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Thursday, July 01, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 30th June 2010

[Welcome to a, seriously, fantastic week of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Tonight's show is jam packed full of great new stuff, classic older stuff and not one, but two sets of thematically linked songs. It was a great week, to say the least.

After nearly eleven years of hearing about it, WQFS has begun webcasting. I got the official email over this past weekend, and I couldn't be happier. So, those of you outside of our broadcast area can finally listen to the show live and even interact live! Just head on over to our streaming page and get it going and listen in to all our great shows, not just mine! I look forward to hearing more from you. This might cause me to relax a bit and actually push the upload of the podcast back to Thursday nights rather than Wednesday, but we'll see.

And speaking of the podcast, I had a bit of technical trouble with the recording machine, so the theme song, introduction and the first part of the Frightened Rabbit's song is missing from the podcast. Terribly sorry about that.

Now, while it's still great, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 30th June 2010

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Frightened Rabbit - "Swim Until You Can't See Land" [from their latest, the winter of mixed drinks. the band stopped by the AV club studios to record a cover for their undercover series. the band did the lemonheads' "confetti" and it's gorgeous.]
R.E.M. - "Drive" [from automatic for the people. if you follow me on twitter, then you saw when i visited this album's namesake in athens, georgia this weekend. very exciting.]
the Henry Clay People - "End of an Empire" [from somewhere on the golden coast, their second full length. we've heard a live version of this song on the show for the past year, but finally the finished album version. great rock and roll.]
Pulp - "Party Hard" [from this is hardcore. i pretty much have felt this was my favorite pulp album from the moment i bought it well over a decade ago. it's such a tremendous album - so dark and delving and ultimately greater than its parts.]
the Thermals - "I Don't Believe You" [from the forthcoming personal life which will be out in september. i'm intrigued by the past few years and the tendency for bands and labels to officially leak singles months before an album's release. i guess it keeps an interest in the band going during the downtime, but why not go back to releasing between album singles that aren't album tracks like back in the day? awesome song, though.]
XTC - "Dear God" [from skylarking. a little run of heathenistic songs in this set, all with varying takes on things. this song is a vitriolic declaration of non belief.]
the Roots - "Dear God 2.0" (feat. Monsters of Folk) [from their new album how i got over. this song immediately, title wise, made me think of the XTC song, so i obviously paired them up. this song is more of a sorrowful expression of doubt.]
Meat Puppets - "Lake of Fire" [from II. this is just a blast of noise about people burning in hell. so, you know, take your pick of the three.]
Deadly Syndrome - "Carried Away" [from the aquarium drunkard tribute album to television's 1978 album adventure. the album, l'aventure, is available for download for free at the website, though they encourage people to donate money to the silverlake conservatory of music. it's a great fundraiser and a great covers album of a classic album. last week i played the first half of the album, so this week we got the second.]
Imaad Wasif with Lykke Li - "The Fire" [another great cover from the l'aventure album.]
Dirt Dress - "Ain't That Nothin'" [from l'aventure.]
Growler - "The Dream's Dream" [from l'aventure.]
Megafaun - "Heretofore" [the title track from their new EP. do these guys slow down? after putting out the awesome gather, form and fly last year and touring the hell out of it, now a new EP. and this song and the EP are gorgeous.]
the Replacements - "Sixteen Blue" [from let it be. i've been on a replacements kick of late. probably aggravated by the paul westerbot on twitter.]
Oasis - "Falling Down" [originally from 2008's dig out your soul. i'll be honest, aside from the "lyla" single from their 2005 album, i haven't paid much attention to oasis post-be here now, but this song is fantastic and i may have to revisit their more recent albums in light of their breakup.]
the Delays - "Hey Girl" [from 2003's faded seaside glamour. i remember mad dog raving about this album and its singles and for every right reason. this music is just perfection pop.]
Best Coast - "Boyfriend" [from their forthcoming debut LP crazy for you. you can grab this track for free over at pitchfork and you should because it's amazing. no joke.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Birthday Boy" [from the big to-do. the beginning of a run of songs about strippers. why not, right?]
Kathleen Edwards - "Money Talks" (live) [from the out-of-print live at the bowery. a cover of the ac/dc classic. and what else did ac/dc ever sing about except strippers?]
Five Eight - "She's Dropping the Bomb" [from i learned shut up, their debut album. saw this classic band playing down in athens this past weekend and man, they're still as fierce as ever.]
Stornoway - "I Saw You Blink" [from the forthcoming beachcomber's windowsill. this album is simply gorgeous and it will, without question, be on the end-of-year list for best albums. more to come.]
Nanci Griffith - "These Days in an Open Book" [from flyer. i haven't listened to nanci in awhile, but i stuck one of my older cassettes into the car this weekend and forgot what a great singer she is. so, one of my favorite, poppier songs of hers.]
Delta Spirit - "Bushwick Blues" [from the excellent new history from below. they'll be at the cat's cradle next monday, july 5th. i probably will be too.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Sweet Days Waiting" [from shadows. one of the more sweet, softer songs on the new album and one of its most gorgeous as well.]
Avi Buffalo - "Summer Cum" [from their self-titled album. had a request for some of this stuff, but a different song. we'll get to that request next week, but in the meantime, here's another awesome track from this record.]
Bob Dylan - "She Belongs to Me" [from bringing it all back home. this is one of my all-time favorite dylan songs and it never ceases to make me sing along.]
PJ Harvey - "Rid of Me" [the title track from her 1993 album. a mildly low-key way to close out the night, but then the song ramps up toward the end. great stuff.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next Wednesday with more great stuff. Until then, take care.



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