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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 23rd September 2009

[Welcome to another great edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. So much amazing music on the show tonight. I'm truly excited about it.

I want to go ahead and give a plug for the upcoming Save the Monkeywhale Festival coming up next Thursday through Saturday, October 1st - 3rd, here in Greensboro at a couple of venues. I'll be emceeing nights # 2 and 3 at the Blind Tiger (night # 1 is at Solaris). You might remember my interview in Monkeywhale's early days (read: last November) and if you haven't kept up with them, they're making some amazing work. The festival is a fundraiser for them and features a ton of great bands. Please make sure you come out to one or more of the nights and say hey if you see me as, undoubtedly, I'll be there all three nights.

Now, while I'm loaded and ready, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 23rd September 2009 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Langhorne Slim - "Say Yes" [from be set free. the lead track from his, honestly, very very good new album. i'd like to see him live again at some point since the last time i did - opening for avett brothers a number of years back - i had no idea who he was.]
Buffalo Tom - "Summer" [from sleepy eyed. this song feels strangely appropriate for the end of summer/beginning of fall for some reason. i do so love buffalo tom, though. so maybe i'm just telling myself that.]
St. Vincent - "Save Me From What I Want" [from actor. yeah, one of this year's best albums, without question. where will it end up on the list? time is coming soon!]
Ladyhawke - "My Delirium" [from her self-titled debut. this will end up on the j's indie/rock best singles of 2009 also. and not just because of the great video. it's just endlessly hooky. that chorus. man.]
Arctic Monkeys - "Potion Approaching" [from humbug. josh homme really did bring out the darker side of the monkeys for this record - i'm still wrapping my head around what i think of it versus the first two albums, but so far, so good.]
Devin Davis - "Iron Woman" [from lonely people of the world, unite! one of my favorite singles of this decade. what a perfect pop song is what i'm saying.]
Obits - "Widow of My Dreams" [from i blame you. bitchin', bitchin' music. seriously. how can you not crank this on a warm fall afternoon with the windows down? answer: you can't not do it.]
Big Star - "Lovely Day" (demo) [one of the extras from the keep an eye on the sky boxset. there's so much good stuff packed into this thing for big star fans. oh, man. well worth the pick up price.]
Paul Westerberg - "Dangerous Boys" [from the pw + the ghost gloves cat wing joy boys EP. stealthily released on tuesday without any fanfare really. it's a sharp six song collection and you can check out my review over at aquarium drunkard as well as sample another one of the songs.]
Band of Horses - "Islands on the Coast" [from cease to begin. ah, the album that made me actually like band of horses. i was really slow to warm up on their first album, but this one slew me. this song especially.]
Roadside Graves - "My Son's Home" [the title track from their excellent album out on autumn tone records. really one of the most affecting records i've heard all year.]
Shudder to Think - "X-French T-Shirt" (live) [from the new live from home LP that was recorded during their reunion tour last year. this is really one of those bands that has such a devoted cult following, but really may not make much sense outside of the 90s. but here they are anyway. nostalgia is big business, folks.]
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Ramona" [from the young adult friction EP. they'll be playing at the local 506 in chapel hill next tuesday, september 29th. i'm super excited to see them again as they tore it up at pitchfork festival this summer.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Summerlong" [from back to me. oh, mercy, how i will forever love this song. it seems to fit into late summer/early fall as well and, honestly, makes me immediately go back in time. we're getting our best of the decade stuff together over at aquarium drunkard and i think i'll be writing about this album at some point.]
Megafaun - "The Fade" [from gather, form and fly. one of my favorite singles of this year. my boys in megafaun are awesome, aren't they?]
The Xx - "VCR" [from their self-titled debut. i'm still trying to figure out what is going on here. this is truly one of the more unique indie records to drop this year and it has me a bit confused. i just need to listen more, obviously.]
Yo La Tengo - "Periodically Triple or Double" [from the new popular songs. i really wanted to play "autumn sweater" tonight and thought about making it a double bill with this new song, but eh, what'cha gonna do?]
Son Volt - "Bandages & Scars" [from okemah and the melody of riot. an album that has truly taken years to grow on me. i really didn't like it much when it first came out, but now i think it's really quite solid.]
Phoenix - "1901" [from wolfgang amadeus phoenix. gotta love that title. one of the best out and out pop records of this year, especially the first half. viva the french.]
Vic Chesnutt - "Philip Guston" [from at the cut which finally dropped this week. he's playing in wilmington, north carolina on halloween this year and i'm fairly sure i'm heading down that way to catch him and this really amazing band on tour.]
Mission of Burma - "Forget Yourself" [from the sound the speed the light. the third in a line of really exciting reunion records. bless this band.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Everything Flows" [from their debut album a catholic education. the first track from their first album. can you imagine opening your career with a song like this?]
Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers - "Songs in the Night" [the title track from her debut album. a really strong songwriter and overall great musician. let's revisit those monkeywhale videos, shall we?]
J. Tillman - "Crosswinds" [fleet foxes member with his new solo album year in the kingdom. he was doing solo work before fleet foxes and his solo work is pretty uniformly beautiful. even if he did steal my first initial.]
A.A. Bondy - "When the Devil's Loose" [the title track from his latest. bondy was seriously great at local 506 last week. make sure you catch him on tour 'cos this band he has out with him is seriously great.]
that dog. - "She Doesn't Know How" [from totally crushed out - one of my favorite records of the 90s and it's because of songs like this one. hauntingly gorgeous indie rock that they just don't make anymore.]
the Damnwells - "Like It Is" [from one last century. viva la damnwells. their golden days documentary is finally out on dvd. i can't wait to finally see it.]
Jim White - "Diamonds to Coal" [from last year's transnormal skiperoo. this song is everything that is really awesome about jim white's songwriting. truly.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week at the same time with, probably, some Monkeywhale Fest appropriate music. Until then, Go Panthers!, and take care.



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