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Thursday, August 06, 2009

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 5th August 2009

[Welcome to the return of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem after, basically, what amounted to my summer vacation from the show. One week. But that one week makes you jones for coming back. I get jittery when I'm out of the station for too long. Seriously.

I can't promise you all the time music intensity, but if you haven't followed the J's Indie/Rock Twitter, then you missed out on my live tweeting from the Pitchfork Music Festival and the Merge Records XX Anniversary shows. Can you afford to be out in the cold when I tweet from your favorite local shows here? I think not. So join me already!

Now, tonight's show was awesome, so while their are brass tacks on which to get down, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 5th August 2009 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Jarvis Cocker - "Further Complications" [the title track from his latest. he performed this on jimmy fallon's show the other night. you can catch videos of past episodes their site. jarvis was on last week.]
Pavement - "Stereo" [from brighten the corners. do you ever need a reason to play this song? nope. you literally don't. just do it.]
Beck - "I'm Waiting for the Man" [from the new record club thing beck and his pals have been doing. they take a bunch of people into a studio, re-record a classic album in its entirety in one day, and slowly release the results. obviously they're doing the velvet underground and nico. they've released up through "venus in furs" at this point. it's awesome stuff. you can check out a post on it over at aquarium drunkard.]
Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers - "Scissor Tales" [from the excellent songs in the night that i honestly can't say enough good things about. great americana music.]
Wye Oak - "For Prayer" [from the knot. i was a pretty big fan of their first record and from all indications, this second album is even better. i just got it, so we'll see how it stacks up soon.]
Phoenix - "1901" [from the pretty sharp wolfgang amadeus phoenix. i'm looking forward to hopefully seeing them at the monolith festival this fall. french rock is back. or something.]
the Tragically Hip - "Bobcaygeon" [from phantom power. this is my favorite hip album - something i mention every time i play something off of it on the show. but it really is an amazing record and one of the best distillations of their live sound, i think.]
the Love Language - "Lalita" [from their self-titled debut. great north carolina music. i love my home state sometimes. well. lots of times. all the time, really.]
Radiohead - "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)" [this was released today through radiohead's website. a tribute to the late harry patch, the last living british veteran of world war I. he died this week as the world's third oldest living man. the lyrics to this song are all quotes of patch. when you buy the song, a donation is made to the Royal British Legion, a UK veteran's charity. go get it.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Women Without Whiskey" [from southern rock opera. you know, the more i dig into mike cooley's songs, the more i really, really like them. he's a really great character writer and his character's voices are incredible.]
Citified - "Pencil Me In" [from absence. one of the best NC releases of this year, without a doubt.]
Jay Reatard - "Wounded" [from his forthcoming watch me fall. i need to listen to more of him, 'cos it sounds like an awful lot of fun, but i haven't taken the time yet. i'll fix that.]
the Lemonheads - "Beautiful" [from varshons. i had been meaning to pick up this new covers album for a few weeks, but hadn't. we'll be hearing a lot from this as it's a pretty solid collection of songs and interpretations by dando and company. you know this one - the linda perry song probably most famously done by christina aguilera.]
Lou Barlow - "Gravitate" [from the forthcoming goodnight unknown. interesting to see lou release this album so close to the new dinosaur jr. album. but hey, it's a completely different beast from the sound of it. so be it.]
Roadside Graves - "Far and Wide" [from my son's home. saw these guys at nightlight in chapel hill last friday night and wow, what a show. go. see. them. live. now.]
the La's - "There She Goes" [from their self-titled album. seriously one of the best songs ever written. seriously. it never gets old. ever.]
Future of the Left - "I Am Civil Service" [from the awesome travels with myself and another. one of the best aggressive records of this year and maybe i'm biased since i don't listen to a lot of this stuff anymore. as mad dog says, i just don't have that bad a day anymore. but damn these guys are great.]
Obits - "Widow of My Dreams" [from i blame you. the hot streak continues for anyone associated with drive like jehu.]
Michael Penn - "High Time" [from mp4: days since a lost time accident. this is probably my favorite michael penn album. he's an underrated songwriter. a shame his last album was so meh.]
Katy Mae - "You May Already Be a Winner" (live) [recorded live here when katy mae dropped by earlier this year. they're hopefully coming back this way in the fall, so we'll be hearing more. great brooklyn, ny band.]
Son Volt - "Jukebox of Steel" [from american central dust. the last track on the album and just about as perfect a closing song as i think you could ask for.]
the Minus 5 - "The Disembowlers" [from killingsworth. i like this record a lot - it's got a laid-back 70s west-coast country vibe to it but without, you know, sounding like the hideous eagles.]
Megafaun - "The Fade" [from gather, form & fly. is megafaun freakin' great or what? north carolina, c'mon and raise up. i know megafaun are our adopted sons, but we'll take 'em.]
Built to Spill - "Goin' Against Your Mind" [from you in reverse. this was one of the definite highlights of their set at pitchfork music festival the other week. i can't say enough good things about them. and they're going to be coming to the cat's cradle on sunday, october 18th. i'll be there for real.]
Times New Viking - "No Time, No Hope" [from their new born again revisited. lovers of lo-fi rejoice. haters of lo-fi, cover your ears. quick!]
the Moondoggies - "Changing" [from don't be a stranger. i love this song. i really ought to hear more of the record finally, considering how great this one song is. sheesh.]
Paul Westerberg - "33rd of July" [from suicaine gratifaction. since my parents' 40th wedding anniversary was this week - and it's on august 2nd, also known as the 33rd of july - i thought i'd play this track from the japanese edition of this album. great song. happy anniversary, mama and daddy.]



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