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Thursday, February 21, 2008

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 20th February 2008

[A bit of a self-indulgent show tonight, as if there's any other kind. The members of Citified came by the studio to chat about their new EP, the CD release show this Friday at the Flat Iron here in Greensboro, and helped pick out most of the songs for tonight's show based on picks by each member of the band. Pretty good taste, I'd say.

I say at the beginning of the podcast that I was going to give out the BB's New and Used CDs and DVDs gift certificate and then proceeded to completely forget to do it. That will return next week.

Now, while we can, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 20th February 2008 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Kathleen Edwards - "The Cheapest Key" [from asking for flowers, her forthcoming third album due out march 4th. i got my advance copy in the mail today from the nice folks at rounder records and thus far it's pretty impressive. i'll have a review of the album up the week of its release. and in the meantime, we'll be hearing more each week on the show. she'll be in asheville at the grey eagle on wednesday, april 16th.]
Drive-by Truckers - "3 Dimes Down" [from brighter than creation's dark. a classic mike cooley song - gritty and rockin' and fun, to be sure. they'll be at the orange peel in asheville on saturday, march 29th.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "Almost Ready" [from beyond. by request, for sarah. a really, truly great rock song, i must say.]
Sons and Daughters - "Split Lips" [from this gift. pretty interesting scottish band with a mix of folk and indie-rock sounds. we'll have to hear more.]
the Whigs - "Like a Vibration" [from mission control. great, great rock and roll. they'll be opening for the drive-by truckers at the previously mentioned asheville date.]
Times New Viking - "The Wait" [from rip it off. the most lo-fi sounding thing i've heard since, well, ever, really.]
Citified - "Weddings" [from the meeting after the meeting which i reviewed this week. the new EP will be available for purchase online in late march, but the band will begin selling the record at shows this friday. they'll be playing with fistfight and tin star starting at 9pm on friday at the flat iron.]
Citified - "Read Like a Number" [all the songs tonight by citified are from the new EP. this is a song that's available for download from their myspace page.]
George Jones - "Saginaw Michigan" [after each song by citified, i played songs they pre-chose as examples either of music they find influential or music they just really enjoy. this was chosen by bassist frank kane. you can hear each member talk about their choices on the podcast.]
The La's - "Timeless Melody" [from the la's, a favorite record of mine as well. this was chosen by singer/guitarist chris jackson.]
Citified - "KL Gala" [from the new EP.]
Neutral Milk Hotel - "Holland 1945" [from the legendary, magnificent in the aeroplane over the sea. this was chosen by drummer eric ussery.]
Deerhunter - "Hazel St." [from cryptograms. chosen by guitarist diego diaz. a side project of deerhunter, atlas sounds, was playing tonight at local 506 in chapel hill.]
Citified - "Mascot" [from the new EP.]
Echo and the Bunnymen - "A Promise" [from heaven up here. echo is one of the bands that i think about as one of the best comparisons for citified's sound. chosen by chris jackson.]
Alice Cooper - "Under My Wheels" [from killer. influences aren't always so much about actual sound than they are about style and perspective. frank kane chose this one and he talks about it on the podcast.]
Citified - "Line the Streets" [from the new EP.]
Cody Chesnutt - "The World Is Coming to My Party" [from the headphone masterpiece. chosen by eric ussery, who wanted the chesnutt track "bitch, i'm broke" instead, but the FCC might've frowned on that a bit.]
New Order - "Ceremony" [from substance. another choice by diego diaz. an early new order song that actually had its origins as a joy division song before ian curtis' death.]
Mott the Hoople - "I Wish I Was Your Mother" [from mott. i haven't spent a lot of time listening to mott the hoople, but this is a pretty great song. thanks, frank, for hipping me to it.]
Dead Meadow - "I'm Gone" [from old growth which i reviewed this week. dead meadow played at square one tonight along with greensboro's own tiger bear wolf.]
Let's Active - "Won't Go Wrong" [from big plans for everybody. another choice by chris jackson.]
the Twilight Singers - "Teenage Wristband" [from blackberry belle. greg dulli and mark lanegan's record as the gutter twins, saturnalia is due out soon and there's a highly amusing interview with them up at the onion's av club.]
the Modern Lovers - "Government Center" [from their self-titled debut. jonathan richman will be at the grey eagle in asheville on friday, february 29th.]

That'll do it for this week. Thanks to the guys from Citified for helping put together a great set of songs and for coming in to talk. If you're in the area, come on down to the Flat Iron this Friday at 9pm for their CD release show with Fistfight and Tin Star. I'll be back on Friday with Notes from Underground, so until then, take care.



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