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Thursday, July 22, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 21st July 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I had a blast in Chicago at the Pitchfork Music Festival this past week. Saw some amazing shows and a few mediocre ones, but on the whole, it is, quite possibly, the best music festival going in the States right now. Priced low, lots of variety of music, a great environment and just good things all in all. Can't wait to go back next year.

Now, while I'm still enthused, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 21st July 2010 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Henry Clay People - "Glory" [from the l'aventure tribute album to television's adventure - a free download over at aquarium drunkard, though we're encouraging people to throw some money to the silver lake conservatory of music, a noble cause for some free music, don't you think? plus, people covering one of the masterpieces of television's brief career.]
PJ Harvey - "C'Mon Billy" [from to bring you my love. this album was my first exposure to ms. harvey and quite an exposure it was. i need to revisit her white chalk record sometime soon.]
Frightened Rabbit - "Nothing Like You" [from the winter of mixed drinks. i keep saying this, but it truly is one of my favorite songs of this year, without question. so good.]
the Vaselines - "Molly's Lips" [from enter the vaselines. they'll be putting out their first new album in like, i don't know. a bajillion years this fall. and they'll be on tour! coming to the cat's cradle on monday, october 11th. but they are also playing a show in D.C. at the 9:30 club on saturday, october 2nd with teenage fanclub!]
Teenage Fanclub - "Baby Lee" [from shadows. sadly they aren't coming to north carolina (what's up, merge? what's the deal?) for this tour, but they will be at the aforementioned D.C. show with the vaselines, so there's some goodness in the world.]
Ryan Adams - "Firecracker" [from gold. one of the handful of redeeming values of this album. but, hey, this album's nowhere near as bad as his last two. just saying.]
Delta Spirit - "Golden State" [from history from below. hate that i didn't have time to catch these guys while they were in town, but i'm still loving this album.]
Bear in Heaven - "You Do You" [from beast rest forth mouth. saw these guys twice while i was in chicago this past week and it was amazing both times. a truly stellar live act.]
Wavves - "Post Acid" [from the new king of the beach album. wavves is one of the bands that falls into this neo-garage genre that i haven't been sold on quite as much, but this is a really good song. we'll see how i feel about the rest of it.]
Pere Ubu - "Caligari's Mirror" [from dub housing. seriously one of the best post-punk albums ever made. and that's a pretty long list all in all.]
Blonde Redhead - "Here Sometimes" [from the forthcoming penny sparkle. they're going to be playing at the cat's cradle in carborro, north carolina on saturday, october 30th, so another chance to catch this great band.]
Luna - "Sideshow by the Seashore" [from penthouse. on the show i called this one of the best records of the 90s and i say that without any reservation. truly gorgeous.]
the Roots - "Radio Daze" [from how i got over. this is going to be one of the albums up for discussion at record club on sunday. this was my pick. just saying. it's awesome.]
the Lover Speaks - "No More 'I Love You's'" [from their self-titled 1986 album. while i take issue with the punctuation of the song's title, this is the original version. i will admit, my ignorance had me thinking this was an annie lennox original. but i was lead to think about it today after hearing the new nicki minaj song that samples the lennox version and when doing research, i found out it was a cover. so i sought out the original and there you go. that's how a day in my mind works.]
Stornoway - "The Coldharbour Road" [from beachcomber's windowsill, their forthcoming album here in the states. amazing, amazing stuff and i can't get enough of it really.]
Big Star - "Way Out West" (live) [from big star live. one of the handful of songs that andy hummel wrote for the band. andy passed away this past monday at the age of 59. he had been fighting cancer for a couple of years, but it still hits hard following the death of alex chilton back in march. this leaves jody stephens as the only founding member of the band still with us. you can check out my interview with stephens from last fall over at aquarium drunkard.]
Megafaun - "Heretofore" [the title track from their forthcoming EP out in september. this band can do no wrong in my ears. they just get better and better.]
Pixies - "Dig For Fire" [from bossanova. always one of my favorite pixies singles and a traditional song to pull out every now and then on the show.]
Black Mountain - "Old Fangs" [from their forthcoming album wilderness heart. so excited to hear they have a new one coming. i love that they and the black angels tend to release albums in the same year. good timing.]
Lake Inferior - "How the Wars Are Won" [from their self-titled EP. they'll be playing tomorrow night, thursday, july 22nd at the nightlight in chapel hill. oh, i will be there.]
Futurebirds - "Yur Not Dead" [from the excellent hampton's lullabye which will be out soon. they'll be at snug harbor in charlotte next friday, july 30th. i'll be there as well. definitely.]
Pavement - "Range Life" [from crooked rain, crooked rain. one of the absolute highlights of their set at the pitchfork festival this weekend. i was entranced the entire time.]
Girls - "Lust for Life" [from their album. another highlight performer from the pitchfork festival. truly excellent show.]
Son Volt - "No Turning Back" [by request from twitter. the other week i had a request for some son volt from american central dust, so here you go. lyrically one of my favorites from the album.]
the Love Language - "Brittany's Back" [from libraries. one of my favorite songs from the new album. did anyone go catch their CD release show at the cradle last saturday?]
Guided By Voices - "Tractor Rape Chain" [from bee thousand. so, GBV reunion tour dates were announced one day, went on sale the next, and now the chapel hill show is sold out. thankfully i grabbed a pair.]
the Shop Assistants - "Train From Kansas City" [from anthology: 1985-1986. didn't superchunk also cover this song on their throwing seeds collection? ]
Tom Waits - "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" [from bone machine. just felt appropriate for some reason. can never get enough of the tom.]

That'll do it for this week. Until next week, take care.