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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 19th August 2009

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Sorry for the lack of Extra Mayhem on Monday night and, indeed, that's it for the summer. This was a shorter season of Extra Mayhem for all sorts of reasons, but hopefully I'll get another crack at it next year - maybe with an earlier time slot even.

Next week here on the show will be an interview with one of my favorite newer local bands, Decoration Ghost. They'll be up in studio to talk about the upcoming Dotmatrix Project show next Thursday at the Green Burro. It's been awhile since we've had a DMP band up in studio, so this'll be great. We're talking about having them play some stuff live, so make sure you tune in for that. They are a seriously great band and I know we'll have fun talking with them.

Now, while I'm still calming down from the beginning of football season and getting psyched for my birthday on Friday, onward!]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 19th August 2009

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Veils - "The Letter" [from sun gangs. one of my absolute favorite songs from this record. this album initially didn't grab me the way their previous album had, but it's growing on me a lot and very quickly.]
Radiohead - "The Trickster" [from the my iron lung EP. they released a new song this week that you can still hear on youtube and is quite good. really.]
the Felice Brothers - "The Big Surprise" [from yonder is the clock. didn't expect to play something this low-key this early in the show, but the song got lodged in my head and when the music speaks, i follow.]
Invisible - "Prisons" [from irresponsibly electric. i've written here a couple of times about how much i think of this band and their live shows, but i always wondered how it would transfer to a recorded LP. it's quite a good listen and we'll be hearing a lot more.]
Brendan Benson - "A Whole Lot Better" [from my old, familiar friend. did an interview with messr. benson the other day that will be going up on aquarium drunkard this week. a sharp, sharp pop record.]
the Byrds - "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" [from mr. tambourine man. this song naturally lept into my mind when i saw the title of the benson song. so, last week i imagined this pairing. and this week i did it. there you go.]
the High Strung - "Out of Character" [from ode to the inverse of the dude. a great bunch of guys who recorded their latest album as a trio. much poppier, in the classic sense, than their previous records, but really excellent. follow their tour adventures over at twitter.]
Mark Vidler/Go Home Productions - "Mick n' Carly" [from spliced krispies. we heard "main bloom" from this mash-up collection last week, but i really wanted to play some more off of it and i don't doubt we'll hear even more. go grab this thing for free from their site. great stuff.]
Vic Chesnutt - "Chinaberry Tree" [from the forthcoming at the cut. i got the advance copy of this last night and oh. my. god. vic has reunited with the group that recorded 2007's jaw-dropping north star deserter and the results are equally amazing. automatic best of 2009. no question.]
Embrace - "Come Back to What You Know" [from the good will out. not to be confused with proto-emo 80s band embrace. this is the UK britpop also-ran embrace. one of my favorite singles of the era. it's a pretty amazing song.]
Blair - "Hello Halo" [from the forthcoming die young which'll be out in october. i cannot wait. i mean, i already have it, obviously, but still. great stuff.]
Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise" [from eating us. i heard their show at local 506 was crazy. any confirmation?]
A.A. Bondy - "I Can See the Pines are Dancing" [from the forthcoming when the devil's loose. just did an interview with bondy last week that will be up on aquarium drunkard at the beginning of september. this album is amazing. really.]
the Lemonheads - "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" [from varshons, their new covers album. this is, of course, their take on the leonard cohen classic. and yes, you guessed it, this is another cover connection set like last week..]
Delta Spirit - "Lovers' Waltz" (live) [from their daytrotter session, doing a cover of an a.a. bondy song from his first album. i used to play a lot more daytrotter stuff on the show, 'cause they are amazing, but i haven't recently. i need to fix that. click here for delta spirit's session.]
Antony - "If It Be Your Will" (live) [from the i'm your man soundtrack. this is a concert film of a tribute show to leonard cohen and antony, as usual, slays this cohen classic. if you've never heard this..well..get on it.]
Future of the Left - "You Need Satan More Than He Needs You" [from travels with myself and another. seriously goofed on editing this one - which doesn't matter so much on the internet, but on the terrestrial radio..eh. a bit more. still. great song.]
the Replacements - "Can't Hardly Wait" (demo) [this was recorded in the sessions for pleased to meet me. it's a pretty rare demo version - with a synthesizer sitting in for the eventual string parts on the song's album version. the album's producer, jim dickinson, died this week at the age of 67.]
the Low Anthem - "To the Ghosts Who Write History Books" [from oh my god, charlie darwin. saw them live last week and it was seriously one of the best shows i've seen in ages. go see them live if you catch them. and buy this record.]
Polvo - "Beggar's Bowl" [from the forthcoming in prisms. great, great music. reminds me of, you know, how great out-there indie-rock could be in the 90s. and how good it can still be.]
Taken by Trees - "Greyest Love of All" [from east of eden. just got this album earlier this week and it's a gorgeous listen. we'll be hearing more.]
Travis - "Turn" [from the man who, still one of my favorite albums of this decade, despite their precipitous drop-off in quality after it.]
Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers - "Songs in the Night" [the title track from her latest. seriously. can you come through greensboro sometime, samantha? please?]
Jarvis Cocker - "I Never Said I Was Deep" [from further complications. one of my favorite 'witty' songs on this record. especially with the 'willing receptacle' line. so icky, it's brilliant.]
the Foreign Exchange - "Take Off the Blues" [from leave it all behind. while i was initially thrown by the stylistic shift of this record over their previous, i think it's slowly winning me over big time. it's a great album.]
the Roadside Graves - "God Touched Me" [from my son's home. another of the great songs that was even better live when i saw them a few weeks ago. another of my favorite records of this year.]
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - "All the Way" [from blank generation. one of the two covers from that classic album. i always enjoyed the 70s punk scene's willingness to tackle covers of songs that you wouldn't expect them to do.]

That'll do it for this week. Tune in next week for my interview with Decoration Ghost and lots of great music, as always. Until then, Go Panthers!, and take care.