. he played another live song, we talked about the new EP and its awesome reviews from various sources and we wrapped it up by listening to a song off of the EP and talking about the future of the 'band.' all in all a really enjoyable talk. if you would like to listen to the interview on its own, click here.

Oh, and if you want to see the Morrissey video that Paul and I discuss in the interview, click here for "Suedehead."]

The Graves of Fairmount - "Ignore the Forecast" (live) [one of my favorite songs off of this EP - paul played this live, in-studio for us.]
The Graves of Fairmount - "Why I Left Berkley" (live) [another track from the EP. paul had to do a bit of lyric editing in this version - i enjoyed hearing him twist himself around saying the word on-air. amusing.]
The Graves of Fairmount - "For Liz" [the last track from the new EP.]
Hot Snakes - "Our Work Fills the Pews" [from their 2000 debut, automatic midnight. i really like hot snakes quite a bit, and as paul mentioned, he is working on a project, due out early next year, that is more in this vein of music. should be exciting.]
Jim James and Calexico - "Goin' to Acapulco" [from the i'm not there soundtrack. jim james of my morning jacket is a glorious fit for this song, especially over the mood-perfect music of calexico.]
White Rabbits - "While We Go Dancing" [from the fort nightly album. quirky, dancey indie-pop with a surreal vibe in spots. it's an intriguing listen.]
Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons - "People Get Ready" [from where's the freedom? one of my favorite records of 2007 - and a local greensboro musician. where on the top 25 list will it fall? who knows. but we'll find out towards the end of december. i'm starting to get really excited.]
Big Ditch Road - "The Jackson Whites" [from their forthcoming album, the jackson whites which is due out in january. the band was nice enough to send me this advance mp3 of the title track. they were the creators of my # 5 record of 2006, so who knows where their new one will land next year. i like this song, so it bodes well for the new LP.]
Joe Lally - "Skin and Bone" [from his new album nothing is underrated. the bass player for fugazi (until they officially announce the end, i'm holding out hope they're still together), this is his second solo LP in as many years.]
Blair - "Kamakazee" [i liked blair from the moment i first heard her music, but this song has stuck with me more than any of her other songs. i can't wait for a full-length album from her.]
Jonathan Rice - "Further North" [the title track from his new album. i haven't heard much about this guy, but apparently he's stirred up quite a bit of dust out in los angeles, working with jenny lewis of rilo kiley and so on and so forth. i like this song quite a bit, so we'll have to hear more.]
Tommy Womack - "The Replacements" [i am very thankful for the replacements, and since i am, i dedicated this set to them for the thanksgiving holiday. this song, by former thelonius monster member womack, is an ode to the type of introduction to the band most people received: drunken, sloppy, terrible live performances, followed by the 'how-could-their-be-a-better-rock-band-anywhere-on-earth' performances they were equally well known for. the lyrics to this song are the opening quote in the first chapter of jim walsh's the replacements - all over but the shouting: an oral history and deservingly so. from the album circus town.]
Slim Dunlap - "The Ballad of the Opening Band" [from the old new me which i reviewed this week. slim, leading guitarist for the replacements from '87 until their demise in '91, released this, his debut solo album, in '93. it's a great slice of stonesy rock and roll, complete with this song, the ultimate 'working band' tribute. a humdinger of a song, if there ever was one.]
the Replacements - "Talent Show" [from don't tell a soul. the show that womack saw that changed his mind about the 'mats was on one of their infamous stint of shows opening for tom petty while out promoting this album. i have a bootleg of one of those shows and they were pretty brilliant. it's too late to turn back. here we go.]

That'll do it for this week. The Notes From Underground article will be up on Friday, but otherwise, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I'll be back next week with more album reviews and the usual show. Until then, take care.



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