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Thursday, April 29, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 28th April 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. A great, great show tonight as the members of Jews and Catholics came in, played live and talked about the new album. It was a fun time and the live performances are great.

I mentioned on my Twitter account awhile back that I was part of a podcast about the Replacements. People have heard me talk about them tons over the years, but now it was officially sanctioned for me to talk about them. The interview went up, so go check it out and listen to me talk about my favorite band of all time with the fantastic Courtney Smith from Uncensored Interview.

Now, while the raven is still like a writing desk, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 28th April 2010

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Drive-by Truckers - "Birthday Boy" [a brilliant, brilliant mike cooley song that only gets better the more i listen to it. it's the absolute antithesis in many ways of any ac/dc song about a stripper. bottom line, it's brilliant.]
X - "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes" [from under the big black sun. i imagine the title being a reference to a less hardened version of the narrator from the trucker's song. i reach for straws too much sometimes.]
Archie Bronson Outfit - "Wild Strawberries" [from coconut. this band got my attention a couple of years back with their song "cherry lips." and now they're back with a different sounding record that is brilliant in its own way.]
Matthew Sweet - "We're the Same" [from 100% fun. this was the first matthew sweet album i ever heard and it won me over for life. this song is a note-perfect love song. seriously.]

[Here's where Eddie and Alanna, aka Jews and Catholics, joined me live in studio. We talked about their band origins, how they landed on their record label, working with Mitch Easter on their new album and a few upcoming shows they'll be playing including their album release show this Friday, April 30th at the Garage and the next Often Awesome benefit show at Greene Street on Tuesday, May 18th.]

Jews and Catholics - "Trouble One Trouble Two" (live) [a song from the new album rendered live and acoustic. click here to listen.]
Jews and Catholics - "Fevers" [from the new album who are? we think we are!]
Jews and Catholics - "Thank God I Don't Live In Your Eyes" (live) [another one from the new album rendered live and acoustic. click here to listen.]
Jews and Catholics - "The Spring" [from who are? we think we are!]
the Tallest Man on Earth - "Love Is All" [from the wild hunt. if you missed the WQFeSt on saturday, you missed an amazing show from this guy. check out this video of him performing "the gardener" at the show.]
Caleb Caudle and the Bayonets - "DLMG" [from snake river canyon. one of my favorites from the new album. caleb et al. will be playing this thursday, april 29th, along with amelia's mechanics at the garage in winston-salem.]
the Replacements - "Shiftless When Idle" [from sorry ma, forgot to take out the trash. got this song stuck in my head the other week and it always surprises me as one of westerberg's best lyrical moments on this debut. "i ain't got no idols / i ain't got much taste / i'm shiftless when i'm idle / and i got time to waste." ]
the New Pornographers - "Crash Years" [from together. oh, how good it is to hear neko case on this record. i already like this album more than challengers. thoughts?]
Citified - "Pencil Me In" [from absence. citified, along with a slew of other great local bands including decoration ghost, holy ghost tent revival, filthybird and more, will be playing at the shindig festival this sunday, may 2nd, in downtown greeensboro. bands start at noon and go 'til 6 PM and yours truly will be MC'ing. come on down and have some fun.]
Pavement - "Gold Soundz" [from crooked rain crooked rain and the new quarantine the past best of collection. can't wait to hopefully see these guys this summer. i've heard the reunion shows so far have all been a blast.]
Public Enemy - "By the Time I Get to Arizona" [from apocalypse '91: the empire strikes black. in the midst of all the nonsense going on in arizona, everything old is new again. this song stirred up some controversy years ago with its video and now chuck d. has a solo song about the current mess.]
M.I.A. - "Born Free" [from the forthcoming, still untitled album. this song is ridiculously good and the video is insane. i'm salivating for this new record.]
the Church - "Spark" [from starfish. the church are going to be at the lincoln theatre thursday, april 29th in raleigh and friday, april 30th at the mcglohan theater in charlotte. they're doing a run of acoustic 30th anniversary shows and they ought to be awesome.]
Roky Erickson and Okkervil River - "Devotional Number One" [from true love cast out all evil. this new album is gorgeous and my AD cohort m. garner wrote a great piece about this song last week. truly some great insight.]
Josh Rouse - "Rise" [from 1972. old josh rouse because new josh rouse is just not that interesting. sorry. but this song. awesome.]
the Hold Steady - "The Weekenders" [from heaven is whenever. more new good stuff from the forthcoming album. anthems, ahoy!]
Lucinda Williams - "Pineola" [from sweet old world. one of my absolute favorite lucinda williams tracks and just a mesmerizing song lyrically.]
the Mynabirds - "We Made a Mountain" [from what we lose in the fire we gain in the flood. new music from laura burhenn (ex-georgie james) and her new project is fantastic. more soulful and dusty in memphis-esque versus the poppier edge of georgie james. we'll be hearing more.]
the Radio Dept. - "This Time Around" [from clinging to a scheme. i'm not sure how to describe this yet, i just know it's good. very good. swedish. how's that for an adjective?]
Josh Ritter - "Orbital" [from so runs the world away. new music from the forthcoming album. hey, josh, you should come back on my radio show again. just sayin'. you had fun last time. let's do it.]
the Cash Brothers - "Nebraska" [from so how was tomorrow? a stone-cold classic in terms of just killer songwriting and great allusions and great, great music. if you've never heard this song, well, here you go.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll see you Friday night at the Jews and Catholics album release show at the Garage and on Sunday at the Shindig Festival downtown. Until then, take care.

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