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Thursday, June 11, 2009

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 10th June 2009

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. The shows these past few weeks have been just amazing with the amount of new, good music. You may have noticed the slow-down in older music being played. Usually I cycle back and forth between new and older material, but now I'm averaging only one older song per set. Amazing. This has been an avalanche year for music - and good music at that.

So, this is terribly self serving (then again, this is a blog..), but I have a few records up for auction on eBay right now that will be expiring on Friday morning - an At the Drive-In white vinyl Vaya EP, Crooked Fingers' Dignity and Shame with vinyl-only bonus tracks, the Happy Mondays' "Kinky Groovy Afro" 12" single, Radiohead's Amnesiac 10" double vinyl LP, Sleater-Kinney's One Beat with vinyl-only bonus 7" songs, Wilco's Being There sealed double-LP and Woody Allen's Volume 2 live stand-up album from 1965. There are a few others as well, so if you're in the mood to buy some good vinyl, cruise over and check it out.

Now, while the thunder is a-rollin', onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 10th June 2009 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the New York Dolls - "'Cause I Sez So" [the title track from their latest. a classy and trashy little slice of raunch and roll. the dolls have aged well, despite only having two still living members of the original line-up and this record is about as solid as a reunion record gets.]
the Beastie Boys - "An Open Letter to NYC" [from to the 5 boroughs. the boys are dropping a new one, hot sauce committee, later this summer. it'll be good to hear some new non-instrumental stuff.]
Passion Pit - "Sleepyhead" [from manners. there are about three really amazing songs on this record and your mileage may vary with the others, but your summertime playlist is seriously in need of all three.]
Sonic Youth - "Anti-Orgasm" [from the eternal. i think this is the first single off of the album. check out aquarium drunkard's review of the album and snag yourself a copy of this song as well.]
Yo La Tengo - "Periodically Double or Triple" [from the forthcoming popular songs which is due out later this summer. here's hoping this album continues in the winning streak of i am not afraid of you... do yourself a favor and see them live on whatever tour they throw together as well. it's a great experience.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Slow Fade" [from man-made, their most recent LP which is about 4 years old at this point. this record was pretty underwhelming even though it has some great songs on it, like this one. slow fade might be describing the back-half of teenage fanclub's career, sadly.]
Wilco - "You Never Know" [from wilco (the album). more good stuff from their forthcoming album. i'm liking it.]
Art Brut - "Alcoholics Unanimous" [from art brut vs. satan. you know, i think this record isn't holding up as well as i'd hoped. still some ripping good songs on it, though.]
the Roadside Graves - "Far and Wide" [from the new my son's home which is out on autumn tone records, the label run by aquarium drunkard. this is the band's fourth album and from what i've heard so far, it's great. we'll be hearing a lot more. in the meantime, check out this post over at drunkard about the album.]
At the Drive-In - "Enfilade" [from relationship of command. as i mentioned at the top, i have their vaya EP for sale on eBay - a white vinyl edition, really nice. i love this song and has always been one of my favorites from this album, which turned out to be their last and boy, have i not been interested in their projects since then. jeez. but you better believe there was some serious singing along to this chorus.]
Obits - "Widow of My Dreams" [from the new i blame you. this is rick froburg (ex-drive like jehu and ex-hot snakes) and his new band and god, i missed this guy. this is some seriously good and classic rock and roll.]
Citified - "Dutiful Scout" [from absence. the band is playing here in greensboro this friday at the blind tiger along with our horse jethro and the garragan brothers. ought to be a treat.]
Dirty Projectors - "Stillness is the Move" [from bitte orca. this is the single version of the song, so a bit shorter than the album version, but still quite interesting. i don't know if it's exactly my cup of tea, but critics are eating it up so far.]
Circulatory System - "Yesterday's World" [from their self-titled album from 2001. this is another elephant 6 project that is awfully close in membership to olivia tremor control, though not the same. they're prepping a new album for later this year. good news for lovers of great psych pop.]
the Church - "Space Saviour" [from untitled #23. this is a favorite song of mine from the new one. a really solid entry into their catalogue.]
St. Vincent - "Laughing with a Mouth of Blood" [from actor. this song has been stuck in my head all night since playing it. this is a really great record.]
Son Volt - "No Turning Back" [from the forthcoming american central dust. ledbelly references in a song can never go wrong. you can quote me on that. and this song delivers. this is a good record, y'all.]
Josh Rouse - "Women and Men" [from under cold blue stars. i had a long time listener to the station (she said she'd been listening since she was a teen - is in her 40s now) called in to ask about this one. josh rouse has a way of getting in people's brains. and this is one of my favorite songs of his.]
Avi Buffalo - "Summer Cum" [from echo residency. just found out this week that this band is playing the monolith festival in september. huzzah!]
Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers - "Long Division" [from their album songs in the night. check out both of the great videos that monkeywhale shot of these guys the other week. awesome.]
Kurt Vile - "Freeway" [by request. from the album constant hitmaker. we're going to be hearing a lot more of this guy.]
Big Star - "Feel" [from #1 record, which i again misnamed on the show. there's a 4 CD big star box set that is due out in august with a lot of rarities and live performances tucked among the original three albums as well. gold. mine.]
the Meat Puppets - "Sewn Together" [the title track from their latest. they're going to be at the cat's cradle in carborro, north carolina on sunday, june 14th. go see the legends.]
Steve Earle - "White Freight Liner Blues" [from townes, earle's new record of covers of townes van zandt songs. steve earle conversed with aquarium drunkard via email in order to talk about each of the songs he covered for this record. it's a great read.]
White Rabbits - "Percussion Gun" [the lead track from it's frightening. this is a better record than their debut. it's a good album.]
Rock Plaza Central - "Don't You Believe The Words of Handsome Men" [from at the moment of our most needing, or if only they could turn around, they would know they weren't alone. yes, you read that right. their new album drops next week. get excited.]
Grizzly Bear - "Foreground" [from veckatimist. yeah, this is seriously a contender for the best album of this year.]
Lucinda Williams - "Drunken Angel" [from car wheels on a gravel road. thought i'd go out on a serious classic that never gets old.]

That'll do it for this week. Make sure you tune in next Monday night at midnight for the next installment of Extra Mayhem. I'll be filling in for Mad Dog on the Friday Night Rock Party this Friday evening from 6pm - 8pm while he's off to Bonnaroo, so tune in for that as well. Take care.



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