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Thursday, November 13, 2008

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 12th November 2008

[A fantastic episode of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem tonight, even if I do say so myself - and I do! I love the interviews and various things I get to do, but it's also great to come in, guns blazing, and lay out two solid hours worth of great new and classic music. Great times indeed.

I might be having another set of people up next week for this month's Dotmatrix Project show - Hammer No More the Fingers and the Bronzed Chorus are this month's performers. It's still up in the air, so we'll see. I should also be conducting a phone interview with the band Horse Feathers in advance of their show at Guilford College next Tuesday evening. I'll be podcasting it on here even though it won't be on the show's regular broadcast.

Now, while we're young, Andrew Marvell, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 12th November 2008

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Dead Confederate - "Start Me Laughing" [from wrecking ball. they'll be in chapel hill on friday, november 28th opening for manchester orchestra. love this album.]
the Jayhawks - "Pretty Thing" [from smile. the second week in a row the second song was the jayhawks, but this song got lodged in my head earlier today and it felt right. smile surprises me how versatile an album it is sometimes.]
Murs - "Can It Be (Half a Million Dollars and 18 Months Later)" [from the new murs for president album. he was up in chapel hill last week in what was a serious quandry for my friend who had to choose between the drive by truckers/hold steady, murs and nine inch nails. intense.]
Bob Dylan - "Obviously 5 Believers" [from blonde on blonde. this song rocks a ridiculous amount for a song recorded this long ago. a long time favorite of mine that still impressed me.]
Crooked Fingers - "Cannibals" [from the new forfeit/fortune which i reviewed over at aquarium drunkard. i really like the album, even if i think i liked dignity and shame a bit more. but it's still eric bachmann crafting some amazing songs.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "The Hook" [by request from jay. from the self-titled album. i actually had been singing this song to myself last week, then jay 'dared' me to play it because of the absurd solo towards the end. little did he know. bwah-hah-hah.]
the Subways - "Strawberry Blonde" [from all or nothing. mad dog insists that this is one of the better albums of the year - and he kept telling me this was the track to go to. well, it's very good. i still don't know what i think of the album, but this song is quite nice.]
Adam Daniel - "Her Shake" [from blue pop. i can't say enough amazing things about this song. it is pop perfection. summer time road trip music if there ever was such a thing.]
Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Zodiac Girls (Pony Version)" [from the new drippers EP. this was the free track on eMusic the other day and god knows i loves me some black moth super rainbow. infectious as always.]
the Stranglers - "No More Heroes" [the title track from their 1977 album. i've talked enough about this song over the years - it's still awesome.]
Q-Tip - "Gettin' Up" [from the renaissance. you can check out the video for the song. we'll be hearing more as this is a very solid record.]
the Gaslight Anthem - "The '59 Sound" [the title track from their latest. god, i hate how good this song is. i shouldn't like this band. i'm a prejudiced, prejudiced person when it comes to music. but you know what? i like my pretentiousness! i also like this song.]
Horse Feathers - "Working Poor" [from house with no home. i keep playing this song but it's utterly gorgeous. they'll be playing here at guilford next tuesday, november 18th. more details to come.]
the Housemartins - "I Smell Winter" [from now that's what i call quite good. i can't believe i got this far into fall without playing this song. i mean, what was i thinking? the perfect onset of winter tune.]
Blitzen Trapper - "Black River Killer" [from furr. another album bound for the j's indie/rock top 25 of 2008. oh, man. next year it'll be top albums of the decade time. ooh, can you feel it? i can.]
Citified - "Haze" (live) [from their live dotmatrix project album. a really good new song that is bound for one of their upcoming EPs, no doubt.]
the Henry Clay People - "Something in the Water" [the lead track from for cheap or for free, their latest. good stuff out on the autumn tone record label, run by aquarium drunkard.]
Delta Spirit - "Trashcan" [from ode to sunshine. put this up in the running for single of the year. this is a seriously infectious and good song.]
the Church - "Almost With You" [from the blurred crusade. i haven't played the church much recently, but when i was glancing through my amazon wishlist, stocking it for the upcoming holiday, i noticed the copy of this album i'd placed on their years ago. hey! it's not an import and ridiculously priced anymore. hint hint.]
Finn Riggins - "Hraka" [from the friends and friends of friends compilation from tender loving empire records. finn riggins will be playing this friday at snug harbor in charlotte. we were trying to get them a show here in greensboro, but couldn't make it happen. i'm looking forward to the show though, definitely.]
Deerhunter - "Nothing Ever Happened" [from microcastles. i'm liking this song a lot and the album is a really solid one.]
Deerhoof - "Snoopy Waves" [from offend maggie. i went with an animal theme in this set. see? deer. good song.]
Birdmonster - "Born to Be Your Man" [from from the mountain to the sea. i'm really liking this album and am jonesing on this and "lost at sea" quite a bit.]
Toadies - "I Am a Man of Stone" [from no deliverance. best part of monday night football this season was the dallas/philadelphia game in dallas earlier this season. cue to a shot of the crowd - three dallas fanatics (god forgive them) and one of them is wearing a toadies t-shirt. it was then i remembered the toadies were from dallas. then they put out a new album.]
TV on the Radio - "Love Dog" [more from the excellent dear science. will i get railroaded if i don't include this on the year end list? hmm.]
Waylon Jennings - "The Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Wanna Get Over You)" [from waylon and willie. this song was hipped to me by a friend whose wedding i dj'd earlier this year. i'd never heard it and his description really hit the nail on the head. what a great song.]
Paul Westerberg - "33rd of July" [this was the bonus track on the japanese edition of suicaine gratifaction. i've always really enjoyed it - my parents anniversary is on the '33rd' of july (read: august 2nd) and i like the word play in it. sara hates it and i meant to give a shout out to her on the podcast. alas, i forgot. so i'll do it here.]
the Angry Samoans - "Lights Out" [from back from samoa. this song is endlessly fun and, for even more good times, check out this awesome comic drawn to illustrate the song. time to get hip to the lights out way!]
Sonic Youth - "Unwind" [from washing machine. the first sonic youth album i ever bought - on cassette - and still a favorite of mine. this song came running into my head this afternoon and i felt like it called to me. a good end to the show.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more great new music and maybe a guest or two. Until then, Go Heels! Go Panthers!, and take care.



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