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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Extra Mayhem - 10th August 2009

[We're winding down the summer here on Extra Mayhem, so I wanted to make sure these last weeks were special. Tonight's Wholesale album was a doozy, to be sure, and the theme from tonight's show was...hot...to say the least.

I'll keep it short tonight and get crackin'. Onward.]

J's Extra Podcast: 10th August 2009 Show

the Afghan Whigs - "Somethin' Hot" [from 1965. so tonight's theme was 'hot thing,' inspired by prince and by the hot weather we've had in these early, dog-days of august. immediately i thought of this song and, well, here it is.]
Cheap Trick - "Hot Love" [from their self-titled 1977 debut. i haven't really enjoyed this album as much as i have even the records immediately following it. it's a bit rough and less catchy than their later, more polished stuff. give me the big cheap trick.]
Beck - "Hotwax" [from odelay. viva la hotwax. i've been listening to or had foisted upon me a lot of beck recently. that's not a bad thing, mind you.]
Ini Kamoze - "Here Comes the Hotstepper" [from the pret a porter soundtrack. i honestly never could've thought i'd be playing this song on WQFS, but when i typed in the keyword 'hot' to search my harddrive for songs, and this was the first song that came up, how could i not play it?]
Le Tigre - "Decepticon" (BBC Sessions live) [okay. so, an apology as on the podcast i call this song "hot topic." why do i do that? because the meta-information on the mp3 that i ripped from the cd was mislabeled and said this was "hot topic." i also failed to notice it wasn't. so, yeah. goof. great live track though.]
Guided by Voices - "Hot Freaks" [from bee thousand. dedicated on the air to satisfied '75 since a) he loves gbv, b) he loves this song as the annual blog-curated showcase at SXSW is named after it and c) i can do what i want. great song.]
Mitch Hedberg - "Hot Air Balloons" [this is part of a bit from do you believe in gosh? this was the posthumously released album that came out last year. "here's my license. it's the scissors. snip. later." love it.]
the Hold Steady - "Hot Soft Light" [from boys and girls in america. this is probably my favorite hold steady album and songs like this go a long way towards reinforcing that. jeez.]
Jurassic 5 - "Red Hot" [from feedback. i've rarely been as disappointed in an album as i was in feedback. it's just as well, no offense, that j5 broke up after this because, really, c'mon. i will defend their first three LPs with ferocity. but this one..no. this song is quite good though.]
Prince - "Hot Thing" [from sign 'o' the times. i just wrote a piece about this album over at aquarium drunkard. it's a crazy, unique. sprawling and vivacious record and seriously required listening if you consider yourself open minded at all to music.]
Simple Minds - "White Hot Day" [from sparkle in the rain. i'll tell you, it's hard to dig into 80s music sometimes because of how dated the instrumentation is. and there's something about that decade specifically that the type of instrumentation used just did not carry over very well to other times. so, the great songwriting is sometimes lost amidst dealing with the sound. simple minds is a great example of that as they are, honestly, a great band. or were. or something.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Hot Rock" [from the hot rock. this was s-k's somewhat challenging follow-up to the groundbreaking dig me out and it's a bit more cerebral and less immediate than its predecessor. of course i'm drawn to it as a result.]
His Name is Alive - "Hot Tonite" [from the nice day EP. i received a nice his name is alive-related gift from my friend chris yesterday and i'll probably be sharing some of it with you on the wednesday show. stay tuned.]
the Soft Boys - "I Got the Hots" [from underwater moonlight. robyn hitchcock and company explaining how they do, indeed, have the hots. like curry for a corpse. or something. whatever.]
Rock Plaza Central - "The Hot Blind Earth" [from the excellent new at the moment of our most needing. rock plaza central is a pretty amazing band, i must say.]
Yo La Tengo - "Don't Say a Word (Hot Chicken #2)" [from electr-o-pura. what a gorgeous song. i'm pretty sure they played this when i saw them at the carborro arts center last year. when georgia sings, we listen.]
Wilco - "Poor Places" (demo) [this is from the yankee hotel foxtrot demos. i love this version of "poor places" as it shows the song as a much more sprightly and traditional version, versus the song as it became on the record. both versions are pretty stellar if you ask me.]

[Tonight's Wholesale album of the week is one of those true stand-alone masterworks of modern music. The La's released one, and only one, album and it was a doozy. Spinning off one of the most perfect pop songs ever written in "There She Goes," the rest of the album is a concentrated slice of trad-pop in the grand British traditions of the band's influences. Lee Mavers, the main architect of the La's sound, has been making noise about a follow up record for close to two decades now, but it has never surfaced. If he actually did, what sort of expectations would surround it? Would they be realistic? Would he have any hopes?

What this record does, and does well, is rehash and give individual voice to the best music of the previous 30 years in pop in England. The Stones, the Beatles, the Kinks, even the Jam are represented in fleeting sounds and snippets woven together into a distinctly British tapestry of pop. It's a timeless sounding record that could just have easily been created in the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s and that gives immense credit to the band for creating such a unique and yet indebted piece of art. Tonight's Wholesale album of the week is..]

Track Listing

1. Son of a Gun
2. I Can't Sleep
3. Timeless Melody [click to listen]
4. Liberty Ship
5. There She Goes [click to listen]
6. Doledrum
7. Feelin'
8. Way Out
9. I.O.U.
10. Freedom Song
11. Failure
12. Looking Glass

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back on Wednesday night for Indie/Rock Mayhem - tons of new stuff to parse through, so get set for a great show. Until then, take care.

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