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Thursday, September 16, 2010

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 15th September 2010

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. This was the second week of training schedule, so I was joined by Elizabeth and Kate, new DJs who will have their own wonderful shows this coming year, I'm sure. They were very good at playing exactly what I told them to play, but you'll get to hear some of the live training going on when they do on-air reads. So, pardon the spottiness of those.

Couple of awesome shows coming up. WQFS is featuring a free show this Friday, September 17th outside of the Hege-Cox building on Guilford campus featuring the awesome Lower Dens, Secret Message Machine and Chaud Lapin. Show starts at 8 PM and is, you know, free. We also have Wavves coming to Guilford on Tuesday, September 28th, so get ready for that free show as well. They'll have the awesome Mutant League and Christmas Island joining them on the bill.

Now, before this gets any more awesome, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 15th September 2010 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Secret Message Machine - "Orphanville" [the title track from their new record. they'll be playing this friday night here at guilford as i mentioned above. great stuff.]
Kula Shaker - "Hey Dude" [from k. my favorite factoid about this band has always been that the lead singer was hayley mills' son. good morning, miss bliss, indeed.]
Wavves - "Post-Acid" [from the actually pretty great new album king of the beach. i like this album a lot more than the self-titled record so far and i'm not quite sure why. but i do.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Turn on the Water" [from congregation. this got in my head the other day - have you noticed this is the impetus for a lot of choices each week? - and i had to get it out. so there you go.]
Urge Overkill - "Effigy" [the first new music in 15 years from urge overkill. apparently they're putting the finishing touches on a new album and this is the first track leaked off of it. not bad, but we'll hear more later.]
Public Enemy - "War at 33 1/3" [from fear of a black planet. if you follow me on twitter or read my piece about the hopscotch festival over at aquarium drunkard, you know that public enemy put on an amazing show saturday night in which they performed this album in its entirety. yeah. simply incredible.]
Burnt Ones - "Sunset Hill" [from black teeth and golden tongues. i'm digging on this record more and more, the first album released on roaring colonel, the new record label from the folks over at my old kentucky blog. it's really good.]
Lower Dens - "Completely Golden" [from twin-hand movement. they're going to be here at guilford this friday, september 17th, as i mentioned above, and i'm quite excited. hadn't heard of this band before hearing we had them coming and, well, the record is excellent. be there on friday.]
Blonde Readhead - "Here Sometimes" [from the new album penny sparkle which finally saw its release this week. perhaps we'll hear more. they'll be at the cat's cradle in carborro on saturday, october 30th.]
Depeche Mode - "Policy of Truth" [from violator. i hadn't played any depeche mode in awhile, so why not. this album holds up pretty well - it's an interesting bridge between the sonic 80s and 90s.]
Delta Spirit - "St. Francis" [from history from below. endlessly great, though it may be time to retire this record until the year end show.]
Jarvis Cocker - "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" [from his self-titled first solo record. in case you'd forgotten, the video for this is really fantastic.]
Conrad Plymouth - "Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (again)" [from wisco: a tribute to wilco's summerteeth. this compilation is made up entirely of wisconsin bands and was put together by the awesome people at muzzle of bees. you can download the entire thing for free, but they are asking you to throw a few bones at the wisconsin humane society as well. great music for a great cause.]
the Walkmen - "Blue As Your Blood" [from the new album lisbon which just dropped this week. this album is really, really good and has been getting universally rave reviews. for very good reason.]
Woods - "Time Fading Lines" [from at echo lake. they were at the hopscotch festival and i wish i'd caught them, but the festival lineup was so overwhelming. sacrifices had to be made.]
Superchunk - "Fractures in Plaster" [from the awesome new majesty shredding which i reviewed over at aquarium drunkard this week. it's a truly fantastic record.]
Caleb Caudle and the Bayonets - "So Gone" [the lead track from this year's snake river canyon. caleb and the 'nets will be playing this friday night, september 17th, at the green bean in downtown greensboro opening for the lake isle. ought to be a great show. i'm going to be there to catch caleb before scampering back to guilford for lower dens.]
Samantha Crain - "Lions" [from the new album you (understood). i am not sure why the midnight shivers band name has been dropped from after hers for this album, but this song is definitely up there with some of the best stuff on her excellent last album. we'll hear more.]
Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs" [the title track from their latest. at this point i reckon i don't need to say anything else about this album.]
the Alcazar Hotel - "Suicide King" [the a side of their new 7" single that was released the other week. well worth checking out. chapel hill rock.]
Megafaun - "Bonnie's Song" [from the truly amazing heretofore EP which was released this week. i really can't say enough good things about this record and, honestly, the more i listen to it, the better it gets.]
Ben Lee - "Ketchum" [from something to remember me by. this is the song that taught me not only how hemingway died, but what city he was in when it happened. history through song.]
the Love Language - "This Blood is Our Own" [from libraries. another amazing performer from the hopscotch festival. the people who put that fest together are owed an endless amount of thanks by the state.]
Bear in Heaven - "You Do You" [from beast rest forth mouth. they played an awesome show at hopscotch as well, and now that it's over, we can announce that WQFS will be having bear in heaven in greensboro in november. stay tuned for details.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Shock and Awe" [from the awesome shadows. they'll be at the 930 club in washington, d.c. on saturday, october 2nd.]
the Old 97s - "Lonely Holiday" [by request. from fight songs. this is a band i've never spent a lot of time with, but i dug this song, so maybe it's time to start digging.]
Belle and Sebastian - "Another Sunny Day" [from the life pursuit. word on the street is that they have a new album coming our way. hopefully it'll be as good as this last one.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll see you guys out at shows here in Greensboro on Friday, in Durham on Saturday to see Megafaun at the Sanctuary at Duke and on Sunday to see the Drive-by Truckers at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. Until then, Go Panthers!, and take care.



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