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Thursday, September 04, 2008

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 3rd September 2008

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. A programming note - I was forgetful and forgot to get more batteries, so the lone battery I rescued turned out to fall a bit short of needs. Thankfully the podcast cuts off about 20 seconds before the end of the last song of the show. Phew. Not too bad.

BB's New and Used CDs and DVDs' last day open is this Friday. Everything is 75% off and there are still good things left, honest. I walked out of there with a stack of six or seven CDs and a DVD for about 30 something dollars. Good things during bad times. Go help them out.

Now, while the gettin's good, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 3rd September 2008 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Streets - "The Escapist" [from the forthcoming everything is borrowed. anyone have an american release date on this? i may hold off on playing anything else until i can get some other tracks off the album. i'm salivating, skinner. i hope it pays off.]
Catherine Wheel - "Texture" [from their debut album, ferment. the catherine wheel have gotten kind of lost in the shuffle of the ensuing years and subsequent less stellar albums, but ferment is a top tier album of the 90s. hazy and gorgeous and every bit as engaging at times as anything my blood valentine was doing.]
Robert Pollard - "The Blondes" [from robert pollard is off to business. i guess i need to just buy this album already because i'm enjoying every song i've played off of it. you win, bob.]
Jurassic 5 - "What's Golden" [from power in numbers. though chali2na's part in this song is woefully small, he nails the entire song down with "well, it's the verbal herman munster" line. classic.]
Blitzen Trapper - "Gold for Bread" [from the forthcoming furr album, their first for sub pop. and from what i've heard so far - get ready. every bit as good as wild mountain nation was. can't wait to see them at monolith.]
the Damnwells - "What You Get" [from bastards of the beat. i was revisiting the damnwells catalogue this weekend and lo and behold, their new album is almost finished. this is a criminally underrated band and if they put out another album as good as this or air stereo, the universe will be at fault for not making them huge. just sayin'.]
Sloan - "Witch's Wand" [from parallel play. i like sloan a lot, but there really is a point where their albums become sort of interchangeable. scold me if i'm wrong about that, but is there any particular reason for me to put on this album versus one chord to another?]
Dawn Chorus - "I'm Cured!" (live) [from the dotmatrix project live album. andrew and zach of dawn chorus are my guests next week live on the show, so tune in for some good times. their album release party for florida st. serenade, the album this song originates from, is friday, september 12th at square one here in greensboro.]
the Broken West - "Terror for Two" [from now or heaven. i've been picking somewhat misleading tracks off of this album - things more in line with the uber-power pop of their debut. i'll get on something more specific next week.]
Pulp - "The Night That Minnie Timperley Died" [from we love life. raucous and groovy and man, i love this song. i love pulp. pulp forever.]
Colour Revolt - "A Siren" [from plunder, beg and curse. another band i'm looking forward to seeing at monolith. from oxford, mississippi, spelling of 'colour' aside.]
Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal" [from their self-titled LP. i'm still not sure what to make of this band. do i need to see them live? would that convince me? anyone?]
Paul Westerberg - "Finally Here Once" [another internet release from paul. i wrote about it over at aquarium drunkard, so check that out over there. as i said, maybe he really ought to put a screwdriver through his hand more often.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Debonair" [from gentlemen. jeez. speaking of top tier albums of the 90s. "it's locked its jaws and now it's swallowing" is a mesmerizing line.]
J's Indie/Rock First Times - Kurt Wagner - Click to listen. [i interviewed kurt wagner of lambchop last week for aquarium drunkard and you can read the results here. it's a funny and fun interview, i think. i also got kurt to contribute to the my first time feature and he talked about his first concert - in the court of the crimson king-era king crimson. intense.]
Lambchop - "Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King" [from OH (ohio). in the interview i talk with kurt about this song in particular, and i like our discussion about it. it's a great song.]
Bash and Pop - "Friday Night (Is Killing Me)" [the title track from their only album. bash and pop drummer, and replacements' drummer, steve foley died this past week at the age of 49. check out last week's notes from underground for more. foley was an amazingly good drummer and his (and tommy stinson's for that matter) finest hour might be this song. rest in peace, steve.]
Liam Finn - "This Place is Killing Me" [from i'll be lightning. liam will be at local 506 in chapel hill this sunday, september 7th. and also at the monolith festival. i am blessed.]
Small Cities - "This City" [from their self-titled EP. not a terribly interesting song, but it wasn't offensive or anything. hate to give a lukewarm review, but i hadn't heard these guys before. so. yeah.]
the Mountain Goats - "This Year" [from the sunset tree. i adore this song immensely and the mountain goats have a new one coming out later this year. good times ahead.]
the Veils - "One Night on Earth" [from nux vomica. the veils will be playing with liam finn at local 506, so be there or be terribly square. god, i'm excited for this show.]
Jolie Holland - "Mexico City" [the lead track from the forthcoming the living and the dead, due out october 7th on anti. her last two records have been gorgeous, so i expected nothing less from this one.]
Josh Rouse - "It's the Nighttime" [from nashville. the first time i heard this song, that swelling harmony of "don't let go of my love" in the closing chorus just about killed me. still does.]
Josh Ritter - "Kathleen" [from hello starling. for sarah. and if there's a better written verse in recent memory, i'd like to see it: "all the other girls here are stars / you are the northern lights / they try to shine in through your curtain / you're too close and too bright / they try and they try but everything that they do / is a ghost of a trace of a pale imitation of you.." just amazing. this is the moment i knew he'd arrived as a songwriter.]
Julie Ocean - "There's a Place (In the Back of My Mind)" [from long gone and nearly there. they'll be at local 506 on tuesday, october 7th. woo! like what i did there with that mingling of artist names? jolie/julie, josh ritter/rouse? yeah, i did too.]
Calexico - "Man Made Lake" [from carried to dust. so, in a completely weird situation, marty, one of the other contributors at aquarium drunkard, ended up getting to interview joey burns of calexico. that's what i get for announcing weeks ago that i was going to do that. his interview is great, though and well worth reading.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back on Friday with Notes from Underground and next week with more show. Until then, Go Panthers! (Yes! It's football season!) and take care.

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