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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 2nd January 2008

[And welcome to 2008! It's great to be back after the holiday break. Well rested for the show and the blog, I feel ready to take on the year with gusto. This also marks four straight years of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem at the Wednesday 6pm - 8pm slot. I had this spot my senior year at Guilford and loved it, lost it temporarily when I graduated, but got it back and have held on for dear life since. I feel at home there and feel like it's allowed me to build a great community of listeners who like what I offer in addition to the other great and amazing shows on WQFS.

Congrats to Diego for correctly naming two Yo La Tengo albums in order to win this week's $15 gift certificate to BB's New and Used CDs and DVDs. I give that away every week at the beginning of the third block, right around 6:30 PM, so tune in for your chance to answer and win.

Now, without further adieu...onward to 2008!]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 2nd January 2008 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Housemartins - "I Smell Winter" [from now that's what i call quite good. the lull of new releases will be in effect for a few more weeks, so this week was light on new material. so, to celebrate our cold snap outside, i played my usual 'hello, winter' song. this is from their b-sides/rarities collection. if you love 80s british pop ala the smiths and such, you need to hear the housemartins.]
Dead Confederate - "The Rat" [from the self-titled EP. i think this athens, georgia band is due out with a full length this year. here's hoping. awesome big rock.]
Semisonic - "This Will Be My Year" [from feeling strangely fine. its themes of the new year and such made it a good choice - plus i hadn't played them in awhile. semisonic front-man dan wilson put out a solo record last year that i heard good things about, but have yet to hear.]
Black Eyed Peas - "Joints and Jam" [from behind the front. this is the pre-fergie black eyed peas, from their debut. this was actually the first song i ever heard by them and i still like it. and of course, what's better for the new year than black eyed peas? i had my greens yesterday, too.]
the Graves of Fairmount - "Why I Left Berkley" [from the calendars & casualties EP. i'm looking forward to hearing more of paul o'keefe's work in 2008. great north carolina rock and roll.]
Uncle Tupelo - "Nothing" [from still feel gone. this week's playlist is dominated by things that have come up randomly on my mp3 player in the last two weeks, and having spent a lot of time traveling, it's had plenty of time to dig up gems. andrew dudek (of dawn chorus and ex-operator of gate city noise) told me once that he felt this album gets slagged a lot in tupelo's catalog even though it's as gutsy and fierce as anything they recorded. i'm starting to come around to his point of view.]
Midlake - "Roscoe" [from the trials of van occupanther. a pretty nifty little song. i still enjoy it as much as did in 2006.]
the Mountain Goats - "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" [from all hail west texas. this was the first mountain goats song i ever heard and it made me a lifelong fan of john darnielle's verbose lyricism. plus, as a bonus, midlake is originally from denton, texas! will wonders never cease.]
Yo La Tengo - "Mr. Tough" [from i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass. i overlooked this record a good bit when it came out in 2006, but it's got some awfully snazzy tunes on it. plus, yo la tengo, along with kurt wagner of lambchop, will be playing at the carrboro arts center on thursday, january 10th. tickets, i believe, are still available. i'll be there - do you need more reason to go? they're playing an acoustic show with a storytellers type vibe to it also. you're welcome for the tip.]
Pavement - "Spit on a Stranger" [from terror twilight. there are some great songs on this last pavement album, but on the whole the album suffers in comparison to, well, everything else they ever put out. will it get the double-album reissue treatment when its turn comes? who knows. i do know that this year is, if patterns hold, the due date for the brighten the corners double-album reissue. i'm very excited about that possibility.]
El Perro Del Mar - "God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)" [from their self-titled album. this delicious piece of swirling, girl-pop perfection should've been one of my favorite singles of 2006, had i heard it in time. i'll make up for it on the best-of the decade show, i promise.]
Verbena - "Six White Horses" [from verbena is the alabama boys choir. this was a teaser EP for verbena's third album, la musica negra. though it includes this song, not released anywhere else, that rivals, in my mind, just about anything they ever recorded. of course, verbena front-man, a. a. bondy, recorded one of my top ten albums of last year, the stunning american hearts.]
the High Strung - "The Baddest Ship" [from get the guests. the high strung are a blast live and i hate that i haven't seen them since well before this album's release last year. this song is especially slinky and fun.]
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "Port Authority Band" [from the bloudy tenent, truth and peace. this is another of my mp3 player songs from the last weeks, though this band isn't new to the show. like a kookier version of sixteen horsepower - maybe, david eugene edwards meets reverend glasseye and his wooden legs?]
the Black Keys - "The Wicked Messenger" [from the i'm not there soundtrack. a really fantastic cover of this dylan song originally from john wesley harding.]
the Decemberists - "Mariner's Revenge Song" [by request. from picaresque. nothing like jonah'ing up a song there, eh? if i ever want to feel like i'm reading classic literature rather than listening to pop music, i put on the decemberists. that takes care of that.]
Kathleen Edwards - "In State" [from 2005's back to me. she has a new album due out march 4th called asking for flowers. needless to say, i'm terribly excited. you can hear the first single, "the cheapest key," over on her myspace page.]
Public Enemy - "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" [from it takes a nation of millions to hold us back. okay, now, since i dropped the ball on explaining the theme here: the edwards song is about sending someone to jail, this song is about being in prison. though chuck d.'s reasons for being in jail are much more noble. this is probably my favorite public enemy song, which is no mean feat.]
the Pharcyde - "Officer" [from the endlessly enjoyable bizarre ride II the pharcyde. this song apes "black steel.." in its opening lines ("i got a letter from the DMV / the other day / i opened it, read it, and said they were suckers..") and ends up begging for forgiveness from the officer who pulls him over for driving without a license. hilarity ensues. or something.]
Bruce Springsteen - "State Trooper" [from nebraska. here the narrator begs the state trooper not to pull him over, though his reasons are desperate and on edge. it's an amazingly tense song, further driven by the tight, dulled guitar strumming of the song.]
Angels of Light - "Black River Song" [from we are him. angels of light are pretty intense, as is everything michael gira does. i didn't give this album a fair, full listen in 2007, but i should rectify that.]
Avail - "Fast One" [by request. from one wrench. i don't normally play avail and i probably won't again, but i try to be a good dj.]
Tyrone Davis - "I Keep Coming Back" [from turn back the hands of time. i first heard this song as the cover version by the afghan whigs (look out for that next week) and when i dug up the original, found one amazing song.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Don't Look Back" [from grand prix. i felt like letting teenage fanclub give tyrone some advice. you keep coming back, tyrone? well, don't look back, buddy! pillar of salt and all that good stuff, you know.]
Alkaline Trio - "Take Lots With Alcohol" [from from here to infirmary. for sarah, even if she does hate this album.]
Radiohead - "I Can't" [from pablo honey. i recently commented somewhere that i had sort of written off this album years ago, especially in light of radiohead's subsequent major works. but i finally (again, thanks to my mp3 player) decided to revisit it and found a pretty sharp, early 90s britpop album. there are elements of this song that recall the stone roses and other things, but mainly what you're hearing is a band getting its footing. getting its footing rather quickly, sure, but all the same. as fantastic a developmental portrait of a group of artists as you can ask for.]

That's it for this week. Check back on Friday for the return of Notes From Underground and next week for the album reviews. Until then, Go Heels and Go 'Skins (since my Panthers are a no-show), and take care.



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