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Thursday, July 02, 2009

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 1st July 2009

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. As usual for this summer, this week's show is filled to the brim with new music. I actually had to avoid some of it in order to work in some of my 4th of July themed songs, but that's how it goes. I can play more new music next week - it'll be a little dated to play more 4th stuff.

I want to share some awesome Greensboro related news - our good friends at Monkeywhale were recently named by Paste Magazine's website as one of the seven best out-of-context concert sites on the web. They were named along with other fantastic sites like Pitchfork.tv and The Black Cab Sessions - great series sites that operate on a much bigger budget. The fact that the Harvey's Kitchen series was named along with these shows just how great the work that Harvey and company are doing is compared to even some of the biggest names in music on the web. Congrats, guys!

Now, while the fuse is still lit, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 1st July 2009 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Sonic Youth - "Sacred Trickster" [from the eternal. short, punchy, kim gordon vocals. a combo that has yielded some awesome sonic youth songs over the years and this is no exception.]
the Decemberists - "July, July!" [from castaways and cutouts. since it was the first of july, it felt only fitting to dabble with some july themed songs during the show. same with the upcoming july 4th. so keep your eyes open.]
Meat Puppets - "Sewn Together" [the title track from their latest. a pretty enjoyable little record. is it bad that my expectations for late-period albums by bands is really a lot lower than for earlier work?]
Obits - "Widow of My Dreams" [from i blame you. man, i'm telling you, this record is hot. really, really hot.]
Future of the Left - "I Am Civil Service" [from travels with myself and another. this record is quite good - i said it already, but this is future of the left hitting its stride. and as the tragically hip sang, "there's nothing uglier than a man hittin' his stride."]
the Tragically Hip - "Fireworks" [from phantom power. "you said you didn't give a fuck about hockey / and i never saw someone say that before." how quaintly canadian.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "Friends" [from farm. is this one of the best records of 2009? it's awfully, awfully good. that's for sure.]
Megafaun - "The Fade" [from gather, form and fly which is due out towards the end of july. i'm so excited to hear this whole album. these guys are phoenominal and this song will not leave my head.]
Mos Def - "Auditorium" [from the new the ecstatic. slick rick does a guest verse on this and this may be one of my favorite single songs of this year. we'll be hearing more.]
X - "4th of July" [from see how we are. for cromer, who first got me to pull this out a few years ago on the 4th.]
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "The Tenure Itch" [from their self-titled debut LP. i'm so excited to finally get a chance to see them - this month at the pitchfork festival, at monolith in september and they're returning to chapel hill around that time as well.]
Sunset Rubdown - "Silver Moons" [from dragonslayer. i get what's really interesting about this music - and an obvious load of talent goes into it. but, and this is me being narrow minded, it sounds like a lot of other oddly structured indie rock and it just doesn't grab me emotionally at all. maybe it'll grow on me.]
Wilco - "One Wing" [from wilco (the album). check out the really well written review over at aquarium drunkard. this is probably my favorite song on the album.]
Ryan Adams - "Firecracker" [from gold. it might be time that i give gold the second listen it's been begging for. it was always a bit slick for my taste - with songs like this and a handful of others being standouts.]
Son Volt - "When the Wheels Don't Move" [from american central dust which is due out next week. son volt is playing at the cat's cradle on sunday, september 13th. finally a chance to see them again and where will i be? yeah, out of town.]
Citified - "Pencil Me In" [from absence. check out the fantastic off the record post the band did over at aquarium drunkard talking about the fun and interesting spots here in greensboro.]
the Handsome Family - "Junebugs" [one of the many love songs from honey moon. rennie sparks' lyrics are so sweetly macabre here that you can't help but marvel at the beauty of her lyrics.]
Slim Dunlap - "Hate This Town" [from times like this. both of slim's solo records are solid pieces of rock from a really awesome guitarist who, i think, never gets his due - hidden as he is in the long, towering shadow of bob stinson.]
the Minus 5 - "Smoke On, Jerry" [from killingsworth which is out later this month.]
Swirlies - "Who was in Scituate on the 4th of July?" [from strictly east coast sneaky flute music. this is later swirlies - 1998 to be exact. something awesome - and no longer any reason to avoid hearing this amazing band - pretty much their entire catalogue is available for download for free from the band's website. so while you can buy the records from emusic and other outlets, you can also get them for free, including probably the band's masterpiece, blonder tongue audio baton. amazing that they have the rights to all the music to be able to do that, honestly.]
Cotton Jones - "Gotta Cheer Up" [by request. from paranoid cocoon.]
Stephen Malkmus - "Trojan Curfew" [from his self-titled debut solo album. there are some gorgeous, gorgeous moments on this record. this is one of them.]
Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers - "Devils in Boston" [an awesome rocker from songs in the night. if you didn't see her two live songs over at monkeywhale, go get 'em.]
Black Flag - "Rise Above" [from damaged. i knew this probably felt a bit incongruous, but i've been re-reading parts of our band could be your life and it just felt right.]
Frankel - "Ticket Machine" [from anonymity is the new fame. gorgeous stuff, that frankel.]
Cursive - "From the Hips" [by request. from mama, i'm swollen. what an odd name. anyway, the lyrics to this song are like a thinking man's sexin'/dancin' song. or someone who thinks way too much, anyway.]
Sleeper - "Delicious" [from smart. so, while again perusing giant book sale over on wendover avenue, i discovered a couple of novels by louise wener, lead singer of sleeper. apparently she's on her third. i picked up a copy of goodbye, steve mcqueen, but haven't started yet. i'll let you know. i had a huge crush on her back in the day. her and justine frischmann of elastica. ye gads, those british women with songwriting chops.]
2 Live Crew - "Banned in the U.S.A." [the song the band recorded as a response to their double-platinum as nasty as they wanna be's ban in florida record stores. if you're not familiar with this whole debacle, it's one of the more interesting first amendment cases to erupt over music - dead kennedy's fight for the frankenchrist poster insert is another fascinating one - in recent time.]
Jay Bennett and Edward Burch - "Fireworks" [from the palace at 4 AM. a lovely song and going out with fireworks leading into the 4th.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll see you at 10 PM next Monday night for a slightly earlier edition of J's Extra Mayhem. Until then, take care.



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