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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick [sic]

So, my apologies for the lack of Notes From Underground this week and an advance apology as there will be no Now Departing review tomorrow either. I started feeling kind of ill on Thursday evening, and thinking I could finish the column on Friday, I put it off. When I got home from work on Friday I had a fever of 101.5 degrees, so obviously doing anything other than crawling into the shower and shivering from how cold I was out of the question. I'm taking tomorrow off to help me recuperate a bit more and I'll be back on Tuesday with this week's Return Trip.

In the meantime, a couple of songs to tide you over. The first one's a bit obvious, but what better to cure me than some thick, dirty grunge?

Mudhoney - "Touch Me I'm Sick" (from Superfuzz Bigmuff)

Second, going back to my discussion the other week about Kurt Wagner and Rufus Wainwright's respective covers of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel #2," I dug another version out of my ever revealing CD collection and thought I'd share. This one from Messr. Josh Ritter and released on a bonus disc with his 2003 album The Golden Age of Radio.

Josh Ritter - "Chelsea Hotel #2"

See you on Tuesday!



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