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Thursday, May 08, 2008

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 7th May 2008

[Welcome to a very special edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - not because of the show, per se, but because this blog post is the 400th post in this blog's illustrious history. The number of posts have certainly picked up since I started doing four posts a week, but it still feels like a pretty serious accomplishment. Onward to 500!

Congratulations to Chris who knew that Ric Ocasick was the producer of Nada Surf's debut album, High/Low. He won himself a $15 gift certificate to fine folks at BB's" New and Used CDs and DVDs over in the Quaker Village shopping center. I give that prize away every week at the beginning of the third set, right around or after 6:30, so tune in for your chance to win.

Now, let the four hundred celebration begin. Onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 7th May 2008 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Drive-by Truckers - "3 Dimes Down" [from brighter than creation's dark. the truckers are playing back-to-back nights at the cat's cradle in carrboro on tuesday and wednesday, may 13th and 14th. i will (knock on wood) be doing an interview with them on that tuesday, which ought to air the next week here on the show.]
Helmet - "Milquetoast" [from betty. going back and listening to helmet now, they were obviously one of the progenitors of the horrendous neu-metal movement of the late 90s, but paige hamilton's vision of rock still sounds so enjoyably brutal.]
Dizzee Rascal - "Sirens" [from maths + english. finally released here in the states, thank you very much, def jux. one of my favorite albums of '07.]
the Hold Steady - "Chips Ahoy!" [from boys and girls in america, one of my favorite albums of '06. their new album, stay positive, is due out in july. i'm clamouring at the bit already.]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Today's Lesson" [from dig, lazarus, dig!!! i've heard nothing but great things about this record, and this song is quite snazzy. we'll be hearing more.]
Blur - "There's No Other Way" [from leisure. blur's debut is not, by any means, the equal of any of the albums that followed (at least up through the self-titled album), but it sure is a delicious slice of early-90s dance rock. i've made this comparison before, but blur and st. etienne were crafting surprisingly similar music at this stage and they were both a joy to listen to.]
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "This Land is Our Land Redux" [from cipher. i was turned onto this band last year and this, their new album, sounds every bit as powerful as their previous ones, only with even more energy and barmy gusto.]
Son Volt - "Jet Pilot" [from okemah and the melody of riot. i've completely come around on my original opinion of this album (read: disappointing and blah) to find it actually a pretty solid entry in the jay farrar canon. the search was still a lot better.]
Nada Surf - "Ice on the Wing" [from lucky. nada surf is nothing if not consistent. they've been crafting really solid indie-pop albums for a number of years now. nothing has quite stacked up to the greatness (and really, the surprise of it was a huge factor) of let go, but there's really nothing wrong with any of their albums.]
That dog. - "Minneapolis" [from retreat from the sun. one of my favorite songs by this band. it's wistful and hopeful and reminiscent and, well. just great.]
the Raconteurs - "The Switch and the Spur" [from consolers of the lonely. i'm enjoying this record a lot, i must say. that's all.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Cold Son" [from real emotional trash. one of the best records of the year? right now it's in my top 10, maybe even top 5 of this year. i think the argument that this is malkmus' best post-pavement work is without question.]
Bombadil - "Julian of Norwich" [from a buzz, a buzz, which i reviewed this week. go read my review and we'll be hearing more. huzzah for more great north carolina music.]
White Whale - "We're Just Temporary Ma'am" [from wwi. i hadn't played anything off this record in awhile, but man it's good. i don't know what it is. just great indie-rock.]
R.E.M. - "Living Well is the Best Revenge" [from accelerate. i've been told by people that this record is really genuinely good. i like this song a lot. i haven't heard more yet.]
Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons - "Where's the Freedom?" [the title track from one of my favorite albums of 2007. sadly, the top buttons have departed adam at this point, but hopefully there will be more goodness.]
Billy Bragg - "I Keep Faith" [from mr. love and justice, billy's first album of new material in quite some time. i've really enjoyed everything i've heard. he's such a unique songwriter, it's hard not to like him.]
the Black Angels - "Young Men Dead" [from passover. this got past me in 2006, but man, too good, too good. if you've enjoyed black mountain, you'll find something to like in these guys.]
Supergrass - "St. Petersberg" [from road to rouen. supergrass's failure to gain the broader recognition of their britpop brethren has to be frustrating. they've been more consistent than so many other bands at making great music and, aside from the "because the video was really wacky" success of "pumping on your stereo," stateside praise has been elusive. sad.]
Sera Cahoone - "You Might as Well" [from only as the day is long. for cynthia, who hopefully was listening, since she asked me to play her something.]
Dawn Chorus - "Dust" [from the forthcoming florida st. serenade. jeez. louise. i can't. get this song. out. of. my. head.]
Elf Power - "Spiral Stairs" [by request. from the new in a cave. an ode to the pavement guitarist? who knows. pretty good elf power stuff though.]
Heartless Bastards - "Brazen" [from all this time. i love this band and hope they have something new coming down the way. it's been nearly two years.]
Vic Chesnutt - "Degenerate" [from about to choke. this song is flat out one of chesnutt's best, period. he is a remarkable artist.]
Jim White - "Pieces of Heaven" [from transnormal skiperoo. and if things work out (knock on wood), i'll be following up that truckers' interview with one with jim white. oh, yeah, it's a good time for interviews around here.]
Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Rollerdisco" [from dandelion gum. it's summertime nearly again and it's time to break out the summertime jam album of 2007. this is note perfect, sunny day, windows down music. get on it.]

Thanks to all of you who read the blog on a regular basis - the commenters and readers make this such a great place to talk about music and to interact with other lovers of pop music and music in general. Thanks for making the first 400 possible and here's to another 400 and then some. See you on Friday for Notes from Underground and post # 401. Until then, take care.



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