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Thursday, June 17, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 16th June 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. A fantastic show tonight, if I do say so myself. I always can feel when I think I've put together a great run of music and tonight's show certainly feels that way. If I think I've made a great mix of songs that I'd enjoy listening to on my own, that's proof enough for me.

I'll go ahead and get to it. Nothing to see here. Onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 16th June 2010

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Gaslight Anthem - "American Slang" [the title track from their newest. i already like this album more than the '59 sound. it immediately shows growth for the band in terms of quality of songwriting and breadth of style. good going, guys.]
MC 900 Ft. Jesus - "If I Only Had a Brain" [from one step ahead of the spider. as i said on the podcast, this is another of those songs that i don't know if i would even know of its existence if not for beavis and butt-head. it's a pretty likable song, i think.]
the New Pornographers - "Crash Years" [from together. about time to retire this album from regular rotation. but it'll be resurfacing on the year-end show, no question.]
R.E.M. - "Driver 8" [by twitter request. from fables of the reconstruction. @chubbyjogger wanted to hear some older stuff. and this song (and album) has been in my mind since reading mark kemp's extensive bit about it in dixie lullaby.]
Nada Surf - "Electrocution" [from their new if i had a hi-fi album. a great collection of covers. still really dig this cover of this bill fox song. great stuff.]
Radiohead - "The Trickster" [from the my iron lung EP. great, the bends-era radiohead. i pull this song out every so often to remind myself of just how different a band they used to be. awesome song.]
Gorillaz - "Stylo" [from the new plastic beach. i really enjoyed the live version of this from the colbert report with an awesome lineup playing with the band. check it out.]
the Gun Club - "A Devil in the Woods" [from miami, not an album that gets as much attention as their memserizing debut, but it's an equally brilliant record in most spots. a band well worth delving into if you have not.]
Portishead - "Chase the Tear" [the first new music from the band since their third album in 2008. this was a bit of a surprise and i'm not sure if this heralds a new album on the way or what, but i dig the song.]
the Stranglers - "Nice 'N' Sleazy" [from black and white. the opening line of this song reminds me, in structure, of the opening line of...]
Pulp - "Weeds" [..the lead track from their final studio album, we love life. so, you know how the mind makes odd connections. so i thought it proper to play them back to back. there you go.]
the National - "Sorrow" [from high violet. yet another gorgeous song from a band just plum full of them. they'll be playing in raleigh in october and tickets are already on sale. so get on it if you want to check them out. they're fantastic live.]
Blitzen Trapper - "Destroyer of the Void" [the title track from their latest. a wandering song that takes itself in multiple directions over the six minutes of running time. this band really has its hands in so many tropes of american music, it's not even funny.]
Midnight Oil - "Blue Sky Mine" [from blue sky mining. thought i'd pull this out in memory of the band's guerilla concert in front of the exxon corporate offices in 1990 in protest of the corporation not having finished the clean-up job following the valdez spill in 1989. let's hope they don't have to do the same for BP.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Into the City" [from the excellent shadows which has been getting a ton of air time in my cd players of late.]
Spacehog - "Mungo City" [from the chinese album. over at aquarium drunkard, i did a post on the band's biggest hit, "in the meantime," from their debut album. a sadly overlooked band at times.]
the Mynabirds - "Ways of Looking" [from what we lost in the fire, we gained in the flood. i'm getting ready to write a review of this album, and i decided that this song sounds a bit like some twee stuff circa the c-86 compilation. so i pulled out...]
the Shop Assistants - "I Don't Want to be Friends With You" [from anthology: 1985-1986. one of my favorite songs from the c-86 comp is by this band, but this song is a lot more high energy than that one. still, an amazing band from a very limited time period.]
Tallest Man on Earth - "The Wild Hunt" [the title track from his latest. really engaging music, even if it has its obvious roots.]
Futurebirds - "Dirty D" [from their self-titled EP. they're going to be playing at the kick-off show for athfest in athens, georgia next thursday, june 24th, at the 40 watt. aquarium drunkard is co-sponsoring the event, so i'll be there. say howdy if you are there as well.]
Wye Oak - "My Neighbor" [from their my neighbor/my creator EP. a pretty awesome EP that i downloaded awhile back but have slept on. we'll hear more. love this band.]
the Broken West - "Perfect Games" [from the excellent now or heaven. an amazing song from an amazing record that i just began revisiting after giving it the post year-of-release break.]
Woods - "Death Rattles" [from at echo lake. here's a record that is really getting under my skin. in a good way, though.]
New Riders of the Purple Sage - "Glendale Train" [from their self-titled debut. the band will be playing at the empire room in greensboro on july 8th as part of the eastern music festival fringe series. pretty awesome.]
the Love Language - "This Blood Is Our Own" [from libraries. did an interview with stu mclamb of the band yesterday and it should be up on aquarium drunkard next week. super nice guy. awesome band.]
the Teardrop Explodes - "Ha Ha I'm Drowning" [from kilimanjaro. a band i got into via pulp's jarvis cocker talking about its influence. well worth hunting down.]
Fairport Convention - "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" [from unhalfbricking. npr has had a continuing series this year called 50 great voices and this week it featured sandy denny of fairport convention. this is my favorite denny song and it truly is one of the great songs of the modern era. unbelievably sad. read about her here.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week. Until then, take care.



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