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Thursday, March 26, 2009

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 25th March 2009

[Tonight's edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem was dedicated to Shane Straight, a friend of mine who died last week. Shane's passing leaves a large hole for so many people that I know, let alone in the spot where his amiable and electric nature used to reside in my own spectrum. Though tonight's show isn't necessarily representative of him, just calling him out on the air is something at least. God speed, Shane. I hope Hemingway enjoys seeing his likeness on your arm when you come rolling in.

Tonight's show featured an interview with Mr. Rozzi and Joe Pope, Greensboro hip-hop artists who will be performing at tomorrow night's Dotmatrix Project show at the Green Burro downtown at 8pm. The show is free, as always. I had a great time with the two of them including some live performances that are well worth checking out.

Now, shall we? Onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 25th March 2009 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Mastodon - "Divinations" [from the new crack the skye which came out yesterday. on any given week i might be inviting some terrible requests when i play metal, but mastodon is just too good for words. they're playing at the cat's cradle in chapel hill on wednesday, may 13th.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Jumpers" [from the awesome the woods. i think when i do my top albums of the decade show next year, that album will be well near the top. just sayin'.]
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Young Adult Friction" [from their self-titled debut. they'll be at local 506 in chapel hill on monday, may 4th. i can't get enough of these guys.]
Fountains of Wayne - "No Better Place" [from welcome interstate managers. okay. so, i don't skip "stacy's mom" anymore when i listen to this album. yet i still tend to skip "denise" when i listen to utopia parkway. thoughts on my psychosis?]
Doom - "Lightworks" [from born like this. this is doom as in mf doom. i think he dropped the mf apparently. his new album is..really good. i like the sample that builds the chorus of this song a lot. it was also produced by j. dilla. i think this guy is going to have stuff turning up for years, ala tupac.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Uptown Again" [from 1965. i love the first half of this album, up through "john the baptist," and then it takes a bit of a nosedive. i've never been into the last few songs on it and it's made it kind of a bittersweet swan song as a result.]
the Henry Clay People - "This Ain't a Scene" [from for cheap or for free. these guys were the bee's knees live, so you should catch them while you can.]
Evidence - "The Layover" [the title track from his new EP. not bad, especially considering how i gave up on dilated peoples after that really awful third LP.]
the Veils - "The Letter" [from the forthcoming sun gangs which is due out april 7th. i like this song quite a bit and it's one of the album's true highlights.]
the Box Tops - "The Letter" [from the ultimate box tops. am i remembering correctly that sonny bono at least co-wrote this song? anyway, it seemed like a good thematic follow up to the veils.]
Citified - "Landlocked" [from the forthcoming absence which they are selling tonight at their show opening for blind pilot at studio b behind the broach theatre in greensboro, downtown on elm street. their new EP is seriously good and fans of the band will not be disappointed.]
Blind Pilot - "Go On, Say It" [from three rounds and a sound. i'm really looking forward to seeing these guys tonight.]

[Here's where the interview with Mr. Rozzi and Joe Pope takes place. We had a good time talking about Rozzi's origins in battle rap and poetry reading, what it means to truly be involved in collaborations with cohorts, and whether success involves an automatic sacrifice of artistic integrity. We also listened to one recorded track and they spit live over a few recorded beats as well. I had an awesome time with these guys and know they're really going to light it up for the Dotmatrix Project show tonight at the Green Burro.]

Mr. Rozzi - "Long Ride" [a recorded track that we checked out. the video is hilarious and rozzi wasn't lying - he really is the only human in the whole bit. check it out.]
Mr. Rozzi and Joe Pope - Live Performances #1 and #2 [i'm away from my copy of the podcast at the moment, so I can't recall whether rozzi and joe gave these names, but if they did, they say them on the podcast. good stuff, all around.]
A.C. Newman - "Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer" [from get guilty. his live band is seriously tight and they put on a fantastic show at the cat's cradle last week.]
Frankel - "3 Legs" [from the ram on l.a. tribute album to mccartney's ram. all sorts of los angeles artists recording covers of the songs from the ram album. you can download the album for free so why not go grab it? you really should. while you're there, fire some coin at the no more landmines charity, one of mccartney's pet causes, as a thank you for the great music these artists put together.]
Blair - "Hello, Halo" [from the forthcoming die young. i'm so anxious for this record i could scream. auuughghhhhh!]
the Dead Boys - "Sonic Reducer" [from young, loud and snotty. god bless the dead boys and their so dumb it's brilliant punk rock.]
the Damnwells - "Bastard of Midnight" [from the new one last century which you can also download for free from the paste magazine website. it's so good. keep an eye out for my interview with the damnwell's alex dezen coming up soon.]
J's Indie/Rock First Times - Michael Lerner - Click to Listen [i know i just played this the other week, but it was worth playing again now that my interview with lerner is up at aquarium drunkard. you can read the full scale talk over there.]
Telekinesis - "Great Lakes" [from the forthcoming self-titled album due out in a few weeks. seriously, guys. this is one of the best records this year, no doubt, and it only gets better with repeat listens.]
Heartless Bastards - "Early in the Morning" [from the mountain. more goodness from those callous wedlock-lackers.]
the Pogues - "Thousands are Sailing" [from if i should fall from grace with god. i totally blanked on playing anything for st. patrick's day last week and this is the least i can do. one of my all time favorite pogues songs. i stood in the hallway of my school between classes on the 17th, with my guitar, and played the title track from this album to a pretty amused crowd of students.]
Jim White - "Jailbird" [from a funny little cross to bear EP. this song still affects me in some really amazing ways, lyrically. and it's made me ruminate on so much else that has happened recently. rest in peace, shane.]
the Replacements - "Can't Hardly Wait" [from pleased to meet me. i don't care what anyone says. i like this version - strings, horns and all. i like all the versions i've ever heard - this is a pretty undeniable song, but so many fans of the band hate this version. well, tough. it's awesome and amazing.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with tons of new stuff and more classic goodness. Until then, Go Heels!, and take care.

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