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Thursday, January 10, 2008

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 9th January 2008

[Tonight was a fantastic show, fueled by a sense of mayhem (hah!) with the trivia question and a lot of other giddy fun. Lots and lots of great new music (the industry didn't take too much time off, that's for sure) and old classics as well.

Congrats to Adam who won tonight's $15 gift certificate to BB's New and Used CDs and DVDs. If you want to read about the whole kerfluffle over the trivia question, scan down to my commentary about The Whigs' "Right Hand on My Heart" in this post. It's worth a look.

Now, as 2008 gets off to a roaring start, let's go. Onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 9th January 2008 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Future of the Left - "Small Bones Small Bodies" [from curses, which the fine folk at cokemachineglow named their # 2 album of 2007. not a bad choice at all.]
Radiohead - "Electioneering" [from ok computer. perfect for the primary season, plus, it was announced that charlotte is one of the north american cities due for a stop on their summer tour of the states. when and what venue has yet to be leaked, but just having them in north carolina is making me giddy.]
the Hives - "Tick Tick Boom" [from the black and white album. i got in a mood to make this opening set a big rockin' one, so while i don't play the hives much (if at all), this song seemed appropriate.]
Placebo - "Scared of Girls" [from without you i'm nothing. a really stellar album. my lone time seeing placebo here in north carolina (way back in '99), they opened with this pounder. great, great stuff.]
Citified - "Read Like a Number" [from the meeting after the meeting, the forthcoming EP from greensboro's own. readers know how much i enjoyed the first citified release back in '05, naming it my # 11 album of that year. this EP is even better. look for a review of it closer to its release date in late-february.]
Bill Callahan - "Diamond Dancer" [from woke on a whaleheart, a fitting album to play things off of given my moby dick themed christmas this year. (ask me sometime if you really care.) got a call about this one and it's quite a song. this album was a bit of a departure from his (smog) persona, but not by much.]
Hezekiah - "I Predict a Riot" [the title track from his 2007 release. a pretty solid piece of positive-minded hip-hop with political tinges. we should hear more.]
the Replacements - "Gimme Noise" [from stink. when paul yells out "brother, get a fuckin' load of this!" and bob stinson rips into that solo? it's like heaven dawns for just a minute. like gallahad seeing the holy grail. oh, so wonderful.]
the Whigs - "Right Hand on My Heart" [from the forthcoming mission control which is out january 22nd. first, as always, a hat tip to aquarium drunkard for posting about this song. now, tonight's trivia question was: name the last whig president. my (somewhat) misguided information was that the answer was zachary taylor, and that's what our winner said. however, steve-o, fellow DJ and myspace friend (4-ever), claimed it was millard fillmore. upon researching it, fillmore was indeed the last whig president. however, taylor was the last elected whig president - fillmore replacing him upon his death and not winning re-election. so while i goofed a bit, i wasn't that far off. still, tons of callers on this one. which overshadows how really awesome this song is. i'm seriously psyched for this album. listen to my interview with the whigs from the spring of '07 in the meantime.]
Shalini - "Gloria in Transit" [from the surface and the shine. i think shalini called in to try and answer the trivia question (we have caller ID at the station and her last name is unique enough, i don't know anyone else with that name would be calling). so, i played this for her valiant attempt.]
Del Amitri - "Not Where It's At" [from some other sucker's parade. my favorite del amitri album and probably my favorite song by them. although i have my theories about it. "i don't have my finger on / the pulse of my generation / i've just got my hand on my heart / i know no better location." you think you can top that line? no, you can't.]
the Cashmere Blackout - "Revolution Number 10" [did someone say downtown morganton? 'cos these guys are from there! another of those rare, unsolicited myspace bands that actually turn out to be good, and from my own state, no less. cruise over and check out their music.]
Marah - "Wild West Love Song" [from angels of destruction! which was released yesterday. i reviewed their EP late last year that was a teaser for this record, but it doesn't really prepare you. look for a review of this album probably next week. it's good. really good.]
Geraldine Fibbers - "California Tuffy" [from butch. i meant to play their cover of can's "you doo right," but got lost and went with this instead. maybe next week.]
Brad Laner - "Find Out" [from neighbor singing. laner is mostly known to me by the band lusk, though he's done a lot of work with various musicians i know (most notably, ken andrews of failure), so his debut solo record is a stunning modern pop dream. i missed it coming out last year, so i'm catching up.]
the Smashing Pumpkins - "Spaceboy" [from siamese dream. thanks to a friend i've been reading the comic series the umbrella academy which is being written by a member of my chemical romance. as much as this sounds like a recipe for disaster, it's one of the most enjoyable comic series i've read recently. there's a character who is called 'spaceboy,' so i immediately thought of this song. gorgeous.]
Jim White - "Crash Into the Sun" [from transnormal skiperoo which i reviewed this week. i have to go back and update my review of the album as it grows on me more and more. i really do believe it to be white's best work to date which is high praise, believe you me. check out the review to hear some more songs from the album. due in stores march 4th.]
Ham 1 - "Hare Lipped Bust" [from the captain's table. this athens, georgia band is the real deal, though i really need to give this album more of a listen.]
the Damnwells - "Heartbreaklist" [from air stereo, the great lost album of 2006. i missed out on it back then (largely through awful distribution on the part of their label) and only caught up with it last year. alex dezen, the damnwells' main songwriter, just today posted some youtube videos of him doing solo versions of new songs here, here and here and all are exceptional.]
That Petrol Emotion - "Fleshprint" [the lead track from manic pop thrill which i reviewed this week. an amazing mid-80s post-punk record that shrieks to be re-discovered by people. really, c'mon now.]
Big Ditch Road - "The Jackson Whites" [the title track from their now released EP. their last full-length LP, suicide note reader's companion, was my # 5 album of 2006 and for good reason. i'm working on setting up an interview with the band, so hang tight for information on that. in the meantime, check out this song and others at their myspace page.]
Patterson Hood - "Uncle Disney" [from killers and stars. maybe when they thaw out walt they can thaw out col. sanders as well. i hear they keep him in those big buckets of chicken above the old KFC establishments. rubbed in sad ham.]
Matthew Sweet - "Dinosaur Act" [from altered beast. this is the sweet album that really loves to slip through the cracks. it's a raucous set though and really, i can't imagine him crafting a better follow-up to girlfriend. and this as the opener? get out of town.]
the Highback Chairs - "Share" [from curiosity and relief. i said 'kyle preslar' drummed for this band. there might be a kyle preslar somewhere, but he, nor minor threat member lyle preslar, ever drummed for this band. i'm confused and i need to take better notes. jeff nelson, minor threat's drummer, played for this power-pop band that was signed to dischord. awesome. i think i also stated this EP was their only release. also false - they had a full length LP that preceded this EP. sloppy research - no excuse for it. still, this song is amazing. so is this band.]
Richard Hawley - "Serious" [from 2007's lady's bridge. another sharp record from a really sharp songwriter - this is crooner pop done really, really right.]
the Graves of Fairmount - "For Liz" [from calendars & casualties EP. from up in chapel hill, a sheer delight. i love north carolina music.]
Elliot Smith - "Rose Parade" [from either/or. elliot smith is one of those artists who, because i wasn't already into him when the hype over his music and the eventual tragedy of his untimely death hit supernova stage, i took a decided step backwards in order to give him a fair shake later. though i do remember my friend, ali, playing this album (and especially this song) on a road trip to see belle and sebastian in washington, d.c. some years ago. and i liked it then. i like it even more now.]

That's it for this week. Check back on Friday for Notes From Underground and if I don't see you at Yo La Tengo tomorrow night, go Heels, and take care.



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