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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 10th February 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I'm going to keep it short and simple. Obviously I'm back at the usual Wednesday 6pm timeslot for what is now my sixth straight year. I love this spot and it's thanks to being able to be here week in and week out that a good community of listeners and music has sprung up around the show. Great stuff.

Now, before the gas hits the fire, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 10th February 2010 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Whigs - "In the Dark" [the title track from their forthcoming album. oh, my goodness i'm excited for this album. i love the whigs. a power-house live if you can catch them. you should do that.]
the Dead Boys - "Sonic Reducer" [from young loud and snotty. the dead boys don't get much talk outside of music-nerds when it comes to the punk scene of the late 70s, but they put out a pretty awesome debut - its connections to rocket from the tomb is, of course, important as well.]
Fucked Up - "Carried Out to Sea" [from the new couple tracks: singles 2002-2009. the best name i can't actually say on the air. this is a collection of singles as it says, and it documents the band's progress over their first seven years of existence pretty well. great post-hardcore.]
Fall on Your Sword - "Captain Kirk Is Climbing a Mountain" [i'm crediting this to the site that developed this video and, thus, this song. it's brilliant. bonus footage from the stark trek V DVD?]
Vampire Weekend - "Cousins" [from contra. i'm totally won over. okay? i take back any snide looks i ever made in the direction of an article about vampire weekend. fine.]
the Lemonheads - "Stove" [by twitter request! from 1990's lovey. went and saw evan dando at tremont music hall in charlotte last night - my first show there in 8 years. dando did a great job speeding through a whole clutch of classic lemonheads tunes. this was one of them and i was super excited to hear it.]
Akron/Family - "River" [from set 'em wild, set 'em free. they'll be playing at artistika here in greensboro next wednesday, february 17th, sponsored by WUAG. definitely a show to see.]
Fever Ray - "If I Had a Heart" [by twitter request! the lead track from her 2009's debut. i guess this is where i ought to link to the best awards acceptance speech ever. yeah. there it is.]
Jason Falkner - "This Time" [from the forthcoming i'm okay, you're okay. this is falkner's fourth solo record post-jellyfish. great power pop.]
Warren Zevon - "Carmelita" (demo) [from the reissue of his self-titled debut. a nice demo version that in certain ways outclasses the more glossy studio cut. love this song.]
Tallest Man on Earth - "King of Spain" [from the forthcoming the wild hunt which will be released on the dead oceans label. this song is everything that one man and a guitar needs to be. awesome, that is.]
Arab Strap - "Haunt Me" [by twitter request! from the red thread. glad to finally get this up there for you, lis. not a bad song. i've honestly never really listened to them.]
Happy Hollows - "Faces" [from the new spells which is a dynamite album. expect to hear these guys pretty regularly for awhile.]
Placebo - "36 Degrees" [from their self-titled debut. i got this song stuck in my head a few days ago - maybe flashbacks based on the fact i was going to tremont music hall last night, the only time i've ever seen placebo live - and now it is exorcised. i have given up on following them, but those first few records are pretty dynamite. they're spottier after that.]
the Soft Pack - "C'mon" [from their self-titled debut. if you want to grab this song (and you do - it's killer), then head on over to aquarium drunkard and grab it.]
R.E.M. - "Wendell Gee" [by e-mail request. from fables of the reconstruction. this record often gets a bit overlooked in the early REM catalogue, but i like it. just sayin'.]
Gil Scott-Heron - "I'll Take Care of You" [from i'm new here which i reviewed last week for aquarium drunkard. this cover of the bobby bland song is one of three covers on the album, all of them an excellent contribution to the album's cohesive feel.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Honky's Ladder" [from black love. i've been listening to this album off and on for most of the week. i've never gotten allmusic's 2 1/2 star rating for this record. to me it's right up there with gentlemen. it's a dark, noir-laden masterwork. anyone with me here?]
Blair - "Wolfboy" [from die young. i'll have played this entire record on the show by the time i get done probably. yeah, it's that good.]
Kindness - "Swinging Party" [from their "swinging party"/"gee up" 7" single. this is the only thing the band has put out and it's a really intriguing cover of the replacements' classic. give it a listen.]
the Ruby Suns - "Cinco" [from the forthcoming fight softly. i haven't given these guys a listen before, so perhaps we'll hear more. if i'm being reductive, it reminds me of passion pit only less twee.]
Velocity Girl - "Forgotten Favorite" [from their self-titled EP. going to be writing a piece on slumberland records for aquarium drunkard soon and this band will be involved. obviously.]
Decoration Ghost - "Father's Fists" [from the haze of wine and age. they'll be playing at the blind tiger in greensboro on saturday, february 20th along with citified and a rooster for the masses. get there.]
Bear in Heaven - "Wholehearted Mess" [from beast rest forth mouth. playing at local 506 on sunday, march 7th along with cymbals eat guitars. in other words: awesome playing with awesome.]
Beach House - "Zebra" [from the new teen dream which has gotten rave reviews. we'll be hearing more.]
Charlotte Gainsbourg - "In the End" [from the new IRM record produced by beck. lovely and amazing stuff from what i've heard so far.]
Lissie - "Little Lovin'" [from the why you runnin' EP. wow - this is some straight up classic sounding country music right here. we will be hearing a lot, lot more of this. meanwhile, go grab this song over at aquarium drunkard.]
A.A. Bondy - "Mightiest of Guns" [from when the devil's loose. bondy played a daytrotter session recently and it's well worth checking out.]

That'll do it for this week. Until next week, take care.



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