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Thursday, November 26, 2009

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 25th November 2009

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - the Thanksgiving special. As always, my show falls on the day before the Thanksgiving holiday, so it's up to me to spend two hours talking about things for which I'm thankful. This year's show is pretty fun and chock full of great stuff.

I'll keep it short and sweet - jam on this stuff while you jam on some stuffing. Onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 25th November 2009 Show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
A.C. Newman - "Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer" [from get guilty. one of my favorite singles - of course, any newman album is a single factory.]
Obits - "Widow of My Dreams" [from i blame you. again, a single factory from this year. love this record.]
the Replacements - "Little Mascara" [from the re-issue of tim from earlier this year. i sometimes forget how great this song is, and people rarely mention it as one of the album's best songs, immediately overshadowed as it is by "left of the dial" and "here comes a regular." but great it is.]
Built to Spill - "Hindsight" [from the excellent there is no enemy. this album is chock full of great singles, too. that's my focus tonight, isn't it?]
Real Estate - "Beach Comber" [from their excellent self-titled debut. the thankful theme of this set is bands i learned about on the 'net this year. this is a prime example of a recent pick-up. of course, where do i hear most bands this year? it's not so exceptional anymore.]
Egyptian Lover - "What is a D.J. If He Can't Scratch" [from on the nile. not only did i hear this on the 'net, but it also sets up another thing i'm thankful for: sampling.]
Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf - "Red Light Green Light" [from big shots. this song uses a sample from egyptian lover's song to excellent effect. rest in peace, charizma.]
Echo and the Bunnymen - "Think I Need It Too" [from the new album the fountain which is quite good. quality bands that are around this long still making good records make me very happy.]
Frightened Rabbit - "Swim Until You Can't See Land" [from their forthcoming, still untitled album due out early next year. this is already available as a single oneMusic and from other places. the theme of this set is great concerts i saw this year and these guys blew me away at the pitchfork festival.]
Lambchop - "Slipped, Dissolved and Loosed" [from OH(ohio). i talked last week about what a great live show these guys were at the merge records 20th anniversary festival - totally stealing the show from the headlining acts, planted firmly in the middle of the night as they were.]
the Low Anthem - "Home I'll Never Be" [from oh my god, charlie darwin. easily one of the most beautiful live shows i've seen in years and if you can see these guys live, get on it.]
Vic Chesnutt - "Coward" [from at the cut. not only one of my favorite albums of this year, but one of my favorite live shows. vic and his band was in rare, amazing form when i saw them at halloween.]
Bear in Heaven - "Lovesick Teenagers" [from beast rest forth mouth. the late competitor giving a run for the top 5 albums of this year? you bet. this set had the theme of requests by friends who i am thankful for. this goes out tochris.]
James McMurtry - "Talkin' at the Texaco" [from too long in the wasteland and this goes out to jeremy. he was inspired by the new stephen king novel which apparently makes numerous references to this.]
Blackalicious - "Deception" [from nia. this goes out to michael who requested it weeks ago and i'm a bad friend and am just now getting around to it. love you, man.]
Arlo Guthrie - "Alice's Restaurant Massacre" [and this goes to rachel who requests this so her family can listen to it at thier annual night-before thanksgiving family get together. and why not?]
Telekinesis - "Great Lakes" [from their self-titled debut. this was a sampling of this week's aquarium drunkard best of the decade albums. this album isn't on the list, but it's unquestionably on the list of the best of 2009.]
the Constantines - "Soon Enough" [from tournament of hearts, the decade review of which you can read here.i've never listened to them much, but i love this song.]
the Roots - "Quills" [from phrenology which you can read about here. this was the piece i wrote about for this week. seriously one of the best albums of the decade, hip-hop or not.]
the National - "Fake Empire" [from boxer. i often feel guilty if my favorite song from an album is the opener, as ifi'm slagging the rest of the album. but holy crow "fake empire" is just such a perfect song. read the decade piece and see for yourself.]
Lemonheads - "The Outdoor Type" [from car button cloth. i mistimed my close to the show, but i did want to play this, one of my favoritelemonheads songs. during the 4 o'clock hour that i covered today i played the lemonheads' "rudderless" from it's a shame about ray, but i'll play the lemonheads all the time. good stuff.]
Beck - "Harry Partch" [long story short, this is the most awesome response to a diss i've ever heard. read the whole ridiculousness here and then try not to think beck is most assuredly the man.]

That'll do it for tonight's show. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we'll (hopefully) be up here next week with the guys from Lake Inferior. Until then, Go Panthers!, and take care.

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