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Thursday, September 11, 2008

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 10th September 2008

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Tonight was an awesome interview with 2/4ths (or 1/2) of Greensboro's own Dawn Chorus. Andrew Dudek and Zachary Mull stopped by to talk about their upcoming CD release show this Friday at Square One here in Greensboro. They played a handful of live songs as well and you can check those out below.

The podcast is in two pieces this week - sorry. Problems with some not very good batteries that I picked up, but at least the whole show is there. The interview is split in two as a result.

I'm off this weekend to Denver, Colorado for the Monolith Festival which I am covering for Aquarium Drunkard. Going to be seeing tons of bands, so hopefully I'll bring a lot of good things back for you as well.

Now, let's get into it. Onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 10th September 2008 Show - Part One ; Part Two

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Matthew Sweet - "Byrdgirl" [from sunshine lies which is now out. i haven't gotten a chance to dig through the whole thing yet, but what i hear sounds like pretty typical matthew sweet. in other words, great stuff.]
the Tragically Hip - "Don't Wake Daddy" [from trouble at the henhouse. i've had this stuck in my head for a few weeks. the live version from the live between us album was what i was kinda hoping to play, but this one works just as well.]
Giant Sand - "Belly Full of Fire" [from proVISIONS. if you missed my interview with howe gelb of giant sand the other week, go check it out.]
David Byrne and Brian Eno - "Strange Overtones" [from everything that happens will happen today, their first album together since their early 80s collaboration my life in the bush of ghosts. really awesome stuff. i haven't had a chance to hear more than this song, so hopefully i'll get the rest soon.]

[Here's where the Dawn Chorus interview took place. We talked about their history, their new album, working with Brian Paulson, influences, what a band has to do these days and we played some songs off of the new album as well as some live songs both new, old and unreleased. Check the playlist below.]

Dawn Chorus - "I'm Cured!" [from florida st. serenade. this is the lead track on the album.]
Dawn Chorus - "Got Some Blood on My Shirt" (live) [this song is originally from their second dawn chorus album which you can download for free. it's long been one of my favorite of theirs. click here to download.]
Dawn Chorus - "Whitman's Sampler" [from florida st. serenade.]
Dawn Chorus - "Carly Anchovy" (live) [originally from their new album. i like this version of what, on the record, is a pretty rockin' number. click here to download.]
Dawn Chorus - "Freeing Feeling" (live) [only currently available on their dotmatrix project live album, so this is a rare song for them and a different version, very simple in comparison. click here to download.]
Dawn Chorus - "Too Many Traps" (live) [and then, a completely unreleased song - one that the band says could be destined for their next album, but isn't even completely worked up by the band yet. very cool to hear. click here to download.]
Dawn Chorus - "It's Human" [from florida st. serenade. a great way to go out on the interview.]
the Broken West - "Perfect Games" [from now or heaven. any hesitance i expressed about this record were me being completely foolish. buy it now. it. is. incredibly. awesome. great, solid songwriting and this song is a perfect example of how right on this record is.]
the Avett Brothers - "The Greatest Sum" [from the gleam pt. II. they'll be at monolith this weekend, so i'll finally get a chance to say hi!]
Sugar - "A Good Idea" [by request. from copper blue. though this did cause some discussion about recent bob mould records and processed, cher-like vocals.]
the Clientele - "Share the Night" [from their new EP, that night, a forest grew. wicked good stuff.]
Benji Hughes - "So Well" [from his album a love extreme. this guy is from charlotte, apparently. who knew.]
the World Record - "Serious" [from their self-titled album. god bless power pop and rock and roll.]
Massive Attack - "Safe from Harm" [from blue lines. is this not devastatingly good? really makes you want to do something. not sure what, but it does.]
Blitzen Trapper - "Black River Killer" [from furr. i didn't mention this song's title on air because i didn't think i was going to get to it, but listen - this album is one of the best of 2008 so far. no lie. check out my review and see what you think.]

That'll do it for this week. Notes From Underground may be taking another week off since I'll be at Monolith, but otherwise, I'll be back next week. Until then, Go Panthers (Oh, man! What a week one!), and take care.

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