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Thursday, May 28, 2009

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 27th May 2009

[Welcome to another fantastic edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Tonight's show was awesome and a bit frustrating at the same time. I had a ton of new music to play again and couldn't get to it all because of tonight's really fun and enjoyable interview with Eating the Invaders and the Subterranean Bums, the two bands playing at the Dotmatrix Project show tonight, Thursday, May 28th, at the Green Burro in downtown Greensboro. It was a ton of fun having these guys up and the live performances are great. Make sure you take a listen down below.

I spent a bit of time at the end of the show tonight mourning the untimely and unexpected passing of Jay Bennett last weekend. Largely known for the dynamic instrumentation and sound that he brought to bear on Wilco across their amazing run of records between Being There and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Jay was also an amazing solo musician following his departure from the band. He will be missed.

Next week I'll have Lubbock, Texas' the Diamond Center up live in studio. I meant to get some of their music up on the show tonight, but wasn't able. Check out the link to their MySpace. This ought to be one of the most interesting in-studio performances I've had on the show. Next week will be something.

Now, while I recover from my brief interest in hockey to enter the long, hard slog to football season, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 27th May 2009 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Jarvis Cocker - "Further Complications" [the title track from his latest. seriously. one of the best records of this year so far. plllleeeaasseee tell me i'll have a chance to see him somewhere this summer.]
Pavement - "Date with IKEA" [from brighten the corners. why did i mis-label this album two times? who knows. still a great song. the pavement cover band from joe g.'s cover band explosion last saturday was pretty sharp. but no "stereo?" i know it's obvious, guys, but it's obvious for a reason!]
Passion Pit - "Little Secret" [from manners. ladies and gentlemen, your summertime jam of '09. for real.]
Superchunk - "Learned to Surf" [from the leaves in the gutter EP. excellent next music - their first in eight years!]
Citified - "Pencil Me In" [from absence. their new EP is finally available for purchase online. make sure you go grab your copy from eskimo kiss records.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Star Sign" [from bandwagonesque. i'm a little more partial to their later records simply because of the production, but the songs here are undeniable. ask me sometime about my 'misheard lyric' in this one. it's a doozy.]
Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise" [from eating us. look who's back! my summertime jam of '07! if you enjoyed dandelion gum, there's a lot to enjoy here, too.]
For Squirrels - "Orangeworker" [from example. a gorgeous song from a band that sadly was only able to make one record before tragedy took half the band.]

[Here's where the first interview began. Since the Subterranean Bums and Eating the Invaders share a few members, we interviewed them together, though each part of the interview focuses on a separate band. With the Bums we talked about the origins of their name, working across distance and how you fit your talents across multiple projects. Enjoy.]

the Subterranean Bums - "Monterrey (Shivers)" (live) [a really great song that let me know this night was going to be a good one. click here to listen.]
the Subterranean Bums - "Oklahoma Thunderstorm" (live) [and an even more fantastic song, this one being one that also appears on their forthcoming LP cloak and dagger, voice and brain. i really like this one especially. click here to listen.]

[Now the second part of the interview, here featuring Eating the Invaders. We got off on a bit of a tangent about Greensboro and its burgeoning music community. I know this keeps becoming a common thread of discussion in these Dotmatrix interviews and can be of only limited interest to podcast listeners outside the area, but oh well. Plus, I think the lessons we've learned about community and support and creativity here are things that can be applied anywhere, so listen all you children, a story we will tell. Plus we talked about band name origins and a few other things, but these guys are such good sports, I'll let the music speak.]

Eating the Invaders - "One Little Thing" (live) [i love the way the verses of this song seem disjointed and fractured, only to come barrelling together in the chorus. click here to listen.]
Eating the Invaders - "Carpet and Tile" (live) [this was the first ETI song i'd ever heard thanks to the fine folks at monkeywhale.com, so it was a welcome addition to tonight's show. click here to listen.]

the Subterranean Bums - "No Friend of Me" [an album track from their forthcoming release.]
Eating the Invaders - "Sink Up Zoo Avenue" [a rough recorded version of a song eventually bound for an eating the invaders record.]
Sonic Youth - "Antennae" [from the eternal. listen folks, this record is good. seriously. sonic youth fans, rejoice. it's another late-period classic from one of the greatest american bands to grace a stage.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "I Want You to Know" [by request. from the forthcoming album farm. frank sent this to me via email, but you can grab your own copy over at the band's website. the album drops june 23rd. will it be as good as beyond? we'll see.]
Blair - "Rampage" [from the forthcoming die young, except this time, people, i'm not guessing haphazardly. i have in my hot little hand an advance copy of this album, due out late summer on autumn tone records. get excited. finally i have a timeline for bamboozling blair onto my show! start lining up the tour dates - you're coming to greensboro.]
Josh Ritter w/ string quartet - "Empty Hearts" [late last year josh ritter performed a couple of shows in ireland with a 24-piece orchestra and he augmented this with a few recorded tracks featuring him backed by a string quartet. you can take a listen to this and a version of "girl in the war" over at anyone's guess. he'll be at the cat's cradle in carborro, nc this saturday, may 30th.]
Jay Bennett - "The Engines are Idle" [from whatever happened i apologize, a record jay released last year for free on the internet. you can download it by clicking here.]
Wilco - "Poor Places" (demo) [this is from the demos recorded for yankee hotel foxtrot and while this is decidedly less full than the eventual album version, it gives a great mock up of what was to come. you can grab these demos and another set of YHF demos here and here at aquarium drunkard for a limited time.]
Jay Bennett and Edward Burch - "Like a Photograph" [from the palace at 4 a.m. i included this song on a mix CD i made someone earlier this year. and it's a favorite of mine. rest in peace, jay.]

That'll do it for this week. Next week we'll be welcoming the Diamond Center into the studio for more live musical madness, plus tons of great new music. I won't be able to contain myself next week. So until then, take care.

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